Thursday, December 3, 2009


I know many people already know about UPromise, but a friend mentioned it and so I am bringing it up for those of you not familiar with the program. This is a program that puts money into an account for college for your children. There are different ways to get money. The one I use most is by linking up my loyalty cards and then loading "coupons" onto my card. When I buy specific items (that I am already buying) money is deposited into an account I have created.

Free Money!
(and you know how much I like FREE MONEY!) :)

You can also shop at restaurants that recognize UPromise and websites (by linking through their page).

Click on the box below to get started!
(oh, and even though Publix does not have loyalty cards, they do have cards specifically for the UPromise program. Pick one up at Customer Service or at the kiosk at your store. I just forget to actually scan mine when I go!)


  1. I finally went and checked it out. For some reason I thought it was only Publix, and I never could remember to get a card.

    I signed up, added my Kroger and CVS cards - need to remember to add Food Lion; I didn't have it handy and was too lazy to get up and go get it - and I will try to remember to get one of the ones at Publix next time. I'll paperclip it to my revolving Publix gift card so I'll remember to get it scanned.

  2. good idea about putting it with the gift card b/c I got mine months ago but to date have never actually scanned the darned thing.