Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Great Walgreens deals!

Free cereal and moneymaking with the Bayer monitor coupons (remember that week I told you to go buy/collect a bunch of inserts back in October? Well, now's the time to pull them out).

ETA: The Bayer deal is a monthly deal, so you've got time to find them in stock.

First, you can do this for some free cereal:
Honey Nut Cheerios $2
Honey Nut Cheerios $2
Total: $4

$1/1 Printable HERE x2

Total oop: $2
= Free!

Then, do this to make some money:
1 Bayer Contour Monitor $14.99
1 Bayer Breeze2 Monitor $14.99

"up to" $30/1 Monitor ($14.99) x2

Total oop: tax
~earn $5rr for Breeze2, $5rr for Contour, $3rr for buying 2 Bayer products

=$13 moneymaker


  1. Wow - great deal! Is it only good through Saturday? Do you do multiple transactions of this? Since it's only tax you're paying, you could do multiple transactions back-to-back, right?

    I understand the Contour transaction, but do you have to do the Cheerios? Or is that just another freebie scenario?


  2. Jennifer, the Bayer appears to be a monthly deal! Wahoo! Oh, and the Cheerios deal is just a free cereal deal. . . if anyone who extreme coupons could possibly NEED any more cereal!
    Yes, for the Bayer, you'd do separate transactions, of two monitors each. Just be sure you're getting one each of the Breeze 2 and Contour, you can't get two of the same kind and have it work, since you're getting one $5rr for each kind. I am going to call my store and have them order some monitors for me...heading to do that now!

  3. On the tag, it says the sale is good until 1/30/10. I went yesterday & did 3 transactions. Paid $8.31 in tax ($2.77 x 3)& got $39 RR. They expire on 1/16/10, so I might need your help in finding a way to roll them over before they expire!!

    I am giving these to my father-in-law (he has diabetes). If anybody else is doing this deal & wondering what to do with them, I would be happy to give them to him from you. :)

  4. Thanks for reminding me Jennifer- I meant to say that this is a monthly deal! :) I asked my store to order some in for me. If you're not sure you can roll them all in time, you can always keep a few for rolling and take the rest to spend at Publix. I will take a look and see how good the upcoming ads are to see if there's any good rolling scenarios.

  5. Brandy, I must be losing my mind. I went to Walgreens to do this deal yesterday and the monitors were listed for like $60 each. I think the tags must have been wrong since Jennifer indicates that this deal can be done until 1/30/10. I didn't buy them because I was in a rush. I'll check back at Walgreens again and do the deal later. Thanks for the heads up!

  6. Kelly, they must just not have been labeled because it is definitely a month-long deal. All the Wags stores I've been to (here and in Nashville) have the red tags showing the end date for the rr's as 1/30. It's the two Bayer ones and you want to get one Contour and one Breeze 2, so you get the additional $3rr for buying two Bayer products. They are $14.99/ea. I paid $2.77 for two (tax) and got $13 back in rr's.

  7. Kelly,

    I went to the one on Concord Rd & on Sam Ridley in Smyrna. Both stores had the monitors & they were $14.99. In Smyrna, the shelf was empty, but I found 4 on an end cap with a display-type thing.