Friday, December 4, 2009

My deals for the week

I haven't had a chance to post each of my trips, but I hit Walgreens several times this week and Publix once, Target twice and had to buy my daughter (who seems to have grown ANOTHER two inches) a pair of shoes and some tights to wear with her Christmas dress. :)

I basically got all the freebies and moneymakers. I don't have any of my receipts in front of me, but I got a few of each and then blew some rr's on drinks and such. :) Hey, if you can't have fun with the rr's once in a while, what's the point?
Acai berry
Olay Lotion
Olay in-shower lotion
No to Carrots lip Balm (Beauty counter had $1/1 coupons, so got those free with the $.99 sale)
Character Band-aids
Complete lens solution
Zooth/Stages toothbrushes
Oral-B floss
Dentek floss
Arizona tea
Candy Canes (to make peppermint bark)
Pirate's Booty (which my daughter calls Pirate booties. LOL) -used the 2/$4 printable from the website
Simply Apple Juice

I spent only tax for all these things (and a little over for fills) Probably in the neighborhood of $20 and have about $30 more in rr's than I started with.

Was able to do one more Scrubbing Bubbles deal before the "free" Target gift card q expired, as well as free wipes. I wish I'd had more of those with me b/c the store I shopped had TONS!
25 softpacks Toddler wipes (two trips, one I got ten, one I got 15)
4 Scrubbing Bubbles

Spent oop: approximately $3
Leftover: 1 $5 gift card

At Publix I couldn't find the Covergirl cheap items or the Sundown (I shop a heavily-couponed store) and the Phazyme I ordered did not come in (come to find out it did not get ordered).

Overage Items
Covergirl eye shadow $2.99
-$2/1 Pxq + $2.50/2 mq (expired 11/30)
Revlon emery boards $1.69, $1.89
-$2.50/1 Pxq + $1/1 mq
Hot Wheels cars $.50 (found in clearance)
-$1/1 Pxq from Winter Savings book (this states not to exceed purchase price, but cashier didn't care)
Bear Naked Grainola Bars $1.59
-$2/1 mq printable (expired 11/30)
Kashi Go Lean (with raincheck)
-$3/1 mq (home mailer)
Fisher Snacks $1.79 bogo
-$1/1 mq
Purina cat treats $1.69/ea
-$2/2 mq + $2/1 Pxq from Savings for all Seasons booklet
Ore-Ida Easy Fries $1.09
-$1/1 FLip + $1/2 mq from Frozen booklet (both expired 11/30)
Kelloggs Crispix $3.99 bogo (raincheck)
-$1/1 Target q + $1/1 mq
Sunshine Cheez-its $3.29 bogo
-$2.50/1 wyb 2 Crispix cereals mq peelie

Other items
Iams dog food
-$4/1 home mailer mq
Land O'Lakes cheese
-no q's
-no q's
Sobe Lifewater $1.25/ea
-$bogo Kroger cat + $.25/1 printable
Rubbermaid tagalongs $3.19 @ 50%
-$1/2 mq from booklet found in store (someone sent these to me, I don't know where it was found)
Fiber One Cereal $2.50/ea
-$1/2 mq + $4/4 Pxq
$50 BP gift card
-$10/$50 Pxq
$25 Publix gift card (one in each transaction- did two)

When I went to check out, my total was waaaay off. I have been rolling Publix gift cards and my first transaction shuold have been near $25 (since I purchased a Publix gift card and was paying with one from the last trip). It was only $1.75!!! I later looked at my receipts to try to figure it out and I discovered that the cashier did not ring up 14 of my grainola bars! I will take the receipt with me on my next trip and pay for these. I used the qs for them, but didn't pay for the items. I'll make sure that is corrected.

Total oop including the BP gift card was $5.50. (I will go back and pay for the bars, which should be $23.93)
So that will be $29.43 oop, including the $50 BP card.


  1. Who is your favorite cashier at MF store? Do you have any cashiers that you intentionally avoid? I have been going to that one lately since the Concord store no longer accepts Rite Aid, GFS or Wags. I am trying to find my "favorite" cashier yet.

    I went to the Smyrna (Sam Ridley) store on Friday for a few things. I don't normally shop that store (they are NOT coupon-friendly), but was in the area. They had all the Sundown, CG & Phazyme in stock! I used only Publix & MQ and ended up with $2 oop for $75 worth of groceries.

  2. Jennifer- Mary is my favorite cashier. :) She is about 5'3, has medium-length black/gray hair, wears glasses, maybe in her early 40s. If she's there, I'm in her line. I will wait. She knows me, I share coupons with her and she is used to all the coupons.

    I avoid the older cashier who (I think?) is autistic. He is super duper slow. Nice, but you'll be in line forever. Plus he hates overage. Heidi is a young female cashier who doesn't like couponers. I avoid her too. Other than that, the rest of them are fine. :)

    I've shopped the Smyrna store once and I had a great experience. I am never down that way, but that one day I was over there, so I couldn't resist running in.