Thursday, December 31, 2009

Upcoming HT Super-doubles

Word is out and rumor is circulating that Harris Teeter will be offering a Super Doubles coupon week beginning 1/6! Those of you here with me in Nashville- you know what this stuff at Kroger!

So, if you know of any good coupons, post them here and I'll make a list.


  1. Harris Teeter IS doing Super Doubles starting tomorrow. Since Kroger "normally" participates, I was wondering if you have see or heard of any good deals? I know they're running their P&G sale (buy $25 select P&G products & get $5 off at checkout). I would assume there could be possibilities for some mm - if the coupon would double to make it free, the $5 would be overage at checkout, right?

    I'm trying to get my list together. Assuming we get the snow they're predicting, I think tomorrow might be my best bet before the weekend!

  2. Yes, I was trying to get t Kroger last night to price some things but it just didn't happen. If you have a whole buncha-lotta P&G 12/27 inserts, you could get the Ivory soap 3-packs (free with the $1/1) and Gilette shave gel (free with $1/1) - get up to $25 and get your $5 off. I don't have that many, but Imight try to get that and toss in some Pringles to get me over the top ($1/4 mq)

    Otherwise, Wholly Guac is a good deal with the $1/1 printable at Smartsource and Activia yogurt is free with the $1/1 mq's (it's on sale for $1.88) That's all I've seen for sure. Oh and Smart Balance sticks will be free with the $1/1 printables. (priced at $1.99 on sale)

    There are quite a lot of $1/1 and $1.50/1's out right now, so I am just tossing them all in the bin and taking the whole kit and caboodle and hoping for some good deals. :D (I did get some ideas from southernsavers' HT list, so that helped me locate the q's)

  3. Called Kroger in Brentwood & Nippers Corner - they aren't doing Super Doubles. :( Boo!

  4. They may change that decision- last time they didn't officially decide until around 10am and I know people shopped earlier expecting it, and it wasn't in the system yet. *fingers crossed*

  5. So does anyone know if Kroger is doing the super double yet?

  6. Unfortunately they are not participating this time. :( I might send a nice email to corporate about it. I haven't decided.