Wednesday, September 30, 2009

$2 Moneymaker on Cat Treats at Publix

ETA: Several people have said they have not seen these at Publix, but I am going to ask them if they can special order them for me. I've got lots of time before the q's expire. :)

I don't know if Publix carries this product or not (haven't looked yet) but if they do, you've got yourself a $2 mm!

1 Purina Friskies Natural Sensations brand cat treats

$Free mq from 9/27/09 SS
$2/1 any Purina Treats Publixq from savings for All Seasons booklet.

Putting it into Perspective

When people see my receipts, or hear my totals, they always are amazed. I am amazed too! I am in disbelief that it is possible to save THIS much money on groceries that we need and use every week.

I really put it into perspective today when I thought of this fact.

When I went to Publix last trip- I was TIRED and needed some caffeine. I decided to splurge on Starbucks.

Starbucks total: $7.85 (for a coffee for me and a tea for N)
Publix total: $4.59 (for TWO carts of groceries.)


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nashville shoppers!

My grandparents subscribe to the Tennessean and when I went today, my Grandmother was excited to show me the H.G. Hills advertisement that came in Monday's (sept 28th) paper! There was a 2/3 page of coupons! Great match-ups for the sale next week at Publix. If you can get your hands on any of these flyers/ads, look for the second page!!

It's also possible that the ads you get in stores have these too, but I haven't set foot in an H.G. Hills in about 15 years, so I have no clue, but can't hurt to look!! :)

Publix and CVS

I made my weekly Publix run and then went to CVS. Both trips were awesome! Cvs was a moment of- oh MAN! If only I carried every coupon everywhere- they had mega packs of Pampers and Huggies clearanced for $4.00!!! And I have coupons for both- AT HOME. *sigh*. So I paid the grand whopping total of $4 per pack for 12 packs. Maybe I'll go back with some q's and see if they'll adjust. Worst they can say is no, right?

(Ran into Kelly from ilovepublix while there- she was leaving, I was coming... Hi Kelly! It was good seeing you! Savannah was so pretty in her skirt)
I filled up one grocery cart and needed another so I walked to the front with it and asked Jim (one of the asst mgrs) if I could leave it at register one (unmanned) while I finished up. He said "sure!" and got another cart for me. I filled up cart two (well, about halfway. LOL) and walked up there where one of my fave cashiers was on self checkout. I went to get my basket and asked her if someone could help me take the other one over to reg.3. She said, "well, hang on." and went to talk to Jim. Then she went and got a drawer and opened up the register for me! Jim jumped on self-checkout. This was an AWESOME trip! I saw all my favorite managers- Jim and Mary and I chatted about retail, coupons and such. Jim asked me if I taught a coupon class (meanwhile he was punching in his override code. LOL). I said no, but had considered it. (If anyone out there is interested in having me do so, let me know! I've been looking for a place to have one.). Everyone was super-nice, I did GREAT, and had a great shopping trip overall. I did get a bunch of rainchecks (seemed like a lot of items on my list I wanted flavors that were already sold out) but that's all good. I'm ok with that.

Total food tax: $7.99
Total non-food tax: $11.41
Total oop (on gift card): $4.59
Total savings: $471.37

ETA: Allright allright. LOL! I don't have time to type up all the q's but I'll highlight the mm's (since my kids are asleep and I just mostly cleaned the kitchen)

10 Eggo Waffles
5 fruit items
4 Kingsford Charcoal (with raincheck)
4 beef items
4 pork items
4 Glad straws
16 Covergirl Mascara
3 Yakisoba
10 Clorox Greenworks items
2 Cascade rinse items (with Clean in your cart q's)
2 Bounty paper towels (with Clean in your cart q's)
19 Birdseye vegetables
3 Lea&Perrins Worcestersire Sauce

Free things (after coupon/s)
10 Purina One Cat Food
6 Reusable Bags

Nearly Free/ Super-Cheap items
10 YoPlait YoPlus
2 Smart Balance sticks
3 Lender's Bagels (with raincheck)
3 Tide Stain Release (with Clean in your cart q's)
1 Bounce Dryer Bar (with Clean in your cart q's)
2 Cheerios
9 Spray -n- Wash
10 Dole fruit bowls
4 Sabra Hummus

Other things
2 Publix Salad Mix
2 Sorrento Cheese Sticks
1 Organic Valley Half Gallon Milk
1 Chunk Parmesan
1 Tropicana
3 Publix Greenwise Organic Black beans

12 Tide detergent
3 Dawn Dishwashing liquid
2 Vaseline Sheer
8 Pampers mega-pack
4 Huggies Mega-pack
Total oop: $81.37
Total saved: $279.73

A few of these packs I am going to resell (hoping for about $8/ea), and some I will keep. :) IF I can get them to reimburse some of the coupon amount, I hopefully can get at least $9-$10 back depending on which coupons I have. (Since I used ecb's on them, I can't go below zero)
I also bought the detergents for my Mom and Grandmother and they're going to pay me for them (since I had out of pocket). So 7 of the detergents I will get back about $3/ea for= $21.

Total after refunds/$$: $51.37
Still a darn good deal!

Super-cheap Sabra Hummus at Publix

The best Hummus EVER is on sale at Publix. Here's the deal:

Buy 4 sabra Hummus at 2/$5
use four $1.50/1 coupons from HERE (you'll need two computers to print four)
brings it to $4
Then use a $3/$10 Deli/Bakery FLip

Hummus is located in the deli and is considered a deli item. Woohoo! (Thanks Amanda for pointing this out!)

Makes four containers of the yummiest hummus ever $1, or $.25/each.

Moneymaker at Publix

This has been posted a few other places, but the CoverGirl Mascara is 40%off, regularly $3.99. This means these ring up around $2.40. Use the $2/1 any Covergirl Publix coupon from the Living Well pink flyer found at Publix along with the manufacturer coupon $1/1 from the P&G inserts. This will give you $.60/each over.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

walgreens, take two.

I went out in search of the rumored clearance Cottonelle or Charmin, but no such luck. I found the Cottonelle at the first store, tons of it, but it's only 25%, not 75% yet. So I'll have to keep checking in on that one.

I didn't want it to be a total waste and the second store had the Robitussin, so I did...

(starting with $44.00rr's)
2 Robitussin to Go
1 Mt Dew
1 water
5 seed packs
1 Vaseline sheer infusions
Total oop: $2.15
Total saved: $19.05

Total rr's left: $43.00

oh, and I discovered that my $3rr didn't print for my toothbrush, so I will have to either re-ring it later this week, or have catalina send me a cat for it.

Total rr's owed to me: $3.00

walgreens, take one.

First trip this morning. I will go back later this week and ask the asst mgr to order more Fusion razors for me. (Should've asked last week, but I didn't think about it).

ETA: I was in the store for 2 hours and at the register for about 40 minutes. LOL. This is why I go when the doors open on Sunday while everyone else is in church. I did 29 transactions. They had almost everything I wanted, except they were short two razors and did not have the Rodbitussin to go's yet. Hopefully they'll be on this week's truck. I hate shopping at the other wags. Oh, and our paper didn't have ANY Halls coupons, so I got less of those than I originally intended.

Started with rr's: $32.50

Items purchased:
10 newspapers
1 Oral-B Advantage Toothbrush
2 Theraflu
4 Fusion Razors
5 Chapstick
4 Dentek floss picks
9 Vaseline Sheer Infusion lotion
13 Herbal Essences items
5 Halls Refresh
3 EmergenC
2 charms (fills)
34 seed packs

Spent: $24.97 cash
Saved: $261.15

rr's leftover: $44.00


I finally finished putting together my Wags scenarios. *whew*. Exciting week, but man, the time it takes to put it all together is a bit much. :) The grand plan involves 25 transactions, and a hope and a prayer that everything I want will be in stock otherwise it will throw me all kinds of off.
I was there yesterday and checked a few of the items, but forgot to check the stock on the razors. oops.

For those wanting to roll your rr's, DON'T FORGET!!!
*You CANNOT roll rr's into the same product. You can't buy a Vaseline lotion, turn around and use the rr to buy another lotion.
*Each deal has a limit of one. You can't buy three bags of Halls and get three rr's. Only one per transaction will print.
*You CANNOT roll rr's of the same company! You can't buy Herbal Essences Shampoo, get a $2rr and then use it to buy an Oral-B Toothbrush. The rr will not print for your toothbrush because both of these products are manufactured by Procter and Gamble. So roll the companies back and forth.

Here is a list of some of the good deals and their manufacturer to help with your rolling scenarios:
Vaseline = Unilever
Theraflu = Novartis
Emergen C = Alacer
Oral B = P&G
Herbal Essence = P&G
Fusion Razor = P&G
Vicks = P&G
Chapstick = Wyeth
Robitussin = Wyeth
Dentek =Dentek

-from last week's deals:
Carefree= McNeil
Triaminic= Novartis
Crest= P&G

Here's a few highlights for those of you needing rolling ideas...
(for my scenarios, I am using "seeds" as a filler. The packs of vegetable/herb and flower seeds are only $.08 right now. It is my go-to filler item. They are marked 50% off of $.99, but they're actually like 90%+ off)

Transaction 1
Theraflu 4.00
Theraflu 4.00
Total: 8.00

$2/1 Theraflu mq Printable
$2/1 Theraflu mq Printable
$2/1 Theraflu Wags q (from Healthy Living booklet)
$2/1 Theraflu Wags q (from Healthy Living booklet)
-Total: 0
Total: $0+ tax

$4 rr (Theraflu)


Transaction 2
Herbal Essences 2.99
Seeds .08
Total: 3.07

$1/1 Herbal Essences mq
$2 rr (Carefree from last week)
-Total: 3.00
Total: $.07+ tax

$2 rr (Herbal Essences)


Transaction 5
Robitussin 2.49
Chapstick 2.99
Dentek 2.00
EmergenC 3.49
2x Seeds .08/ea
Total: 11.13

$1/1 Dentek mq Printable
5x $2 rr (Oral-B from last week)
-Total: 11.00
Total: $.13+ tax

$2.50 rr (Robitussin)
$3 Chapstick
$2 Dentek
$3.50 EmergenC


Transaction 6
Robitussin 2.49
Vaseline Sheer 6.99
Dentek 2.00
2x Seeds .08/ea
Total: 11.64

$1/1 Dentek mq Printable
$1.50/1 Vaseline lotion mq Printable
2x $2 rr (Oral-B from last week)
$5rr (Boost from last week)
-Total: 11.50
Total: $.14+ tax

$2.50 rr (Robitussin)
$7 (Vaseline)
$2 Dentek


Transaction 8

Fusion Razor 8.99
Halls 1.00
Herbal Essences 2.99
Seeds .08
Total: 13.06

$1/1 Herbal Essences mq
$4/1 Fusion razor mq (from tomorrow's paper)
$.75 Halls mq (from tomorrow's paper)
$7rr (Vaseline from #6)
-Total: 12.75
Total: $.31+ tax

$2 rr (Herbal Essences)
$1rr ( Halls)
$6rr (Fusion)


Transaction 9
Vaseline 6.99
Seeds .08
Total: 7.07

$1/1 vaseline lotion mq
$6rr (Fusion)
-Total: 7.00
Total: $.07+ tax

$7rr (Vaseline lotion)

Friday, September 25, 2009

I can't get that blasted coupon to print!

Ever felt this way? You click print coupon. It says "please wait" and that's all. Nothing happens. Or, you click the button and it says "Install coupon printer". You do so. Again. And Again. And Again. The never-ending loop. You still can't print your coupon.

Most coupons for "bricks" are coded for Internet Expolorer or Firefox. If you are using IE and try to print a Firefox coded coupon, it won't work. And vice-versa.

Try this.

If you can't print a coupon, go back to the first link where the button is to print. Look in the address bar at the top of your screen at the long string of characters. In that jumble, there will be one of the following

If you are trying to print one that has an "i" and it won't, change the "i" to a "g".
If you are trying to print one that has a "g" and it won't, change it to an "i".

This should change the coding to work for the browser you're using.

Good Luck and happy couponing!

Hurry. Run. Print these now!

Some good printables!

(Think Super-Doubles at Harris Teeter/Kroger)

$1.50/1 Sabra Hummus

Not a Printable, but a mailer. Sign up HERE and get a sample of free Kashi cereal and a $2 coupon!

more to come...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

GREAT Walgreens week coming up!!

If you don’t usually play the Wags game, this might be the week to start.

Check out the list of moneymakers/freebies:

*Chapstick Fresh Effects $2.99, earn $3rr
= Free

*Dentek Floss 55 yd or picks 35ct $2, earn $2rr
-$1/1 Dentek mq HERE (use zip 90210)

*Emergen-C Immune System 2 pk (2.5oz each) $3.49, get $3.50rr

*Halls Refresh Sugar Free 20 ct $1.00, earn $1rr
-$.75/1 mq (9/27/09 SS)
-$.50/1 mq (10/23/09 All You Magazine)
=$.75 or $.50 mm

*Herbal Essences Hair Care $2.99, earn $2rr
-$1/1 Herbal Essences mq (8/23 RP or 9/13 RP)

*Oral-B Advantage 1-2-3 Toothbrush $3, earn $3rr

*Robitussin DM to Go 2 pk $2.49, earn $2.50rr [monthly deal]
-$1/1 mq (9/27/09 – if coupon doesn’t specify size)
=Free or $1mm

*Theraflu Nighttime 6ct 2/$8, earn $4rr wyb 2
-$2/1 mq HERE
-$2/1 Wagsq from Healthy Savings booklet in store (will multiply by two and deduct $4 from the total)

*Vaseline Sheer Infusion Lotion 6.8oz $6.99, earn $7rr [Monthly deal]
-$1.50mq HERE or HERE or HERE
-$1.25 mq (8/2/09 RP – EXP 9/27!!)
=$1.50 or $1.25 mm

*Gilette Fusion MVP Manual or Power Razor System $8.99, earn $6rr
-$4/1 (9/27/09 P&G)

*Dove ALL: Buy 4, get $2rr, Buy 6, get $4rr, Buy 8 get $10rr
Generally when this deal is on, there is a week where the Dove is all 20-25% off. If that happens, and the single bars of Dove are included, buy 8 and you have a moneymaker.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A change

I am making a change in my blog. I feel like I've been neglecting my kids because I have been so focused on my deals. :(

I'm having to choose between actually shopping, posting great deals I find, or detailing all my trips so I am still going to blog, but I am not going to be detailing all my shopping trips. I'll still post moneymakers I find, and the best deals, and probably my totals, - but I just don't have time to post all the details any more.

I hope you guys still read and check in for the good deals! I'll try to keep posting those. :)

Thanks for understanding!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Publix and Kroger triples

Publix first

4 Yoplait Fiber One yogurt (raincheck) $1.25/ea
-$1/1 mq = $.25/ea
7 Breyers ice cream $4.99 bogo
-$1.50/1 Food Lionq + $1/1 mq = Free
4 Cascadian Farms 2/$4
-$1/1 mq= $1/ea
18 Kashi entrees $1.89/ea
-$2/1 mq, $1/1 mq= $-$.11 or $.89/ea
3 Kashi pizzas $2.99/ea
-$3/1 mq + $1/1 Targetq = -$1.01/ea
1 Simply Apple Juice $3
-no q's
1 Snapple $1
-$1/1 mq= free
6 A1 Marinade $2.89 bogo
-$2/1 mq= -$.55/ea
5 Airborne single packets 2/$1.29 (clearance)
-$1/1 mq = -$.36/ea
2 Tylenol Simply Soothing 2/$3.99 (clearance)
-$2/1 mq = Free
1 Bounce dryer bar $4.59
-$2.50/1 mq + $1.50/1 Targetq = $.59
4 Tide Stain Release $3.99
-$2/1 Publixq + $1/1 mq = $.99
1 Downy ball $1.39
-$1/1 mq + $1/1 Publixq = -$.71
2 Bounty $1.99
-Free Publixq + $.25/1 mq= -$.50/ea
2 Bags Ice $1.69/ea
-no q's
6 Revlon emery boards $1.89/ea
-$2/1 Publixq + $1/1 mq= -$1.11/ea
1 Revlon tweezer $2.49
-$2/1 Publixq + $1/1 mq= -$.51/ea
4 Revlon nail clippers $2.39/ea
-$2/1 Publixq + $1/1 mq= -$.61/ea
6 Planters Trail Mix $1.99 bogo (raincheck)
-$2/1 FLip= -$1/ea
1 Egglands $2.49
-$.50/1 mq = $1.49
10 Clorox Greenworks items $2.99/ea
-$2/1 mq + $2/1 Food Lionq= -$1.01/ea
3lb bananas $1.59
-no q's
Asparagus $2.60
-no q's
Brussels Sprouts $2.51
-no q's
1 6-pk Flying Dog Seasonal $8.49
-no q's
-$5/25 comp.q
Total food tax: $4.78
Total non-food tax: $7.28
Total oop (on gift card): $2.03
Total saved: $287.21 (99.3%)

Then Kroger. I am SO excited about my Kroger deals!!! I walked in and was browsing looking at some of the items I had on my list and I was coming up the aisle, I spotted some Energizer displays. These were stand-alone cardboard displays near the registers. The sign said "$2.25. Only $1.50 after coupon!" I though, ok, that's $.75. Tripled, those would be free. Surely not. SO I got closer. $.75 coupon tearpads all over the displays. Lots of them. I am thinking, no way. If those were really free, those would be gone! This is the last day of triples. So I inspected the coupon. Yes, it's a manuq. Yes, it begins with a "5". No, it doesn't say "do not double".!! I got 8 packs and 8 coupons, then snagged another tearpad (there were lots of them, and about 15ish coupons per tearpad).
After I checked out, thirty minutes or so later, I rang my batteries, and paid at self-checkout. Out pops a $5 oyno cat!! Can you say moneymaker~? So I ran back over to the displays and they were ransacked! No more tearpads, and about half the batteries were gone!! Holy moly! I must have just had great timing and gotten there when they put them up. I was shocked. Luckily I had 16 more q's. I didn't know what the magic number was for the cat, so I went ahead and played it safe, and did two more transactions of 8 each.


Transaction 1
4 Kraft Easy mac $1.00 (mega)
-$.55/2 mq + mega = overage
3 Bumblebee tuna pouch $1.39/ea
-$.55/1 mq = free
2 Buitoni pasta $2.99/ea (mega)
-$1/1 mq = $1.99 + mega = $1.49/ea
4 Kraft mac and cheese $1/ea
-B3G1 mq + mega = $.25/ea
8 Energizer batteries $2.25/ea
-$.75/1 mq = Free
3 Yogurt burst Cheerios $1.77/ea
-$.75/1 mq = Free
3 Cocoa Puffs $1.99/ea
-$.75/1 mq = Free
Total food tax: $1.00
Total non-food tax: $.76
Total oop: $6.69
**Earned $5 oyno cat

Transaction 2
36 Powerade $1.00/ea
-$.75/2 mq = Free
4 Vitaminwater $1.00/ea
-$.75/2 mq= Free
Total food tax: $1.16
Total oop: $1.16

Transaction 3
8 Energizer batteries $2.25/ea
-$.75/1 mq = Free
2 Total cereal $1.77/ea
-$.75/1 mq = Free
Total food tax: $.68
Total oop: $.68
**Earned $5 oyno cat

Transaction 4
8 Energizer batteries $2.25/ea
-$.75/1 mq = Free
2 Total cereal $1.77/ea
-$.75/1 mq = Free
Total food tax: $.68
Total oop: $.68
**Earned $5 oyno cat

Total oop: $9.21
Total saved: $202.51 (95%)
**OYNO Cats earned: $15
Total Profit: $4.79!!

Almost free Hillshire Farms deli meat at HT

I ran across this deal today on HCW and it's worth sharing. (Even though we don't eat meat, I know most of you guys do ;) )

This is best through triples, so try to get there tomorrow if you want to get the most for your money. Even during normal doubles, still a decent deal with the instant savings.

Buy 2 hillshire farms deli selects (2/$7) get $3 off Instantly!

Combine that with the .55/1 coupon from 08-16-09 RP and you get 2 packs of lunch meat for $0.70

-3.00 Instant Savings
-1.65 Coupon ($.55/1 tripled)
-1.65 Coupon ($.55/1 tripled)

{vaild 9/16 through 9/30 maybe}

You can also print a $.55/1 coupon HERE if you don't have the insertq

And go HERE to get a form for a free insulated tote wyb 3 Hillshire Farms.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Old Navy haul

Here's what we got at old Navy

For Natalya:
Spiderman t-shirt (she insisted on wearing - had to put it on before we left the parking lot!)
Winter Coat
Halloween shirt
corduroy pants
fleece pants

For Zachary:
4 pair pants
2 pair shorts (for next year)
1 summer hat (for next year)
2 long-sleeve shirts
1 t-shirt (for next year)
1 Halloween onesie

Total saved: $98.74 (clearance/sale items and coupon!)
Total spent: $35.26

I'm a winner!

I am SO excited!!

I have been trying to get my hands on one of those Old navy $75/100 coupons for several months now since my kids need fall clothes (my 4 year old has shot up approximately 4 inches in a year).

I was perusing one of my favorite sites The Thrifty Mama, and one of the forum mods had a contest for the highest savings on one receipt. Well of course I had to jump in on that! I sent her this receipt (below) and I was the winner!! I will be heading over to Old Navy tomorrow to take advantage of this great coupon. Thanks so much to The Thrifty Mama for allowing this giveaway, and to Georgia for offering up her great coupon!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rite Aid and Walgreens

I made it to Wags and Rite Aid before the torrential downpour (still have to get out to take back a redbox movie so hopefully it slacks up some).

Rite Aid
Transaction 1
2 Huggies Pure and Natural $11.00/ea
-$3/1 mq
-$2/1 RAq
-$5/20 RAq
Total oop: $9.09

Transaction 2
1 Huggies Supreme $11.00
-$2/1 mq
-$2/1 RAq
1 Proantinox $6.99
-$3/1 RAq
6 Reeses Peanut Butter cups $.88 bogo
-$bogo mq (max $.79)/ea (I pointed out to the cashier that this had a max on it- he was going to enter $.88 on them.)
Total oop: $8.22

Total: $17.31

$10 SCR Huggies
$6.99 SCR Proantinox

Transaction 3
2 Huggies Pure and Natural $11.00/ea
-$3/1 mq
-$3.50/1 mq (home mailer)
-$2/1 RAq
-$5/20 RAq
Total oop: $8.59

Transaction 4
1 Huggies Pure and Natural $11.00
-$3/1 mq
-$2/1 RAq
1 Proantinox $6.99
-$3/1 RAq
6 Reeses Peanut Butter cups $.88 bogo
-$bogo mq (max $.79)/ea (I pointed out to the cashier that this had a max on it- he was going to enter $.88 on them.)
Total oop: $7.22

Total: $15.81

$10 SCR Huggies
$6.99 SCR Proantinox

Transaction 5
2 Huggies Supreme $11.00/ea
-$2/1 mq
-$2/1 RAq
-$5/20 RAq
Total oop: $11.09

Transaction 6
1 Huggies Pure and Natural $11.00
-$3/1 mq
-$2/1 RAq
1 Proantinox $6.99
-$3/1 RAq
6 Reeses Peanut Butter cups $.88 bogo
-$bogo mq (max $.79)/ea (I pointed out to the cashier that this had a max on it- he was going to enter $.88 on them.)
Total oop: $7.22

Total: $18.31

$10 SCR Huggies
$6.99 SCR Proantinox

Grand Total oop: $51.49
Total SCR's earned: $50.97

Plus earned $40xx per account toward gift of savings

Transaction 1
3 Boost $6.99/ea
-$2/1 mq = $4.99/ea {earn $5rr wyb $20}
4 papers $.99/ea
2 seed packs $.08/ea
1 Carefree Ultra $1.99
-$1/1 mq {earn $2 rr}
used $5rr + $5rr + $5rr + $5rr
Total oop: $1.96
Total saved: $35.22
Total rr's earned: $5rr + $2rr

Transactions 2-8
2 Oral-B Indicator Toothbrushes 2/$4
-$bogo mq = $2/2 {earn $2rr wyb 2}
1 seed pack $.08
Total oop: $.47
Total saved:
Total rr's earned: $2/each transaction
** basically I traded my rr's. We call this rolling. I paid under $.50 tax for the items and got a new $2rr to replace the one I spent.

I bought almost all soft toothbrushes, but one was "medium". This one rang up wrong and caused the transaction not to generate a rr. We voided the transaction and re-rang it using the soft toothbrush. I do not know why it didn't work, but heads-up that the medium toothbrushes may not be working properly for the rr deal (not to mention ringing up wrong).

Feeling the Walgreens love

This was a great week at wags. Not only did I get those great deals I posted on Sunday, I also made off with a few of the double-deal Triaminic on Tuesday. (Somehow there was an overlap and when you bought two SPECIFIC triaminic items, you got two $5 rr's instead of one, making it a big moneymaker).

Then today I went ahead and rolled what was left of my $3 True North rr's (used those on the Triaminic deals) into Carefree/Listerine
So I did this

1 Carefree 1.99
-$1/1 mq = $.99 {earn $2 rr}
1 Listerine 2.99
-$1/1 mq printable = $1.99 {earn $2 rr}
1 Packet of seeds $.08 (Great Filler item!!)
Total oop: $.27


I now have $58 in rr's. I am going to use some tomorrow to get my papers (coupons aren't great, so just a couple, maybe 2, maybe 4), some Boost for my grandmother and Nestle tollhouse morsels, and then roll my $2 rr's into free toothbrushes.

My biggest excitement is over the Huggies deal at Rite Aid. This is one you can't pass up. If you know anyone with kids in diapers- you have to tell them about this deal. Even if you use cloth, like us, you still can use these for outings, nights, or even donate them to a food bank or shelter. (and get a tax write-off)

For those of you that missed my earlier post- here's how I am working the deal:
Transaction 1
2 Huggies $11/ea
-(2) $3 Huggies Pure and Natural mq from insert or printable
-(2) $2 Huggies Pure and Natural Rite Aid coupon from Video Values HERE
-$5/20 Rite Aid coupon from Video Values HERE
=$7.oo+ tax

Transaction 2
1 Huggies $11/ea
-(1) $3 Huggies Pure and Natural mq from insert or printable
-(1) $2 Huggies Pure and Natural Rite Aid coupon from Video Values HERE
1 Proantinox Liquid Urinary Tract Cleansing $6.99
-(1) $3 Proantinox Rite Aid coupon from Video Values HERE
6 Reeses Dark Pnut Butter cup bogo $.88/ea (will ring up $.88 for first and $0.00 for second)
-(3) bogo mq from insert
-$5/20 Rite Aid coupon from Video Values HERE
=$4.99 oop + tax

$6.99 Proantinox SCR
$10.00 Huggies SCR #4

Profit: $5
(plus earn a little over $40 toward the Gift Of Savings!)

(I am hoping to get all Huggies Pure and Natural, since the coupons are a dollar more, but if they don't have the size I need, I also have the $2 off printable from HERE waiting in the wings, just in case.)

If you don't have the Reese's coupons from the paper, and would still like to get a low oop, there is also another "free" deal to up your total to use your $5/20. The Wheat Thins small packs are $1 and there is a $1/1 any printable HERE. Free crackers. :)


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Publix shoppers- Get thee to a Food Lion!

You're looking for a booklet called Healthy Living. It's their typical design and has three pages with coupons on it in the back. Some good deals in there! But they expire soon! I found these on the free paper rack in the front of the store by the front doors (so I was able to make out with a handul of them. Ok, two handfuls. LOL)

Unilever coupons that are store coupons and can be stacked with mq: These all expire 9/29/09
$1.50/1 Breyers ice cream (BOGO at Publix this week!)
$.50/1 Ragu (um, free pasta sauce anyone? Stack this with the KMart $.50/1 mq in the $62 booklet)
$.50/1 Lipton tea to go (I know there are q's out for this)
$.75/1 Lipton Family Size tea bags

Then there are some mq's that expire in September
$1 off any one Frito-Lay variety pack 20ct or larger (exp 9/22)
$2 wyb one Wheat Thins and one Crystal Light (exp 9/30)

And these store coupons have a longer expiration date
$1/2 Nature Valley Nut Clusters (exp 12/29/09)
$1/1 Clorox Disinfecting Wipes (60ct or larger) (exp 12/29/09)

$2/1 Clorox Greenworks Cleaning Product (store coupon; exp. 12/29/09)
-stack this with the $2/1 mq from the Greenwise mag, or the $1/1 or $.50/1 printables (no longer available) and get yourself some overage!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Target and Publix

I went to make my second Publix trip this week and had to see if the good Target got another Chef Michaels shipment in. They did! :)

Publix first, and a great trip. I also ran into Stacey while there! Hi Stacey! It was great meeting you IRL. :) I hope you enjoyed shopping at MF as much as I do. :)
I was chatting with the store manager right before I finished gathering my items and they got backed up at the register, so he jumped on a register. I got my bagels, and then got in his line. :) He started my first transaction, I handed him my stack of q's and he said "awesome". No. He's awesome! He entered the first 20 or so coupons, and then one of the CS associates came and took over. A great day, and I left feeling really good about Publix. (not that I ever really don't, but it was a good feeling).

Transaction 1
10 Lender's Bagels $1.79 bogo
-$.75/1 Publixq = $.29/2
20 Green Giant frozen veggies $1.00/ea
-$.50/1 mq, $.50/2 mq = $6.00
10 Progresso soup $1.25/ea
-$.25/1, $.50/2 = $7.50
6 Pillsbury Crescent Rolls $1.45/ea
-$1/1 wyb Progresso Pxq + $.50/2 mq= -$.30
4 Pillsbury biscuits $1.49/ea
-$1/1 wyb Progresso Pxq + $.50/2 mq= -$.04
15 Planters Trail Mix $1.99 bogo
-$2/1 FLip = -$1/ ea
2 TGIFridays Apps $3.29 bogo
-$1/1 mq (peelie) + $2/2 Pxq = -$71/2
1 Dominos Sugar $1.99
-$2/1 mq (home mailer) = Free
6 Downy balls $1.39/ea
-$1/1 Pxq + $1/1 mq (home mailer) = -$.61/ea
2 Bounty Paper Towels $1.99/ea
-Free Pxq + $.25/1 mq = -$.50/ea
1 Jumbo pack huggies $10.99
-$2/1 mq (home mailer) = $8.99
1 6pk Yuengling $5.79
-no q's
-$10/$50 Comp.q (GFS, from home flyer- new one just opened near me!)
Total food tax: $.53
Total non-food tax: $4.07
Total oop: $2.04
Total saved: $159.61 (98.7%)

Transaction 2
4 Kelloggs Frosted mini-wheats $4.19 bogo
-$1/1 mq = $1.09/ea
2 Quaker Oatmeal $3.89 bogo
-$1/2 mq (from inside package) = $2.89/2
2Tropicana OJ $5.99/ea
-$1/1 mq (peelie) = $10.98
10 Planters Trail Mix $1.99 bogo
-$2/1 Flip= -$1/ea
1 8th Continent Soy Milk $1.25 (clearance)
-$2/1 mq= -$.75
4 TGIFridays apps $3.29/ea
-$1/1 mq (peelie) + $2/2 Pxq = -$.71/2
3 Sue Bee Honey $1.99/ea
-no q's
-$5/25 comp.q
Total food tax: $.70
Total non-food tax: $.92
Total oop: $4.62
Total saved: $76.70 (94%)

4 Honey Sunshine Kashi cereal $2.50 (price matched to Walgreens- it was limit 4)
-$1.50/1 mq, Free mq = $1/ea + Free
1 Honey Sunshine Kashi Cereal $2.88 (sale)
-$1.50/1 mq (wish she'd done the free one at THIS price) = $1.38
12 Chef Michaels dry dog food $4.26
-$3/1 mq + $1.50 Targetq = -$.24/ea
Total non-food tax: 3.06
Total food tax: $.61
Total oop: $5.17
Total saved: $73.31
**Unfortunately I have lost my gift card from last week's Fiber One deal. RATS! If I had used that, it would have been $.17, and earned $5 gc.
**Earned $5 gift card.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Dave Ramsey Giveaway

Go every day and sign up. Dave Ramsey is giving away a starter Emergency fund of $999 each day.


Gosh Darn it

Harris Teeter has lured me in again! I swore I would not go back, but the list and catalinas and triples are just too mouth-watering to pass up. Check out Southernsavers for a great match-up list!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Publix trip #1

I had cereal coupons expiring and I was in the area visiting and looking for Chef Michaels, so of course i had to run by Publix. :)
I received my $30 in gift cards for the Kraft promotion, so I am going to keep track of how LONG I can stretch those $30!

5 Cookie Crisp 3.99 bogo
-$1/1 Target GM coupon + $.50/1 mq= Free
1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal Cup $1.00
-$1/1 Targetq + $.55/1 mq = -$.55
8 Cereal cups Cheerios $1.00
-$1/2 mq + $1/1 Targetq= -$.50/ea
18 Ronzoni Healthy Harvest $1.79 bogo
-$1/2 mq = $.79/2
1 Sue Bee Honey $1.99
-no q's
1 Cheerios container (for my son to play with) $2.89
-no q's
20 Planters Trail mix $1.99 bogo {and they still had TONS in stock!}
-$2/1 FLip = -$1.00/ea
2 Tide Stain Release $3.99/ea
-$2/1 Pxq + $1/1 mq= $.99/ea
1 Charmin 6 roll $2.99
-$1/1 mq (home mailer) + $.55/1 Pxq = $1.44/ea
1 Bounty $1.99
-$Free Pxq + $.25/1 mq= -$.50
3 Progresso soup $1.25/ea
-$1.10/3 mq = $2.65/3
2 Starbucks chocolates 2/$4.49 (clearance)
-$2/2 mq (tearpad) = $1.25/ea
4 Philly Cream Cheese $1.00
-$1/1 mq= Free
1 Dominos Sugar $1.99
-$2/1 mq (home mailer) = -$.01
16 Snapple tea $1.00
-$1/1 mq (tearpad) = Free
1 King Oscar Sardines $2.15
-no q's
1 King Oscar Sardines $2.45
-no q's
$5/50 comp.q
Total food tax: $.90
Total non-food tax: $3.17
Total oop {on Kraft Gift Card}: $.34
Total Saved: $175.66 (99.9%)

Rite Aid and Walgreens. A great week!

This morning I walked into Walreens the moment they opened the doors and was there for over an hour. I would have gotten out of there faster but the girl that normally works the cosmetics counter called out sick so I had to keep stepping out of line to let other people check out. (Ok, I didn't have to, but I think it's the nice thing to do when you've got 15 transactions.)

I won't break it all down, but here's what I got in those 15 transactions. (I wanted to get a Murine, but they didn't have any in stock).
11 True North nuts clusters/crisps $3.00/ea {earn $3rr}
-$1.50/1 mq
8 Neosporin $3.99/ea {$3rr wyb 2}
-$1/1 mq, $.50/1 mq + $2/1 Wagsq
3 Carefree pantiliners $1.99/ea {earn $2rr}
-$1/1 mq
12 Newspapers $.99/ea
5 Halloween cups (fillers) $.39/ea
12 fillers (stickers, pens, clearance stuff) $.25-$.59/ea
25 seed packets (fillers) $.08/ea
Total rr's used $45
Total oop: $10.77
**rr's earned $29.00

Rite Aid
**I also forgot to mention, I use two addresses so I will get back $2 SCR (one each) for the Wet Ones, and $2 SCR for the Suave (one each). So that's another $4 in profit.
Transaction 1
(on this transaction one of the bogo coupons didn't come off, so they reimbursed me the coupon amount)
1 Wet Ones 1.99
-$1/1 mq
1 Tide 5.99
-$1/1 mq
1 Suave Lotion 1.99
-$1/1 mq
1 Covergirl foundation $0.00 ($15.99) Store sale BOGO
-$1/1 mq

Covergirl blusher $13.99
-$free BOGO mq1
1 Covergirl foundation $6.59
-$free BOGO mq
1 Covergirl foundation $0.00 ($6.59) Store sale BOGO
-$1/1 mq
-$5/20 Rite Aid Video Values coupon
Total tax: $3.09
Total oop- on gift card: $9.65

**reimbursed $6.59 cash for coupon
Total oop: $3.06
Total saved: $53.16

Transaction 2
1 Wet Ones 1.99
-$1/1 mq
1 Tide 5.99
-$1/1 mq
1 Suave Lotion 1.99
-$1/1 mq
1 Dryer Balls $1.50
-no q's
1 Covergirl foundation $0.00 ($15.99) Store sale BOGO
-$1/1 mq
Covergirl blusher $13.99
-$free BOGO mq1
1 Covergirl foundation $6.59
-$free BOGO mq
1 Covergirl foundation $0.00 ($6.59) Store sale BOGO
-$1/1 mq
-$5/20 Rite Aid Video Values coupon
Total tax: $3.23
Total oop- on gift card: $4.70
Total saved: $54.66

Transaction 3
1 Tide 5.99
-no q's
1 Suave Lotion 1.99
-$1/1 mq
1 Dryer Balls $1.50
-no q's
1 Covergirl foundation $0.00 ($12.99) Store sale BOGO
-$1/1 mq

Covergirl blusher $12.99
-$free BOGO mq
1 Covergirl foundation $12.99
-$free BOGO mq
1 Covergirl foundation $0.00 ($12.99) Store sale BOGO
-$1/1 mq
-$5/20 Rite Aid Video Values coupon
Total tax: $3.37
Total oop- (used cash from refund): $4.85
Total saved: $60.46

Transaction 4
Scunci hair accessories $3.99
-no q's
Blender $29.99
-no q's
1 Covergirl foundation $0.00 ($12.99) Store sale BOGO
-$1/1 mq
Covergirl blusher $12.99
-$free BOGO mq
1 Covergirl foundation $6.59
-$free BOGO mq
1 Covergirl foundation $0.00 ($6.59) Store sale BOGO
-$1/1 mq

-$5/20 Rite Aid Video Values coupon
-$10 zyrtec gift certificate
Total tax: $5.09
Total oop- (on gift card): $21.72
Total oop (cash from refund): $.35
Total saved: $56.16

Grand Total
(Gift cards were moneymakers that were all extra. I didn't actually buy anything to get them, so it was FREE MONEY! *Schick razors, Stafree pads, etc*)
Total profit (thanks to refund for coupon): $1.39
Total saved: $225.44

Walgreens & Target

I went to Walgreens with the q's I picked up at Publix.

Three transactions resulted in:
9 Starbucks Frap 4-packs $5/ea
-B2G1 Starbucks 4-pack frap = $9.98/3
Total oop: $33.60
Total rr's earned: $15

Also shopped Target (the good one!) and scored big on Chef Michael's (finally!!)

18 bags Chef Michael's Dog Food $4.26/ea
-$3/1 mq + $1.50/1 Targetq = -$.24/ea
5 Fiber One Cereals $2.50/ea
-$1/1 Targetq + $.75/1 mq = $.75/ea {earn $5 gift card}
1 Dasani water $1.39
Total oop: $5.37
Gift Card earned: $5

I still have about 30 coupons to use!! Hoping that Target gets restocked this week.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Deals I am looking forward to

There are some really great deals coming up and here is a sampler of the ones I am most looking forward to. :)

Publix (for current sale-week)
Cookie Crisp 3.99 bogo
-$.50/1 mq + $1/1 Targetq= free
Planters Trail Mix 1.99 bogo
-$2/1 FLip= -$1.00
Starbucks 4pack Frappuchino 4.99
-$2/2 mq (tearpad) or B2G1 mq from store (if I can find it) = Good Deal
Ronzoni Healthy Harvest 1.79 bogo
-$1/2 printable mq = $.79/2
Sorrento stringsters 3.99
-$1/1 mq printable + $1/1 Pxq (from new Yellow Adv Buy) = 1.99/ea
Snapple 17.5oz teas $1.00
-$1/1 mq (tearpad found at Mapco)= Free
Green Giant frozen veggies $1.00
-$.50/1 mq printable or $.50/2 mq printable = Free or $.50/1
Sue Bee Honey $1.99
(no q's but supposedly there's a $1/1 hangtag on some. Hopefully I can find some, we need honey!)
Progresso Soup $1.25
-$1.10/3 mq printable = $2.65/3
Philly Cream Cheese $1.00
-$1/1 Philly Cream Cheese (from Grape Mag, picked up in Atl last week)= Free
Downy Ball $1xx (not sure about this, I have to check out the price, got this from someone online)
-$1/1 Publixq (Put Clean in Your Cart booklet) + $1/1 ANY Downy (from P&G $120 book) = overage
(then get Free paper towels wyb 3 Downy)
TGIFriday Quesadillas 3.59 bogo (need to double-check price)
-$2/2 Publixq (from FL Toss 4 Cash book) + $1/1 peelie (found at Food Lion) = -$.41/2

Then, for next week's ad:
True North nuts/crisps $3.00 {earn $3 rr wyb 1}
-$1.50 mq (from Family Fitness booklet found at Publix in FL) = $1.50mm/ea
Neosporin $3.99 {earn $3 rr wyb 2}
-$1/1 printable mq + $2/1 Wags q (from Children's activity book- buy this for $.99, near the pharmacy in a little bin- not near the other coloring books where i thought they'd be) = $1.02mm/2
Carefree Ultimate $1.99 {earn $2rr wyb 1}
-$1/1 mq from insert [monthly deal] = $1.00mm/ea

Rite Aid
Covergirl make-up $prices vary bogo
-Buy foundation, get face product free mq + $1/1 mq= $1mm/2 [if you get over $20/$25 worth and use a $5/20 or $5/25 then this is a bigger moneymaker allowing you to buy something you NEED for free!]
Suave Body Lotion $1.99
-$1/1 mq (8/2 RP) {$1 SCR} = Free

Covergirl face product 10.00
-Free Covergirl Face product wyb foundation mq
Covergirl foundation 0.00 (rings $0 for Bogo Store sale)
-$1/1 Covergirl mq {YMMV on this- some stores will not let you use this since you're getting it free}
Covergirl face product 10.00
-Free Covergirl Face product wyb foundation mq
Covergirl foundation 0.00 (rings $0 for Bogo Store sale)
-$1/1 Covergirl mq {YMMV on this- some stores will not let you use this since you're getting it free}
-$5/$20 Rite Aid Video Values q

Total before coupons: $20 + tax

$10 for free face product
$10 for free face product
= minus $27

Buy $7 of something you need and only pay tax for everything! (or if your store won't take the $1/1's then get $5 of something you need and only pay tax)

Week of 9/20
Rite Aid
AWESOME Huggies deal!

Here's what you do:
Transaction 1
2 Huggies $11/ea
-(2) $3 Huggies Pure and Natural mq from insert or printable
-(2) $2 Huggies Pure and Natural Rite Aid coupon from Video Values HERE
-$5/20 Rite Aid coupon from Video Values HERE
=$7.oo+ tax

Transaction 2
1 Huggies $11/ea
-(1) $3 Huggies Pure and Natural mq from insert or printable
-(1) $2 Huggies Pure and Natural Rite Aid coupon from Video Values HERE
1 Proantinox Liquid Urinary Tract Cleansing $6.99
-(1) $3 Proantinox Rite Aid coupon from Video Values HERE
5 Reeses Dark Pnut Butter cup bogo $.89 (?)
-(5) bogo mq from insert
-$5/20 Rite Aid coupon from Video Values HERE
=$4.99 oop + tax

$6.99 Proantinox SCR
$10.00 Huggies SCR #4

Profit: $5

Thursday, September 10, 2009

New coupon book at Publix!


Allright- if ANYONE finds these, puuuhhhhllllease let me know where! I need a few of these pretty badly. :D

(Thanks Southern Savers for the pic and type-up)


One Stop. One Store.

The coupons are:

Manufacturer’s Coupons
$2 off Huggies Diapers
$2 off Pullups
$1 off Earth’s Best baby food
.55/1 off Earth’s Best Sesame Street product
$3 off Purina One dry dog food 8lb or larger
$2 off Purina One dry cat food 3lb or larger
$2 off Purina One biscuits
$3 off Purina Beneful dry dog food 15lb or larger
$1/2 Purina Beneful prepared meals
$1.50 off Purina Beneful Snackin Slices
$4 off Glade Sense & Spray
$2 off Glade Plugins Scented Oil twin refill
$3 off Glade Fragrance collection
$1 off Pledge
$1 off Scrubbing Bubbles
$1 off Nature’s Source
.50/1 off Clorox Bleach 96oz or larger
.50/1 off Clorox wipes 35ct or larger
.50/1 off Clorox Clean-Up 32oz or larger
$1 off All Laundry Detergent
.55/1 off Snuggle Liquid Softner or Dryer sheets
Free Publix Bag wyb Angel Soft 4 double roll bath tissue and Sparkle 2 roll paper towels

Store Coupons
$3 off Enfamil powder (don’t forget about the $5 off printable)
$3 off Enfamil Convenince item
$2 off Enfamil Restfull Formula
$1 off Iams dry dog or cat food
.50/1 off Bounty six rolls or larger
.50/1 off any Febreeze
.40/1 off Palmolive Aroma Sensations
.50/1 off Suavitel fabric softner
.40/1 off Fabuloso cleaner

Loving my Walgreens, Hating my Target

It's the pros and cons of couponing. Some stores are truly Awesome (like my Publix and Walgreens), others really suck, like my Target and Wal-Mart.

We have one Target in my city. I shop there occassionally, but mostly I like to shop at the Nashville stores (there are quite a few- at least 8-10 to choose from). I told Natalya she could pick out some new sheets for her bed, so we went to Target. I have been trying to track down bags of Chef Michaels dog food, so I thought I'd check again to see if they had any. While there, I wanted to do the Fiber Once cereal deal again and get some more GM cereal cups before the Target q expires (Saturday).
Well, no Chef Michaels. No Fiber One cereal. I picked up 8 cereal cups and then N had her sheets and comforter and a couple of t-shirts that were on sale for the kids.
This store always gives me toruble with coupons. Forget about trying to use a coupon on a trial size item.
Over the last week I have bought cereal cups at a minimum of five different Targets and used the $1/1 Target q and the mq's, both the $.55/1 and the $1/2. None of these specify a size of cereal. At the last Target, the Target q automatically adjusted down to the price of $.95 since the cereal cups are now on sale.
So he rings up my items and then scans the q's. They won't scan. beep. beep. beep. beep. He looks all skeptical and calls over the "I'm in charge" of the moment. She says oh no, you can't use that on the small size. Oh really, I say, So the other five Target stores I shoped at all are doing it wrong. SHe says it's for the big boxes. Really? I say again. Where does it say that? She says, it's just not for that item. Sorry. And walks off.
You know what? Forget this Target. I NEVER have problems at the Target I like In Nashville. I would much rather give them my business. I never have trouble. It is so much more of a pleasure to shop and give my money to a store that APPRECIATES my business!
So I bought the sheets (becasue I promised N) but did not purchase the cereal. And honestly? I don't plan on going back to this Target. Ever. Unless it's an emergency. I even saw some Secret deo on clearance for $2 that would be free with the KMart booklet q, but I don't plan on even going back for them b/c I am so irritated.


On the other hand, my Walgreens? Awesome. :) I was going to do the Starbucks deal, but changed my mind since I don't really need more Starbucks ice cream. So I gave the cashier (my favorite) my last 3 $2/1 Starbucks ice cream q's. Unfortunately this now means I have $14 in rr's to spend that I didn't spend today. I also didn't get my Scrubbing Bubbles shower cleaner b/c they were out. :( The mgr told me to get a raincheck and they would just reduce the amount by $3 to make up for me not getting the rr this week. (Did I mention that I love this Wags?) So I am going to get my papers Sunday with my rr's that are expiring and I guess some clearance toys/summer for gifts for the kids. You'll also see I got overage on my Glad q's. That's because this Wags= Awesome. :D

Here's what I got:
Transaction 1
2 Glade 2 oz soy candles 2/$4
-$free candle q= Free {earn $1rr}
total tax: $.38
Total oop: $.38
Total rr's earned $1

Transaction 2
1 Glade Sense & Spray 5.99
-$free Sense & Spray q (home mailer)= Free {earn $2rr}
total tax: $.57
Total oop: $.57
Total rr's earned $2

Transaction 3
2 Glade 2 oz soy candles 2/$4
-$3/1 mq = -$2 {earn $1rr}
1 Carefree Pantiliner $1.99
-$1/1 Carefree mq= $.99 {earn $2rr}
1 Duracell AA 2.99
-$1/1 Duracell mq {earn $1rr}
total tax: $.85
Total oop: $1.83
Total rr's earned $4

Transaction 4
2 Glade 2 oz soy candles 2/$4
-$3/1 mq = -$2 {earn $1rr}
2 Thanksgiving decorations 2/$1
-no q's
1 Duracell AA 2.99
-$1/1 Duracell mq {earn $1rr}
total tax: $.76
Total oop: $1.75
Total rr's earned $3

Total Spent: $4.53
Total rr's earned: $10
Total saved: $43.23
--Total profit: $5.47

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Coffee-Mate for Free

Keep an eye out for the Tiramisu and Hazelnut Biscotti flavored Coffee-Mate. It is $.99 right now (only those two flavors). There are $1/1 printables HERE and blinkies and insert q's from 8/9 RP for $1/2. Depending on which coupon you use, these will be free or $.49/ea.

Today's Publix trip

Finally got to Publix this week. My poor baby girl has Bronchitis, so I had to take her to the dr today before our trip. I also found some more dog food. (yay!)

I snagged some Snapple tearpad q's on our trip and used some at Publix but the Snapples wrang up wrong, so I was reimbursed $1.93 (refunded $1.19+ tax for one and then $.20/ea for three. It should have been $.20 reimbursed for five b/c I bought 6 total, but she missed 2. They were so busy, I didn't worry about it. As I've said before, a little here and a little there all evens out in the end!)

6 Snapple Raspberry White Tea .99/ea (rang wrong @1.19/ea)
-$1/1 tearpad mq= -$.01/ea
8 Kraft singles $2.59 bogo
-$1/2 mq = $1.59/2
8 Kraft 2% Shredded Cheese 3/$5
-$1/1 mq printable (no longer available) = $.67/ea
3 Heinz Ketchup Fridge-fit 2/$4
6 Ore-Ida Microwave $1.09/ea
-$3/wyb 1 Heinz & 2 Ore-Ida Publixq + $1/1 Heinz mq (Kroger mailer)= $2.54
-$3 Kroger store q wyb $15 frozen food (excluding ice cream) = -$3
8 Mrs Paul's Fish $4.49 bogo
-$3/1 mq, $1.50/1 mq + $1/1 Pxq = -$5.54
6 DelMonte Fruit Cups $2.89 bogo (raincheck)
-no q's
4 Coffee-Mate Tiramisu flavor $.99/ea
-$1/1 mq printable= -$.01/ea
6 Revlon Nail clippers $1.49/ea
-$1/1 mq + $2/1 Publixq = -$1.51/ea
6 Revlon Emery Boards $1.69/ea
-$1/1 mq + $2/1 Publixq = -$1.31/ea
1 Crest toothpaste 3/$5
-$1/1 Publixq + $.50/1 mq = -$.33
2 Ro-Tel $.99 bogo
-bogo mq = $.50/2
6 Kraft dressing $2.69 bogo
-$1.50/1 mq printable (no longer available) = -$.17/ea
2 Kraft bbq sauce $1.33 bogo
-$1/1 mq printable (no longer available) = -$.34/ea
6 Yakisoba $.79/ea
-$.50/1 mq = -$.21/ea
20 Ragu $1.29/ea
-$.50/1 mq (From KMart $62 savings book) + $.75/2 Target q = -$1.70
2 Swiffer wet pad refills $6.49/ea
-$1/1 Publix q (Put Clean in Your Cart) + $.50/1 mq = $4.49/ea
1 Tide Stain booster pack $3.99/ea
-$2/1 Publix q (Put Clean in Your Cart) + $1/1 mq = $.99/ea
1 Bounty $1.99
-Free wyb 3 P&G products Publixq (Put Clean in Your Cart)= Free
Used $5/50 Comp. q
Total non-food tax: $3.15
Total food tax: $6.11
Total oop: $4.69
--Received $1.93 back for Snapple ringing wrong
Total spent: $2.76
Total saved: $231.27 (99%)

I am also using the Swiffer purchase to add to a previous swiffer purchase to receive THIS mail-in-rebate for $10 gift card.

Profit: $7.24

Georgia Publix visit.

My husband knows the drill now.

It goes like this

Me: Honey, don't forget that your cousin's wedding is this weekend

Him: What are the plans? {he doesn't make plans. I make plans}

Me: We'll play it by ear but plan on programming the GPS for Publix and Target

Him: Ok, sounds good. Wait, what?

Me: You know. I need to find that Chef Michael's dog food, and I want to cruise for coupon books at Publix.

Him: *sigh*

So we went to a few Publix and Target stores. 5 or 6 of each. LOL. I only found 4 bags of the dog food, which was a bummer. I am going to have to really hope that the Target here will agree to special order 40 bags for me.

At any rate, I did score the Put Clean in Your Cart booklet. ! Woohoo! Not a wasted trip since that was the one I was hoping to find. (A booklet of Publix P&G coupons) At that same store I also found out they have an awesome coupon policy which I relayed to my cousin, and she was thrilled. (I was showing her the Publix coupon-ropes)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Free Trail Mix- now a moneymaker

Wait until next week to use your Planters FLip! Trail Mix will be bogo at Publix, which should mean $1 overage per bag!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Free Planters Trail Mix at Food Lion

So the Flips this week weren't that great, but the $2 Planters Flip is good on any nuts or trail mix. The bags of trail mix are on adv buy for $1.99!

I bought a bag of trail mix and a banana for about $.20.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Another item to go on my list

If you're running out of stockpile on ketchup, or if you're brand loyal to Heinz, check out this deal on ketchup/fries

1 Heinz Ketchup 40 oz (on sale) 2/$4
2 Ore-Ida Extra Crispy Easy Fries $1.09/ea
Total $4.18
Use $3 Publix coupon from Toss for Cash- $3/wyb 1 Heinz and 2 Ore-ida

Total oop: $1.18

More charcoal?

A few people have mentioned the new FLip for charcoal and wondered about it. If your plan is to get more charcoal this week, you may be looking at the new Food Lion printable for $3 off a Kingsford Charcoal and scratching your head. Is it a manufacturer coupon or a store coupon? It says store coupon on it, so it's a store coupon right? It has a scannable barcode so it must be a manufacturer coupon right?

Well, people make mistakes and I believe that the "store coupon" wording is a mistake. This coupon has a barcode beginning with a "5" that will be able to be scanned at any store. This is clue #1 that this is a manufacturer coupon. Clue #2 is that if you read the fine print, it has retailer information that allows for reimbursement by the manufacturer. That is a big red flag that this is a manufacturer coupon.

If you'd like to use this coupon as a competitor coupon at Publix, I would stop by and ask the CS Manager for their opinion before you shop. If they ok it as a competitor coupon, then go for it. I won't be using it as such though b/c I think it's pretty obvious this was a manuq that should have had "manufacturer coupon" on it instead of "store coupon".
(Like the Silk coupon in the Greenwise that was obviously a Publix coupon- it had an LU#, but had "manufacturer coupon" in the top. It obviously wasn't a mq, since it couldn't be scanned and didn't have retailer info and a mailing addy on it- that was just a typo)

My $.02

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Upcoming Publix deals I am looking forward to; week of 9/2

This is a pretty slow week at Publix (thank goodness!! I need a slow week), but the few really good deals, are REALLY good deals!

Here's what I am looking at this week...

Kraft American Cheese Singles BOGO $2.69 (we're on our last pack from the last sale a few months ago!)
Use the $1/2 mq from 8/9 RP

Mrs Paul's Fish or Clams BOGO $4.49
Use $1/1 Publixq from Toss For Cash Booklet and $1.50 printable
= -$.25
or Use $1/1 Publixq from Toss For Cash Booklet and $3.00 printable
= -$1.75

Kraft Dressing BOGO $2.69
Use $1.50/1 mq printable (from, no longer available)
= -$.15

Ragu Pasta Sauce $1.29
Use $.75/2 Target coupon and $.50/1 mq from KMart's "Total Savings $62" booklet (doubled)
= -$.17/ea

Duncan Hines Moist Deluxe Cake Mix BOGO $1.65
Use $1/2 Toss For Cash Booklet
= $.65/2

and, of course, Charcoal is on sale again! LOL! (no current FLip unfortunately although I still have one raincheck left from the last sale)

Some Freebies

(Thanks Southernsavers)

Bear Naked Granola: Get a free granola bar or Granola sample HERE

Free Scrubbing Bubbles Fall Clean-up kit for the first 10,000 (if you have won a Right At Home pack in the last 6 months you are not eligible) HERE

Free tester pack of Exederm Intensive Moisture Cream for treatment of Eczema plus coupons and guidebook HERE

Free Quaker Granola Bars HERE