Monday, December 7, 2009

Publix 12/7

Made my Publix run today and picked up a few things. Got to my car, realized I forgot the card for my dad and went back in for a few more deals. :)

Two trips combined included


Hot Wheels cars (found in clearance for $1, used $1/1 toy coupon from Winter Savings booklet)

Other items:
salad mix
Goldfish crackers
Kim & Scott frozen pretzels
Clorox wipes
Vlasic pickles
Huggies diapers
green bell pepper
red onion
Almond Bark
Karo Syrup
Sabra hummus
Arnold buns
Kashi hot cereal (which I am returning next week and repurchasing, since it's bogo next week. Hate when that happens)
Sushi (my birthday lunch) ;)
Birthday card for stepdad (we have the same birthday!)
Beer for hub

Total oop: $11.44
Total savings: $496.42 (98%)
~~ After return: Total oop: $3.72

I forgot to get my free cookie dough. :(


  1. Great trip!

    I went to MF today and was SO excited they had plenty of Phazyme, CG, Revlon, BeneVia & Sundown in stock! I got a rain check for the BeneVia b/c there was only 1 flavor left. I spent $.80 and saved $191.68!! That is including "Night at the Museum 2" that I got my son for Christmas - I LOVE getting Christmas gifts for free!!!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! OK, a day late, but I was sick as a dawg yesterday and barely looked at the puter all day. You did great at Publix! Our store had exactly one Benevia left and it was $8.49! I passed. Idano why they think everyone in Flarda is rich. Higher prices and no doubles. >:\

    Looking forward to reading about your Walgreens excursion tomorrow. If I've learned anything at all from reading your blog - and a couple other couponers' - it's DON'T EVER THROW AWAY A COUPON! I told Duller (dh) even if I threw the acai in the trash, I came out ahead.

    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  3. Great job Jennifer! I went yesterday and they had Phayzyme, but no Revlon or super-cheap covergirl. :)
    I got rainckecks for Benevia too. I bought some, but I also got a raincheck b/c we do like it and drink it. It wasn't just a mm. :)

    Duchess- Thanks for the HB!

  4. You always do so well. I'm striving to get to where you are.
    Oh I went to MF to pick up the Phazyme and vitamins. Everything was gone. I was ready to cry. After you told me yesterday that they had the shelf full all the way to the back with Phayzyme I really wanted to run over, but couldn't. The last time I asked CS re:phayzyme they told me to let them know when I need more than a two or three of a particular item so I would wipe them out. Since they said it was coming in I didn't ask them to order it. Now I know better. They were still out of the Revlon tools, but I'll keep looking. At least I met a couponer who gave me a lead on a potential walgreens. After my three hour search in Publix I'm going to try and get a couple hours sleep.

  5. I just love reading your blog! You amaze me with the deals you get! Oh, and by the way, my Publix said they would not give me a raincheck on the BeneVia b/c it is a "advantage buy" item.

  6. Tara- Benevia is not an advantage buy item. It was on sale (in the weekly sales ad) for last week. It is regularly 8.99 (I think? Maybe 7.99) and was on sale for 6.99.

    Regarding Advantage Buy items, some stores will give rainchecks on those and some won't, but it doesn't apply to the Benevia as it was in the weekly sales ad and ON SALE. I would go back and ask to speak to the store manager armed with last week's ad and tell him/her that "so and so" would not give you a raincheck on a weekly sale item and you'd like to purchase some of that item. . . They are usually pretty reasonable and as they are most definitely in the wrong, I would complain about it.

    thanks for the kudos :)

  7. Deena- I hate when that happens. I have a whole new way of making my list now. If it's a "hot" item- I bring my coupons, make a note of the overage I can get per item (so I can do quick math) but don't add it to my purchase list. Instead, my moneymakers are often things I have rainchecks for and things I find in the clearance section. I also ask my store to special order (as you mentioned) large quantities for me so I know it will be there. I try not to take all of any one item, unless there's only two or three to begin with, but it occasionally does happen. Last week I ordered 20 Phazyme and I guess they over-ordered b/c when I left they had all those extras on the shelf. I was shocked since it is a "hot" item.

  8. I was so upset with myself because I forgot my FLip's for deli and I had picked up items for a quick dinner (since I knew it would be close to bedtime when I got in). Then I saw a new FLip on produce. Did you get that one? I know you had alot of produce listed and $2 off $6 is really good.

  9. You are a rockstar girl!!! Nearly $500 worth of groceries for $12???!!!??