Thursday, December 3, 2009

Walgreens Acai Berry

For you Wags shoppers getting in on the moneymaker Acai action - I purchased the boxes instead of bottles (my store was out of bottles) and they had coupons in them for $3/1. So if your store won't take the printable- it may not scan- you can buy a bottle for free with a coupon in it and then get a bottle using the $3/1 coupon.

I just pulled coupons out of four of five boxes (someone took the other one). So I am hoping to get some more tomorrow or Saturday at the other Wags.

ETA: The DIET variety does not work, but the duo-pack of boxes does.


  1. Be on the lookout for two boxes packaged together marked B1G1 free. They have the same UPC code and checked out for $4, just like a single box would! I asked an employee for help in finding it and she was the one that pointed this deal out!

  2. I hope they have some left for me tomorra...if I go, IF it's not snowing!

  3. snow, huh? what?

    I got 5 yesterday but I want more b/c I definitely want to start taking this. Everyone needs antioxidants. It would be nice to have a good supply stockpiled for free/moneymakers. :) I'm gonna attempt to get a raincheck, but I don't know how they'll handle the rr at my store.

  4. Yep, we have an 80% chance of rain/snow mix overnight, and a 30% chance of snow tomorrow.

    I know I probably need to take vitamins of some sort (espcially the one for memory...what is it called?). But I barely take medicene when I'm sick. I can't swallow a pill everyday (which is how my 2nd child came into exsistance, lol)(well, not exactly know what I mean :-)