Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Text for free coupons at Food Lion

Get some FREE coupons from Food Lion by sending a text message:

* Text COFFEE to 467467 for a free Folgers Gourmet Coffee.
* Text NESTLE to 467467 for a free Bag of Nestle Morsels.
* Text FREE7UP to 467467 for a free 7 Up or Canada Dry 2-liter.

Coupons will be mailed to your home.

I just did this and once I sent my msg, I got a response requesting my MVP#. I do not have unlimited text, but pay per use. I figure $.30 ($.10x3 texts) is a decent price for a bag of coffee or Morsels. :)

If these turn ot to be Store coupons, you can stack them with mq's for overage, and if your Publix accepts Food Lion q's you could use them there. If they are mq's, then you can use them anywhere!


(thanks Michelle @ihearpublix)

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