Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Thrifty coffee

Ok, so I don't normally consider Starbucks thrifty, at ALL, but I have recently become a fan of the Starbucks Via. It's a new instant coffee that comes in little one-serving packs. The great thing about the Via is that, unlike other instant coffees, it is micro-ground, which means it dissolves instantly in any temperature beverage.

So...if you like iced-mochas, are on the road and not near a Starbucks, or don't want to spend $4? Get a bottle of chocolate milk and pour in one or two of these babies, cap, shake and presto! instant mocha. Like iced coffee? Pour a Via into a bottle of water and shake. Instant iced coffee. I have tried them, and I really do like these. I prefer the darker roast.

It seems pricey for coffee (and is), at $10 for a 12-pack of one-serving packs, but compare it to a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

One Starbucks Coffee: $3+

Or Buy a 12-pack of bottled water for approximately $2 (with coupons!) and a 12pk of Via (click on the button below) for $15 (incl. shipping).

That works out to approximately $1.40 per bottle. Make your own at home with your Kleen Kanteen and filtered water at home and bring the cost down even more.

If you want to stock up, not have to leave your home, and get 20% off, order over $100 here--> 20% Off Orders over $100

3 4-boxes (48 packs) Via @ $34.95 (regularly $39.95)
Total $104.85

+shipping (approximately $7)

This amounts to 144 serving packets for $90, or $.63/each.

Once you use one packet and your bottled water (at $.17, from scenario above), that makes your very own bottled iced coffee $.90!

So you may pay $90 now, but you'll be saving $342 over the life of those 144 drinks!

These are also great for baking. Tiramisu anyone?



  1. I work at Starbucks, and the regular price for a 12 pack of Via (at least in Chattanooga) is only $9.95. That's way better than $15 online.

  2. You're exactly right. The price is $9.95, but the shipping is ridiculous. That's why I suggested buying a large quantity to get the 20% off- then, even with shipping, it's a better deal than in the store. :)