Thursday, December 3, 2009

Super duper yummy CHEAP gift idea

Christy over at Southern Plate posted this great recipe for what she calls Holly Jollies. Seriously, yum. AND easy, AND my four year old can help without me worrying about her burning herself.

I can't wait!

I already make butterscotch "haystacks" with chow mein noodles and butterscotch morsels, but this is brilliant. I love the white almond bark with dried cranberries.
I think I'll also go a little wild and make some with coconut and cashews. mmmmm. Although then they may not make it into gift baskets. *cough*

I also am thrilled to find a use for all those free boxes of Rice Krispies I have! woohoo!!

Someone also had the idea of using all those plastic tumblers we've been buying as fillers at Walgreens as the container to put them in! Awesome!


Go HERE for recipe.

(Thanks Christy!)


  1. Those look fun and delicious.

    What is Almond Bark, though? I always think of the shell of an Almond. Yuk.

    I was going to melt a Hershey bar and add chopped nuts and raisins to make me a Chunky bar, but somebody said that wouldn't work. So I didn't try to find out.
    But maybe it would work with this Almond Bark stuff.

  2. LOL, everytime I first read your title I think it says Super Dummy :-)

  3. hehe

    Almond Bark is found on the baking aisle- I bought it last year around the holidays at Wallyworld, but I am sure other stores carry it. It's like fake chocolate/candy coating stuff. It's tasty. :) No, the Hershey wouldn't work I don't think - I think you have to add parafin or something for it to properly harden.

  4. Cashews and coconut? Oh yeah, I think you are on to something! Yum!