Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cyber Monday - 50% off EVERYTHING at NY&C

For your fashion needs... Cyber Monday recommends NY& Company!

Monday only, 50% off absolutely everything!!! Go HERE! and use code 4136.

If you use Ebates, you can get 4% cashback. Link through EBates HERE.

(Thanks Southernsavers!)

Yes- it's that time. CYBER MONDAY!

I will post as I find the deals, so far Amazon has some great deals in all departments.

A few movies:
Slumdog Millionaire (A truly AWESOME movie!!) at 73% off: 7.99

Planet Earth series at 62% off: 30.49

Fisher Price: Spend $100 and get $20 off using code: FPSAVE20

Hold it! Don't recycle your paper just yet.

If you bought papers today, look for the USA Weekend (or Parade in some areas). Some of these inserts have a $2/1 Huggies coupon in them. I bought five papers and 2 of the 5 had a Huggies ad with a $2 coupon. The other three had an article/ad for a varicose veins study. It was on the second to the last page, on the right.

Walgreens, week of 11/29

This week walgreens starts their mid-week sales ads. So there's an ad today and then another sale starting Wednesday. They really want to get you in the door! Multiple times!

Sales starting today, moneymakers and freebies:

Complete Multi-Purpose Solution 12 oz. $7.99
-$1 Complete Multi-Purpose Solution, Any 12 Oz. RP 10/25
~earn $8 RR

Oral-B products $2.50/ea
Indicator toothbrush, Floss 55 yd., Floss Picks 75-90 ct., Pre-Cut Floss 50 ct.
-$1 off Oral-B Floss 50 yd +, or Floss Pick, 45-ct+, PG 10/11 (exp 11/30) or PG 11/29
-.75/2 Indicator Toothbrushes PG 10/11, 11/1 (exp 11/30)
~Earn $3rr wyb 2
= FREE wyb 2 floss

$1 RR wyb (2) Band-Aid Bandages at $1.50 ea
incl. Character 20-25 ct.
-3/2 J&J blinkie (found at Publix)
-$.50/1 mq
-$2 off Band-Aid, Licensed Character Bandages, Walgreens Childrens Activity Book
~Earn $1rr wyb 2
=Free w/Activity book q (any mq's stacked with it will be overage) {Activity book q will take off $1.50/each since the items only cost $1.50} then get back $1rr

Ecotrin 45ct. $1.99 w/ in-ad coupon
-$2 off Ecotrin RP 10/11
–$10 off 3 Advantage Products 10/11 {note that this q will beep because it wants a value to be entered- value of the q is $10 and should be entered as such. Difficult casiers may give you a hard time about this}
-$7 off 2 Advantage Products 10/11 {ditto to above}
=FREE or overage if you use one of the $7/2 or $10/3

Kids Dental Care at $2.50 ea
Sesame Street Toothbrush, Zooth Character Toothbrush , Oral-B Stages Toothbrush or Toothpaste 4.2 oz.
-$1 off Oral-B Stages or Zooth Manual or Power Toothbrush PG 11/01 (exp 11/30)
-$1/2 Oral-B Stages or Zooth Brushes PG 11/29
-$1 off Oral-B, or Zooth Toothbrush, Walgreens Children’s Activity Booklet
~Earn $5rr wyb 4 toothbrushes
=Free plus overage wyb 4 and use both mq and Wags q

Glade deal:
~Glade get $1 RR WYB 2/$5
scented oil candles tin .5 oz
scented oil candles refills
-Glade Refill Pack Free (value to $3.99) wyb Glade Scented Oil Candle Holder 11/1/09 SS
-$1.50/1 holder mq found in tins (at my Wags all the tins had q's in them still!)
=$1 oop, wyb one tin and one refill, then earn a $1rr = free after rr

Deals beginning Wednesday

Natrol Acai $4
-$3/1 printable HERE
~earn $4rr
=$1 oop; $3 mm after rr

Goody Ouchless Hair Accesories $2
~earn $2rr
=$2 oop; Free after rr

Dentek Floss/Flosspicks $1.99
-$1/1 Dentek floss, any, 10/11 SS
~earn $2rr
=$1 oop; mm after rr

Soft and Beautiful botanicals $5
~earn $5 rr
=$5 oop; Free after rr

If you shop after Wednesday, there are some nice rolling ops.

Starting with 0 rr's, here's your scenario:
(note that I did not put Ecotrin or Band-Aids in these scenarios. I do not know what q's you guys have, but these both give overage with the right q's, so just make sure you have items to cover the overage. Think, things you need. I bought papers with my overage today. If you need help with a scenario, feel free to post below what q's you have and what you need and I'll help you out)

Transaction 1:
Natrol Acai $4

$3/1 printable mq

=$1+tax oop

earn $4rr

Transaction 2:
Zooth/Oral B tb $2.50
Zooth/Oral B tb $2.50
Zooth/Oral B tb $2.50
Zooth/Oral B tb $2.50
Dentek floss $1.99
Christmas pencil $.13

$1/2 Zooth/OralB mq
$1/2 Zooth/OralB mq
$1/1 Wagsq Zooth (from Children's activity book) x4 = $4
$1/1 Dentek floss mq
Wags in-ad pencil q
$4 rr

Total: $1.12 +tax oop

Earn $5 rr (OralB), $2 rr (Dentek)

Transaction 3
Complete lens solution $7.99
Christmas pencil $.13

$1/1 Complete mq
Wags in-ad q for pencil
$5 rr (OralB)
$2 rr (dentek)

Total: $.12

Earn $8 rr (Complete)

Transaction 4
Goody Ouchless $2
Oral B floss $2.50
Oral B floss $2.50
Natrol Acai $4
$2 worth of something (lol) {you could do the glade deal - tin and refill - if you have the q's for it- it adds $1 to your total, or the dentek if you have the q- or get some stocking-stuffers, etc)

$1/1 Oral B floss mq
$1/1 Oral B floss mq
$3/1 Natrol mq
Wags in-ad q for pencil
$8 rr (Complete)

Total: $0 + tax

Earn $5 rr (OralB), $4 rr (Natrol), $2 rr (Goody)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

If you've never shopped before, I highly recommend it. I have bought a lot of things from them- everything from bedding to books.

I purchased THIS Memory Foam topper a couple of years ago and we LOOOOVE it. It is still a great price, you can't beat 85% off!!

This site has great customer service and super fast shipping. Check it out. :)

Oh, and, If you use Ebates, you can get 4% cashback. Link through EBates HERE.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday deals. How'd you do?

So how many of you went out and braved the stores today? Where'd you go? What'd ya get?

I made out pretty good. My Mom came up and watched the kids so I could go out shopping. I went to Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Toys-R-Us, Target, Walgreens, Lowes and Rite Aid. (In that order)

I hit Wally-world around 9am, and it was after the first herd ran through so I was pleasantly surprised to find the parking lot only about half full. I found all the toy items I was looking for and a few pair of pjs- none of the other clothes I wanted were in stock. Luckily, before I left my house this morning I remembered that I could lower my oop by buying the Adams collars for overage. :) As I was browsing, I had a list and found several things quickly, but couldn't find the two things I wanted for my son. I looked and looked. Finally I spotted one item sitting by its lonesome on the top of a huge stack of dolls (snagged it!) and after asking an employee about the other item and looking around, I found one in a return cart. So I got the last of each item! *whew*
~So here's what I got:
7 Adams collars $.97/ea
-$3/1 Adams product
1 Corelle dinnerware set $18
4 pj sets $3/ea
2 DVDs $2/ea
1 Playskool Choo Choo Train $9
1 Fisher Price wonderball thingee $9
1 Dress-up trunk $19
1 Pyrex 2qt pan $2
1 Pyrex pie pan $2
Total pre-coupon: 99.42
Total oop: $78.42

KMart was dead too. Ok, well, it was way busier than KMart EVER is! But still dead. The toy items I was looking for were gone, but I did get the clothes I wanted.

2 pair pants for my daughter 3/$10
1 long-sleeved shirt for my daughter 3/$10
3 Wonderkids clothing items for my son 3/$10
1 pajama set for my son $5.49
1 Christmas dress for my daughter $7.79
4 Long-sleeved t's for me $3.99/ea {Which I hate the fit and am returning}
1 Winter coat for my daughter $24.99
Total oop: $81.28
{-$17.60 for the return}
Grand total (after return): $63.68

Wow. Toys-R-Us was a MADHOUSE and I got there around 11am. I can't imagine what it must have been like at midnight when they opened. I guess that's why some woman at my TRU got TRAMPLED!!! (go HERE for story) I found two items out of five. I wanted to get my mitts on one of the Little Einstein rockets for $9.99 that was normally over $45. Unfortunately that was not meant to be.

1 Doctor kit $5.99
1 Clipo Explorestation $14.99
Total oop: $22.97

I mostly went to see if they had the Little Einsteins item to price match (didn't know if they had it or would pm it, but it couldn't hurt to try). They didn't have it and really didn't have any "have to have it" deals. So I bought paper I needed and was on my way.

1 ream 750-sheets paper $5.59
Total oop: $6.01
-Used $5 gc
Total cash paid: $1.01

After all this money flying out of my wallet (which, my very stingy wallet was VERY un-used to! LOL!!) I had to see some SUPER deals so I went to my beloved Walgreens. :) I had already shopped yesterday for all the BF deals and a bunch of toys. Yesterday I spent about $24 (all tax) which means I saved approximately $240, plus the savings on the sales price.

Today I got
2 Dove deos $3.99 <--Earn $4rr wyb 1
-$1/1 mq (when I bought Dove, it printed another $1/1 mq!)
2 Nivea shave gels #2.49 <-- Earn $2.50rr wyb 1
-$1/1 mq
3 Lubriderm $3.79 <--Earn $8rr wyb 3
-$2/1 mq x2
-$1/1 Wagsqx3
4 Triaminic $5/ea <-- Earn $5rr wyb 2
-$3/2 mq x2
-$2/1 Wagsqx4

4 Tuf Towels $.49/ea w/in-adq
9 Gift sacks $.10/ea
1 Wii Fit knockoff $20
1 Tinkerbell flying toy $9.99
10 Red Baron pizzas $1.99/ea
-$1/1 mqx6
Total oop: $9 (tax basically)
-I have left $21 rr's - been rolling around a bunch and spending them on Christmas gifts, Fluctuated between $91 and $21 over the last week. :)

Went for a shelving unit. To store all my grocery overage in my garage. LOL We also needed an air filter for our house.
Here's a tip for you Lowes shoppers. Any time you plan on shopping at Lowes, run by the post office. Pick up a "moving " envelope. You know, it's the envelope you get to change your address. Inside the envelope, there are coupons. There is ALWAYS a 10% off your total purchase coupon for Lowes in there.

1 Shelving unit $44.98
2 Storage bins 2/$5.98
1 House Air Filter $8.87
-10% off total purchase q
Total oop $58.95

Rite Aid
Alright. I've been trying to track down the MP3 players that are $29.99 with a $10scr. These are regularly priced at $50. Unfortunately my regular store HAD 8 to 10 of these a few weeks ago ...until they got shoplifted. The manager was telling me he has been ordering them for weeks and has been unable to get them in. RATS!! This is a SUPER deal!! You pay $29.99, use a $5/25 coupon, and get $10 scr back. Making this $15. !! *sigh*
I also want to mention that I was playing by the rules regarding the razor purchase. Some of the razors were labeled "1 per customer" I shopped RA yesterday and only got one of each type. I did the same at the first store today. (Some weren't labeled, so I got a couple of those). But when I got to the second store, here was a woman shelf-clearing the razors. She bought all the disposables and all the women's intuitions (she didn't see an endcap of sale items, so I was able to get three). I watched her check out and the cashier didn't care that she got them all. So I figured what the heck, I'll take the men's ones that are left. Sinking to her level? Perhaps, but I did need them for my gift baskets!

First store (not my regular store, looking to see if they had the MP3s- they didn't)
2 Schick Intuition razors $1.99/ea
-$2/1 mq
2 Schick Men's Titanium razors $1.99/ea
-$2/1 mq
1 Schick disposables $.99
-$1/1 mq
1 Rite Aid Nail Polish Remover $2.20
-$2 off $2 beauty purchase RA coupon ip
1 20oz Mt Dew $1.49
1 Secret deo $2.49
-$1/1 mq
1 Scope mouthwash $3.99
-$1/1 mq
Used $5/20 VV coupon
Total oop: $2.17
~SCR's earned: $3, $1.50

Second store (my store)
2 Schick Intuition razors $1.99/ea
-$2/1 mq
5 Schick Men's Titanium razors $1.99/ea
-$2/1 mq
1 M&M $.50
5 Angel Soft $.99/ea
Used $5/20 VV coupon
Total oop: $1.83

Holy Black Friday Amazon deals Batman!

Amazon is pulling out all the stops!! Seriously, go and browse to see all the amazing deals.

Just to name a few, there's, Real Simple Magazine subscription for $5 - (there are actually a whole slew of magazines that are $5 right now- Southern Living, People, Cosmo, Popular Science, Smart Money- so if you have gift subscriptions in mind- I'd jump over there today and browse around.)

Or how about a Kitchenaid mixer for under $200 with free shipping? No problem!

Perhaps someone you know has cookware on their Santa wish list. If so, I HIGHLY recommend Calphalon. I am a bit of a Calphalon snob, ever since buying my first piece at Linens-N-Things (where I worked- thank heavens for that 25% discount!) I have not turned back. If you want to give it a try, this set is nearly 60% off!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving.

I am partiularly thankful this year to have found such a wonderful group of people in couponing. A lot of you guys have come to my rescue when I've been in search of things- and I am truly grateful for that! I have also made some very good friends since I started this blog, and I am adding that to my thankful list.

Enjoy your day!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Walgreens Thanksgiving sales

Finally! Sorry for the delay in getting this up. I've been doing some recon to try to figure out if certain q's work for certain deals. :)

I will be at Walgreens at 9am when the doors open to get my deals, then head over to Rite Aid. :) Then I will have the rest of the day to spend with my family and be thankful.

**Please remember the Rules of Walgreens:
1. You can only get one rr for a deal per transaction. If you buy two Nivea shave gels, you will only get one rr.
2. If you use an rr from a deal to pay for another of the exact same deal, you will not get a new rr. (Buying a Nivea shave gel, and using your $2.50rr from your first Nivea purchase will result in you NOT getting a new rr printed)
3. Manufacturer coupons cannot outnumber items. (RR's are considered manufacturer coupons, that's why there are gift bags on these transactions- it's the cheapest fill this week) Walgreens coupons do not count against your coupon total.

Here's the BEST deals (in my humble opinion)

Thursday only:
Snuggie $9.99 <> earn $2rr wyb one
Toys, and Stuffed Animals 50% off (makes them $4.99 ea)

Deals good Thursday through Saturday:
Aquafresh 8.2 oz. Cavity Protection at $1.99<> earn $2rr wyb one

Dove Ultimate Deodorant 2.6oz., at $3.99 <> earn $4rr wyb one
-$2 off Dove Ultimate printable
-$1 off Dove Deodorant 10/4 RP

Infusium 23 Hair Care 8 or 16 oz., at $4.99 <> Earn $5rr wyb one
-$2 off Infusium 23 11/22 SS or October/November All You Magazine

Right Guard Sport Deodorant 2.8-3oz., at $2.49 <> Earn $2.50rr wyb one
-$1 off Right Guard peelie

Johnson’s Softwash 18-20.3 oz at $5.99 <> Earn $6rr wyb one
-$1 off Johnson’s Body Care product 9/20 SS

Nivea Shave Gel for Men 7oz., at $2.49 <> Earn $2.50rr wyb one
-$1 off any Nivea body product 10/11 RP

$1 RR wyb Crayola 64 pk Crayons at $1.99

3M Command Adhesives B1G1 at $3.59
-$1.50 off any Command Product Winter Savings booklet (found at Publix)
-$1 off any Command Product 11/15 RP

Ducolax Balance Laxative 7 day 4.1 oz., at $7 <> Earn $4rr wyb one
-$3 off Ducolax Balance coupon on bottles or printable
(This would be good if you need something to roll rr's- a freebie)

Don't forget your week-long deals too, for rolling:

$5 RR wyb (2) Triaminic cold or Allergy at $5, Thin Strips 14 pk, Syrup 4 oz, Decongestant Spray .67 oz
-$1.50 off Triaminic any product 10/18 SS
-$3/2 Triaminic 10/18 SS
-$2 off Triaminic liquids 4oz or thin strips 14ct Walgreens Healthy Saving Book

$3 RR wyb (2) Theraflu 6pk or 8.3 oz., at $5 ea
-$2 off Theraflu medicine products 10/18 SS
-$1.50 off Theraflu Product, 10/18 SS
-$3/2 Theraflu Product, 10/18 SS
-$2 off Theraflu Walgreens Healthy Saving Book or Diabetes & You booklet

$3 RR wyb (5) Nabisco Crackers 9.5-16 oz at $2 ea
-$1/2 Nabisco cracker products printable
-$1 off Nabisco crackers 11/08 SS
$10 rebate wyb (10) Nabisco crackers, Easy Cheese or Planters nuts - form here
-$1/2 off Nabisco, Various products Diabetes Booklet (store coupon)
(To make the most of this deal, buy Weat Thins, use the $1/1 mq and the $1/2 wags q)


Scenario 1
Ok, so let's assume you're starting out and have a $1 rr (from Ricola) and a $3 rr (from Bic) and a $2 rr (from Aussie) - these are deals from last week.

Trans. 1
Dove Ultimate Deodorant $3.99
Nivea shave gel $2.49
Infusium $4.99
3xGift bag $.10/ea

$2/1 Dove mq
$1/1 Nivea mq
$2/1 Infusium mq
Gift bag in-ad q
$3 rr
$2 rr
$1 rr

Total oop: $.77 + tax

Earn: $4 (Dove), $2.50 (Nivea), $5 (Infusium)

Trans. 2
Dulcolax $7
Johnson's Softwash $5.99
Aquafresh $1.99
Tuf paper towels $.49
Gift bag $.10

$3/1 Dulcolax mq
$1/1 Johnson's mq
Tuf in-ad q
Gift bag in-ad q
$4 rr
$2.50 rr
$5 rr

Total oop: $.07 + tax

Earn: $4 (Dulcolax), $2 (Aquafresh), $6 (Johnsons)

Trans. 3
Triaminic $5
Triaminic $5
Crayola $1.99
2xTuf paper towels $.49
Gift bag $.10

$3/2 Triainic mq
-$2 Triaminic Wags q (x2) = $4
Tuf in-ad q
Gift bag in-ad q
-$4rr (from Dulcolax)
-$2rr (from Aquafresh)

Total oop: $.07+ tax

Earn: $5 (Triaminic), $1 (Crayola)

Grand total OOP: $.91 + tax
RR's left: $5, $1, $6
So you've doubled your rr's and gotten all this great stuff for pocket change.

Scenario 2
If you're starting with no rr's, and you want to keep your oop as low as possible and don't mind multiple transactions, try this scenario.

Trans. 1
Nivea shave gel $2.49

$1/1 Nivea mq

Total oop: $1.49 + tax

Earn: $2.50 (Nivea)

Trans. 2
Dove Ultimate Deodorant $3.99
Tuf paper towels $.49
Gift bag $.10

$2/1 Dove mq
Tuf in-ad q
Gift bag in-ad q
$2.50 rr

Total oop: $.08+ tax

Earn: $4 (Dove)

Trans. 3
Infusium $4.99
Aquafresh $1.99
Gift bag $.10

$2/1 Infusium mq
Gift bag in-ad q
$4 rr

Total oop: $1.08+ tax

Earn: $5 (Infusium), $2 (Aquafresh)

Trans. 4
Triaminic $5
Triaminic $5
Crayola $1.99
Gift bag $.10

Use $3/2 Triaminic mq
-$2 Triaminic Wags q (x2) = $4
Gift bag in-ad q
-$5rr (from Infusium)

Total oop: $.09+ tax

Earn: $5 (Triaminic), $1 (Crayola)

Trans. 5
Johnsons Softwash $5.99
Gift bag $.10

$1/1 Johnsons mq
Gift bag in-ad q
-$5rr (from Infusium)

Total oop: $.09+ tax

Earn: $6 (Johnsons)

Grand total OOP: $3.83 + tax
RR's left: $2, $1, $6

New Flips

Just a heads-up for anyone making a Publix trip today- the new FLips are up and there are two that coincide with bogo sales at Publix ending TODAY. $1/2 Dole pineapple and $1/2 Wheat Thins.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Super deal on wipes at Target

There's a $1/1 Up&Up wipes (excluding trial) Target printable HERE. The price of these varies, but today I found the 48ct Toddler flushable wipes for $.97 (on price cut). These are regularly $1.27, so when the Target q is scanned, the register automatically adjusts it to $.97. No beeps, no drama.

I got ten packs of wipes, three Glade tins and 4 Glade refills for $3.15 and got a $5 gift card back! (Although, looking at the receipt, I *think* the cashier accidentally scanned an extra target $1q. It's impossible to tell- their receipts are so convoluted!)

Other wipes were priced from $1.27, $1.57, etc.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Rite Aid

I took my own advice and ran to Rite Aid to get some of the free items. I also had two GOS certificates form the last time around to use (yay!) so I made some profit.

Here's what I did
Transaction 1
1 Benevia 7.99
1 Colon Cleanse 17.99
1 Wonderful Pistachios 2.50
1 Bottled Water .50
1 Root Beer 1.49

1 $1/1 Wonderful mq
1 $5/1 Benevia ip

paid with $20 GOS certificate

Total oop: $.47
Total scrs earned: $25.98
Total toward Winter GOS: $31.47

(I also shop for my grandparents, so I use their address for rebates as well)
Transaction 2
1 Benevia 7.99
1 Colon Cleanse 17.99
2 Wonderful Pistachios 2.50/ea
1 Angel Soft tp .99

2 $1/1 Wonderful mq
1 $5/1 Benevia ip
1 $.50/1 Angel Soft mq

paid with $20 GOS certificate

Total oop: $.51
Total scrs earned: $25.98
Total toward Winter GOS: $33.01

Rite Aid

Rite Aid is different from Walgreens or CVS in that they use a Mail-In-Rebate system, Called Single Check Rebates, or SCRs- so often, you'll pay oop up front to get started, then you'll start getting the checks. :) Real checks that you can take to the bank. I got one for over $150 this month!

This is the time to get started. They just started their Gift Of Savings program, and it's good through the next month+. Basically, when you spend $100, you get a $20 gift certificate you can use in the store. This money is PRE-coupon, PRE-Rebate! So that means, you can get a bunch of free after rebate stuff, moneymakers even, and it counts!

For example:
From today through Wednesday, do this:

1 Benevia $7.99 (weekly deal)
1 Colon Cleanse $17.99 (only good through Wednesday!)
Total: $25.98

$5/25 from HERE
$5 Benevia ip HERE (must register)

=$15.98 oop

But, you'll receive back $25.98 in rebates for those two items, making $10. AND you'll earn $25.98 toward your Gift of Savings. So "spend" another $74.02 and get back an additional $20 gift certificate.

There are other denominations as well:
Spend $25-50, get a $5 certificate
Spend $51-100, get a $10 certificate
Spend over $100, get a $20 certificate.

It's VERY easy to get the $100, buying moneymakers and freebies like above- so they're giving you an additional $20 to spend in their store.

Beginning Thursday, there are some great deals! Check it out...

Deals good 11/26-11/28

Sally Hansen Lip Color 99¢ ea
-$1 off Sally Hansen Lip Product RP 9/13
Total = FREE

Bic Soliel Razor 1 ct. $5.99
-$4 off Bic Soleil in ad coupon
-$2 off Bic Soleil Razor or Refill SS 11/15
-$2 off Bic Soleil printable HERE
Total = FREE (stack in-ad coupon with manufacturer's insert coupon)

Schick Quattro or Quattro Titanium Razors $1.99
-$2 off Schick Quattro for Women or Intuition Plus Razor or Refill SS 11/22
-$2 off Schick Quattro Titanium Razor, Trimmer or Refill SS 11/22
Total = FREE

Wet Ones Wipes, 40ct. $1.88
-$1.50 off Wet Ones printable HERE (make pledge against germs)
Total = $.38

Schick Disposable Razors 3-12ct. 99¢ ea
-$1 off Schick Disposable Razor SS 11/22 (makes it free)
Total = FREE

Tampax Pearl Tampons 18 or 20ct $3.99
*$3 SCR #108 (limit 1)
Total = $. 99 (A great deal if you need them!)

Scope Outlast Mouthwash 750mL or Oulast White Mouthwash 710mL $3.99
*$3 SCR #119 (limit 1)
-$1 off Scope Mouthwash, 710mL+ PG 11/01
Total = FREE

Secret Invisible Deodorant or Old Spice High Endurance Deodorant $2.49
-$1.50 SCR #131 (limit 1)
-.50/1 Secret, any 11/1 PG
-$1 Secret deodorant, $120 P&G Savings book
Total = FREE (with $1 coupon)

Gillette Series Shave Gel or Foam 7-9oz or Satin Care Shave Gel 7oz $1.99
-$1 SCR #133 (limit 1)
-.55/1 Gillette Series Shave Gel, 7 oz, or Foam, 9 oz, PG 11/01
-$1 Any Gilette item, $120 P&G Savings book (this was in one version of the book, but not the other)
Total= FREE (with $1 coupon)

Working Rite Aid to get what you need:
Do you need toilet paper or tissues? Try this...

Dulcolax $6.99
Sally Hansen Lip Color 99¢
Bic Soliel Razor 1 ct. $5.99
Wet Ones Wipes, 40ct. $1.88
Scope Outlast Mouthwash 750mL or Oulast White Mouthwash 710mL $3.99 (earn $3 SCR)
Schick Quattro or Quattro Titanium Razors $1.99
Angel Soft tp $.99
Angel Soft tp $.99
Puffs tissues $.99
=Total oop: $24.80

$5/25 from HERE
-$3 Dulcolax ip HERE (or look for coupon on product)
-$4 Dulcolax in-ad coupon
-$1 off Sally Hansen Lip Product RP 9/13
-$4 off Bic Soleil in ad coupon
-$2 off Bic Soleil Razor or Refill SS 11/15
-$1.50 off Wet Ones printable
-$1 off Scope Mouthwash, 710mL+ PG 11/01
-$2 off Schick Quattro Titanium Razor, Trimmer or Refill SS 11/22
-$.25 Puffs mq 11/1 PG
-$.50 Angel Soft mq 9/13 RP
-$.50 Angel Soft mq 9/13 RP

=Total oop $.05+tax

Earn $3 SCR

Profit: $3ish
AND, that's an additional $24.80 + tax toward your gift of savings. Plus submit for the $5 MIR on Dulcolax from the manufacturer HERE. See how easy it is!!

So- let's recap. If you head to Rite Aid before Wednesday and do the first scenario, then go Thurs-Sat and do the second scenario:
You'll spend approximately $17 oop (with tax)
You'll earn $28.98 in SCRs
You'll submit for an additional MIR on Dulcolax for $5
You'll have $50.78 toward gift of savings

Buy more free items (razors, etc, use a $5/25 and get things you need- paper products? diapers?) and add to your GOS (gift of savings)

Free, Free, Free!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Target Scrubbing Bubbles deal updated

So I originally posteed abot this deal HERE. I was originally unable to make it work because of the order I handed over the q's at the BAD Target when I posted, but I wanted to let you all know that when I went to the GOOD Target, it worked great. I bought 12 Scrubbing Bubbles- and they all had the $2/2 peelies! (there were tons and tons left too- so no shelf-clearing ;) )

I did the deal in fours- three transactions, and it worked exactly as I said. The cashier was in AWE! LOL!! Young guy, of course. He asked me all sorts of coupon questions and told me if he ever ran into me at Publix he was going to ask me to shop for him. :)

Then, today I put on my big girl britches and went BACK to the BAD Target to try to do the deal (handing the q's in the correct order this time). This store has the Scrubbing Bubbles cheaper, so it was more of a MM. I had two $1.50/2 Target q's left- good for one more deal. I figured if they gave me a hard time I'd just take my q's and go. They didn't! I found a young guy cashier (love them) and he didn't even question it!

I needed California Baby Callendula Cream and it is $11.99 (*gasp*), but with the gift cards I had- I only had to pay $.70 oop. The rest was bought by SC Johnson.

Oh, and since I still haven't gathered my q's for the SC Johnson rebate, I'll use these, making this even MORE of a mm!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

FLip deals

I may be behind the 8-ball here, but I found a few deals using FLips.

If you're using the FLips at Publix:

$1/1 Ore-Ida FLip (good on ANY)
Use on the $1.09 Easy Fries

If you're actually shopping at Food Lion, there are a few good deals using FLips.

Mrs.Smith pies are bogo @ 5.49. There was a $1/1 in the 9/27 or 11/15 SS and there is a $1/1 FLip, buy one and use one of each, pay $.75 plus tax for a Mrs Smith pie! We love the Dutch Apple, so I'll be stocking up on those!!

Then there's a new $2/$5 Deli/Bakery FLip. If you are in need of these items- it's pretty cheap- here's a scenario for you:
1 Food Lion Pumpkin or Sweet Potato pie @ $3.99 (regular price/pre-MVP)
{-$1.99 MVP }
1/4 lb Virginia Ham @$1.37 (regular price/pre-MVP)
{-$ .37 MVP}
= $5.36 pre MVP
=$3 after MVP card is scanned

$2/$5 deli/bakery FLip

Grand Total $1.00 + tax

Black Friday drugstore deals

I am so excited about the Black Friday deals at Walgreens and Rite Aid!! I am working on a list of freebies and mm's and I'll post them with some scenarios for you guys, but my computer is in the shop and I'm on the laptop AGAIN, so bear with me!!


I can tell you that I will be shopping at Walgreens on Thanksgiving morning, first thing. I have Snuggies on my Christmas list for my gift bags and they're $7.99 after rr's!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A printable for FRUIT!

Go HERE for a printable $1/1 coupon for Driscoll's berries. These don't expire until April 2010!!

Thanks again Thrifty Mama!

Free admission for children to the GA Aquarium

If you're in the Atlanta area, you may be interested to know that your kids can get in free to the GA Aquarium on Saturday!

These tickets are so expensive (regular $26 for kids), so a day where your kids can get in free to the Georgia Aquarium is quite a deal. This Saturday, November 21st, from 10am to 4pm, children 12 and under can receive FREE Admission to the Georgia Aquarium!

Just bring your child dressed as a little princess or prince for Princess Day and they get in FREE! There will be fun giveaways, activities, parades, arts and crafts, photo opportunities with some of the Disney Princesses and more free fun going on Saturday as well! See more details on this event HERE

Thanks Thrifty Mama!!

A few Kroger deals

Apparently there's a huge meat sale going on at Kroger right now (be sure to print and take your $.50/1 ground beef coupon - details HERE)

But in addition, a few moneymakers:

Go to cellfire and load the new coupons, specifically the $1/2 Purina cat/dog treats and the $4/1 Scotch fur fighter.

Some Kroger stores have the Fur Fighter on sale for $5.99. Use the $4/1 mq from 11/8 RP and the $4 cellfire q comes off at the end, giving you $2.01 overage.

The Purina Natural Sensations cat treats are supposed to be at Kroger stores, if they have those, grab two bags and use your "free" coupons from 9/27 SS and get $1 overage from the cellfire coupon, comes off at the bottom.

Be sure to pick up a few items to absorb the overage.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Good printable q's!

Some good printables currently available...

$1.50/1 Wet Ones HERE

$2/1 Viva Paper Towels 2-pk or larger HERE

Kellogg's printables HERE

$1/1 Ritz Crackers HERE

$1/1 Kellogg's/Keebler item (this is a mq that states Redeem at Save-a-Lot, so if your Publix considers them a competitor, you can use it there) HERE

Scrubbing Bubbles MM at Target

Now this will be a definite YMMV, and finding a good cashier. You will also have to hand over the q's in a specific order or it won't work.

Here's what you need:
4) $.75/1 Scrubbing Bubbles mq 11/1 SS
2) $1.50/2 Scrubbing Bubbles Target q 11/15 SS
1) Free GC wyb 4 Scrubbing Bubbles Target q 11/1 SS (regional)

Buy 4 Scrubbing Bubbles cans, currently on sale for $2.34/ea
= $9.36 +tax

Hand over the $5 gift card coupon FIRST!! This will prompt the register to scan a gc and give it to you.

Then hand over the manuq's. No beeps, no problems.
Then hand over the Target q's. These will beep "item not found", but if you have a good cashier, they'll push it through.

=#3.36+tax and earn $5 gc

I tried this today at the SUCKY store to see what would happen and I made the mistake of handing over the gift card coupon last. All q's went through fine, but when it got to that one and beeped "item not found" there was no way to push it through. I went round and round with the manager and finally he agreed to take the two $1.50 ones off and just do the $5 gc one. But had they scanned that one first, it would have gone through fine.

Good Luck!!!

ETA: There is also a $2/2 peelie for this as well. I had some left from some I bought at Publix a month-ish ago- use two of those instead of 4 $.75/1 mq's and reduce your oop by $1.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Great deal on My Little Pony

If you've got a little girl to buy for at Christmas-time, run over to Toys-R-Us! They have My Little Pony's on sale this week, Buy 2, Get 1 free. They start @ $6.49.

If you go here

you can print a coupon for $5 off a $20 My Little Pony purchase.

Get 6 $6.49 ponies
Pay 4x$6.49 = $25.96 +tax
-$5 coupon
= $21+tax for 6 ponies.

= darn good deal.

You can print two coupons per computer, so if you wanted to get pricier items, or more ponies, you can use more than one coupon

So if you spent $40 on ponies, you could use two coupons and get $10 off, etc. I did this deal the lasst time they were on sale a month-ish ago and may have to go out and do it again if I can get there without my daughter in tow. These make great stocking stuffers.


With all these great deals at Amazon, and the nudge from Stacey as a reminder - I want to remind everyone to sign up for Swagbucks, if you haven't already!

Instead of paying Google, Yahoo, MSN or dogpile to search for you, get paid for your own searching! I downloaded the toolbar and I earn between 1-5 bucks per day just by typing in my searches into the swagbucks toolbar.

A $5 Amazon gift card is 45 swagbucks, so if you average 5sb per day, you can earn a $5 gift card in a week. That may not seem like a lot, but consider that right now, you're not earning a single penny for your searching. :)

Those bucks will add up and then you can make these great deals really super since you will have free money to put toward them!

There are lots of other items to choose from as well including $5 in paypal money which can be transferred right into your bank account. So yes, truly get PAID CASH for searching.

Check it out!

Search & Win

Another GREAT magazine deal!!


Like Time Magazine? Well. Check this out- Amazon has it for $20 for a one-year subscription! This is a savings of over $258!! gets better. Order today and save an additional $5! Ok, that's $15 for a YEAR of Time Magazine. Excellent Christmas gift.

Coffee for Christmas?

Got any coffee lovers on your Christmas list? Gevalia coffee, if you've never had it, is a must try. It is high-quality coffee at a super price. We get it when there's a great deal on it, and right now, there is a SUPER deal!

For this week, get 20% off your order and free shipping when you order $50 or more.

20% Off Entire Order

Also, you might want to check out this deal while you're there:

Try Gevalia Coffee and Get a FREE S/H!

Gevalia is a coffee club- you get monthly shipments of coffee with a moneyback guarantee. If you don't like it, it's free. You may cancel at any time with no obligations.

Awesome deals at Amazon!!

The crazy low prices are starting pre-Black Friday this year and Amazon is not shirking their end of the deals. Check these out...

Nintendo Wii and Wii Fit Balance Board for under $290 and get a $50 gift certificate!
(This is the best deal I've EVER seen on this!! If I had the money, I'd be all over it b/c it's on my wish list!)

Blu-Ray player
If you're in the market for a Blu-Ray, this Samsung 4600 is the same one that Best Buy is selling on Black Friday for $279! Beat the rush and get free shipping - it's only $264 at Amazon right now!

Food Processor
Marked down from $110, this Cusinart Food Processor is only $44 right now. Hurry, word has it that these Amazon deals do not last. Prices will go up as traffic for a product increases.
This is already up to $58 now, a few hours after I posted this. Get them now before the price goes back up again!!

Steam Cleaner
If you have pets, you are probably in need of a steam cleaner. I bought one several years ago and it's one of the best investments I ever made. I only wish I'd gotten THIS kind of deal on it!! This is nearly 50% off and you get Free Shipping!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Publix Winter Savings coupon booklet

ETA 11/18:
Moores Lane- out of them.
Maryland Farms- has some, behind the counter b/c they did not get the big display, so go ask at CS for some.
Antioch- out of them.


Friday, November 13, 2009


I FINALLY found some Glade tins in stock at Target while I was running around looking for Alphabet Pals today.

I don't have the receipts in front of me, but my final was something like...

10 Glade Holiday tins
15 Glade oil Holiday refills
2 Glade Holiday jar candles (this cost more, but I liked the gingerbread scent and I needed another item b/c they were out of holiday refills)
4 Leapfrog Alphabet Pals

Total oop: >$4
With a $5 gift card remaining :) I would have gotten another two $5 gift cards, but unfortunately the last store had 4 tins and no holiday refills. I got the french vanilla refills free wyb the tins, hoping it would generate the gift card, since Glade states this scent is a holiday scent, but it didn't. :( I still got them free, but it wasn't as big of a mm as it could have been.

The deal for the Glade is good through 12/26 supposedly, but I have been unable to find ANY tins in stock. Basically, there are a million coupons out for Glade products, insert q's, blinkies, home mailers, etc.

The best scenario is as follows:

2 Glade Holiday tins $2.50/ea
-(2) $1.50/1 mq
3 Glade Holiday oil refills $2.50/ea
-(2) buy-one-holder-get-one-refill free mq
-(1) buy-two-refills-get-one-refill free mq
= $2 oop total

Earn $5 gc wyb 3 Glade Holiday products. = $3 profit

Thursday, November 12, 2009

A few good printables out...

A few good printables to go get and hang onto. (or use. Your call)

$1.10/1 Progresso High Fiber soup HERE

$.75/1 Goldfish (new garden vegetable variety) HERE

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Publix deals 11/11

Some good deals coming up next week. Here's some I see...

Betty Crocker Frosting 12 to 16-oz tub BOGO $1.83
$.50/1 mq 10-25-09 SS
= Free+

Kellogg’s Cereal, Assorted Varieties, Crispix, Rice Krispies, Frosted Flakes, Froot Loops, Corn Pops or Apple Jacks, 11.2 to 16.5-oz box, BOGO $3.99
-$1/1 Rice Krispies mq 11/08 RP
-$1/1 Apple Jacks or Froot Loops Blinkie
-$1/1 Target printable
= Free

Hershey’s Syrup, Assorted Varieties, 18.5 to 24-oz bottle, (Excluding Sugar Free), BOGO $1.67
-B2G1 Tearpad
= $.80/ea wyb3

Yoplait Yo-Plus or Yo-Plus Light Yogurt, Assorted Varieties, 4-pk, 4-oz cup, BOGO $2.50
-$1/1 mq 10-04-09 SS GM

Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers, Assorted Varieties, 12-oz bag, BOGO $2.39
-$.50/1 mq 10-04-09 SS
= $.20/ea

Lysol Disinfectant Trigger Spray Cleaner, All Purpose 4 in 1: Lemon Breeze, Pacific Fresh Scent, or With Bleach, 32-oz bot, or Antibacterial Kitchen Citrus Scent, 22-oz bot, BOGO $2.69
-$.50/1 Printable HERE

Chinet Napkins, Extra Large Dinner or All Occasion, 40 or 90-ct pkg, BOGO $1.89
-$1/1 printable HERE

California Pizza Kitchen, Assorted Varieties, 11.08 to 26.5-oz box $5.49
-$3/1 First Foods Printable (if you were invited to the campaign and if your store takes Whole Foods as a competitor q)

Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Assorted Varieties, 24-oz bot, or Lysol Cling Toilet Bowl Freshener & Cleaner, 1-ct pkg, 2/$4
-$.50/1 printable HERE
= $1.00

Angel Soft Bathroom Tissue, Unscented Double Rolls, 4-roll pkg, $1.89 (part of the new essentials)
-$.50/1 from 09-13-09 RP

Soft Soap Liquid Hand Soap, Assorted Varieties, 7.5-oz bot, .79¢
-$.40/1 printable HERE
= Free!

Monday, November 9, 2009

A new idea for Publix

For those of you who have, less-than-friendly Publix stores, or get nervous bringing your total close to zero, try this...

Drop in Publix sometime and get a $25 gift card.

Then, the next shopping trip you make, add another $25 gift card to your purchase. Have the cashier ring it first and then your other items.
Let's pretend that after all your items and overage, your total is $.52 (not including the gift card). If you purchase a gift card, your total is actually $25.52, but when you use the FIRST gift card to pay for $25, making your total $.52. Then you have your new $25 gift card for your next purchase, there won't be any nervousness on the part of the cashier, since your total was $25+ and not under a dollar.

You can keep rolling them like this as long as you like.

For those who like to think that us couponers are "getting something for free" "practically stealing" "probably doing something illegal" etc, this makes them think you're spending more than you really are and will help keep you in good graces.

This also helps prevent the need for manager override since the coupon amount won't go into the tax.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A GREAT deal on the best cooking magazine out there!

And I'm not biased at all! ;)

In 1998, I was an Editorial Intern for Cooking Light Magazine, and it sparked my love for cooking. Not only does this magazine have the best food articles and recipes, but also has some pretty great healthy articles as well.

I highly recommend it, especially for a whopping $5!!

Amazon has this great deal through 11/13.

Click on the below link to sign up now!

There are some other great deals available right now as well, so you can use the Amazon link on my page to check them out. :) If you're looking for another great resource for coupons, check out Good Housekeeping- they've started having monthly manufacturer's coupons in the mag, and it's under $5 right now too!! It's listed as $7.97, but you get an instant $3 savings when you add it to your cart- making it $4.97 for a full year!!

(Thanks Southern Savers!)

Moneymaker at Rite Aid

Found a moneymaker for you Rite Aid shoppers.

Herbal Essences is BOGO and there's a coupon for Buy a shampoo/conditioner, get a styler free in the 10/11 P&G insert.


Herbal Essences Styler $4.49
Herbal Essences Shampoo $0 (bogo store sale)
Herbal Essences Styler $4.49
Herbal Essences Shampoo $0 (bogo store sale)
Herbal Essences Styler $4.49
Herbal Essences Shampoo $0 (bogo store sale)
Herbal Essences Styler $4.49
Herbal Essences Shampoo $0 (bogo store sale)
Herbal Essences Styler $4.49
Herbal Essences Shampoo $0 (bogo store sale)
Herbal Essences Styler $4.49
Herbal Essences Shampoo $0 (bogo store sale)
Total: $26.94

6x Herbal Essences bogo mq 10/11 PG

= -$5 +tax

So, this means, get $5 of something you need to fill your coupon amount.

Feeling better!


So I didn't have the flu. I had Fifth Disease, which is a childhood illness, which one would think I was immune to since my daughter had it four years ago, and I didn't. Guess not. So now, fever, pukies, headache, joint pain, all gone, but now I have a lovely head to toe rash. joy.

At least I feel better!!!

Thanks for all the well wishes. :)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

If you find any good deals

Post them here in the comments section. Since I can't scout out the good deals- if you see any, Wags, Rite Aid, Publix, etc... share them with us.

Thanks all!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Sick sick soooo sick

I will not be around for a few days 'cuz I am SICK


posts to resume when I get better.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kroger triples deals 11/04

I went down to Nashville with both kids in tow and used all kinds of bribery (and a few threats) to keep my four-year old from meandering off. (She did this the last time she accompanied me to Publix, and we had to search for her, call her name over the was scary). Anyway, she was pretty good, since we were there for 2 hours (not only was it triples, but also senior day, so it was PACKED!!!), she certainly wasn't at a loss for attention from all the little old ladies and grandpas. :)

Anyway, I was thrilled to get all the things I wanted. Nothing was out of stock (yet) and I picked up a few other things as well. I didn't get to Publix so I plan on going back Monday and get some more triples items while I'm down there. :) (the non-mega things)

I had miscalculated tax (I'm not feeling well, so my brain is a little fuzzy) so I went under on three of four orders and had to add random things from the checkout- gum and a magazine). The fourth order I had picked up some batteries which were on the cardboard display marked $2.00. They rang up $5.99. I went ahead and paid for the transaction and took it to CS, and had a fun convo with the guy working. He told me, oh, I don't think those are included. I said, well, if they're not, I'm not sure why they're on the display. That's the only price on the entire display. (In my head I was thinking, I certainly can't GUESS how much they are). Anyway, so he reimbursed me the difference of $3.99+tax. Technically, they're supposed to give it to you free if it rings up wrong, but he seemed to be in a bad mood and I was ready to go, so no biggie.

8 Pepperidge Farm Frozen Bread $1.49
-.60/1 Pepperidge Farm Frozen Bread SS 10/04
=triples to $1.80= $.19 = -$.31 after mega

1 I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter spray .99 ea
-.75/1 I Can’t Believe Spray ip
=Free, plus mega

10 Land O Lakes Spreads $.99 ea
-.40/1 Land O Lakes Spread SS 10/18
=triples to $1.20= $.39 = -$.11 after mega

4- Heinz Ketchup 36 oz $1.49 ea
-.75/1 Heinz Tomato Ketchup, SS 10/4 (not in Tennessean- found in AJC)
=Free, plus mega

8 Frank’s Red Hot Sauce 12 oz Hot or Wing Sauce $1.49 ea
-.50/1 Frank’s Red Hot Sauce 10/11
=Free after mega

1- Wishbone Salad Dressing $1.49
-.75/1 Wishbone Dressings ip
=Free, plus mega

4 Pepperidge Farm Cookies 5.5-7.5 oz $1.99 ea
-.75/1 Pepperidge Farm Cookies SS 9/27 (not in Tennessean- found in AJC)
=triples to $2.25= $.24 = -$.26 after mega

8 Keebler Fudge Shoppe Cookies $.99 ea
-$.55/1 Keebler Cookies ip (no longer available)
=Free, plus mega

3- Cheez-It Crackers 7.5-10.5 oz $.99 ea
-.75/1 Cheez-Its ip
=Free, plus mega

8 Reynolds Parchment Paper $2.19
-.75/1 Parchment Paper SS 10/11
= $.44, -$.06 after mega

3 Right Guard $1.00
-.55/1 Right Guard peelie
=Free, plus mega

6 Birds Eye Steamfresh $1.49
-.50/1 Birds Eye Steamfresh Lightly Sauced
=Free after mega

2 Birds Eye Steamfresh Meals $5.99
-Free wyb 3 veggies mq 11/1 SS

6- Nestle Toll House Morsels 12oz., $2 ea
-.50/1 Nestle Morsels RP 11/01
=$.50/ea after mega

1 Gerber Yogurt Melts $2.99
-$.55 peelie

8 Starkist Tuna salad pouches $1.99 (regular price)
-$.75/1 mq

1 4pk C batteries $2.00
-$.75/1 mq (tearpad)

1 Goldfish Crackers $2.00
-no q's

1 Kroger water $.39
-no q's

1 People Magazine $3.99
1 Gum $.99
1 Gum $1.19

Total oop (incl. refund for batteries): $.43
Total savings: $241.59 (99.8%)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Kroger triples

Don't forget your $.50/1 beef coupon for triples!

See my post here for info on getting this coupon.

I'm planning on heading down to Nashville tomorrow, so I'll post my deals when I get home. :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Moneymakers at Wags

Well. I looked at the ad for this week and didn't see a thing I wanted. It's nice to be wrong sometimes. I went in to my favorite Wags today to look for the Almay and my favorite cashier told me about a Lubriderm deal going on for the entire MONTH!! I don't know about you guys, but Lubriderm is one of the best lotions that we can use in my house because we all have sensitive skin. This is one of the best deals I've seen in ages!

First, go to your pharmacy and ask for the "new diabetes booklet". If they hand you one with a pear on the front, that's not it. It's more recent than that and is yellow/green and has a small booklet stapled outside the large magazine. The small booklet says $60 in savings. All Wags q's!

Buy 3 Lubriderm lotions @ $3.79/ea

Use 3 $2/1 mq from 10/11 RP or printable HERE
Use $1/1 Wagsq from the new Diabetes booklet found at pharmacy (will automatically multiply by three)

Total oop: $2.37+tax
Earn $8rr
Profit: $5ish

Then, I stumbled across this deal. It will be YMMV, since you're using two Wags q's from different places, but I tried it today and the register will take them, but your cashier may not. As if we need more Theraflu! ;) Always hand your manufacturer's coupons FIRST!

2 Theraflu Sugar-Free 6-packs $5.00 (weekly sale)

$3/2 mq from 10/25 SS
$2/1 Wagsq from Healthy Savings booklet =$4
$2/1 Wagsq from diabetes booklet (specifically for Sugar-free) =$4

Total oop: Profit $1.00, so get something to eat the overage.
Earn $3rr
**Profit: $4

I am LOVING Walgreens lately!!

Publix: Week of 11/4

Looks like a better week at Publix! Here are some of the hot deals I see...

Chatham Village Croutons, Assorted Varieties, 5-oz bag, BOGO $1.49

Nestle Toll House Morsels, Semi-Sweet Chocolate: Real, Mini-Real or Chunks; or Butterscotch Flavored, Milk Chocolate, or Premier White, 11 to 12-oz bag, BOGO $2.50
-$.50/1 11-01-09 RP
=$.25/ea {Note, these will be free with Kroger triples, for those in the Nashville area}

Kellogg's Special K Cereal, Assorted Varieties, 11.4 to 14-oz box, or Raisin Bran, 20-oz box, BOGO $3.99
-$1/1 Blueberry Special K printable HERE
-$1/1 Target IP

Betty Crocker Potatoes, Assorted Varieties, 4.6 to 6.6-oz box, BOGO $1.59
-$.40/1 Printable HERE
-$.40/1 from 09-13-09 GM (exp 11/7)

Hunt's Tomatoes, Assorted Varieties, 14.5-oz can, BOGO $1.39
-$.50/2 Printable HERE

Nabisco Honey Maid Grahams, Assorted Varieties, 14.1 or 14.4-oz box, BOGO $3.99
-$1/2 Keep the Jingle in your Holidays Booklet
-$1/1 Peelie
-$1/2 Traditional Family Recipes with a Twist
-$1/1 Target IP Printable
=Free - $1/ea (depending on coupon used)

Kashi All Natural Entrees, Assorted Varieties, 10-oz box, BOGO $3.49
-$1/1 Peelie

Nestle Coffee-mate Non-Dairy Creamer, Chilled: Original, Low Fat or Fat Free, 32-oz bot (Excluding Flavors),BOGO $2.19
-$1/1 Printable

Lender's Bagels, Assorted Varieties, Pre-sliced, 6-ct bag, BOGO $1.79
**Can be used for The Real Meal Deal MIR (Mail-in-Rebate) HERE

Aunt Jemima Pancakes or French Toast, Assorted Varieties, 12.5 to 14.8-oz box, BOGO $2.69
**Can be used for The Real Meal Deal MIR (Mail-in-Rebate) HERE
-$1/2 printable HERE
-$1/1; $1/2 from 10-04-09 SS
=$.35/ea with $1/1 coupon

Muir Glen Pasta Sauce, Fat Free: Tomato Basil, Italian Herb, Garlic or Cabernet Marinara, 25.5-oz jar, BOGO $3.59
-$1/1 printable HERE
*Incredible price for Organic!

Earth's Best Organic Baby Food, Assorted Varieties, 4-oz jar, BOGO .99¢
-$1/10 various, blinkies, printable, magazines

Other Deals:
Egg Beaters: Original, Egg Whites, Garden Vegetable, Southwestern or Cheese & Chives, 15 or 16-oz carton, 3/$5
-$1/1 printable HERE

Purely Decadent Frozen Dessert, Assorted Varieties, Non-Dairy, 1-pt tub, 50% off
-$1/1 printable HERE
=(price unknown, but I think these are originally in the $3.49/ea range)

Kashi Cereal or Granola 10.4 to 17.5-oz box, Instant Oatmeal, 11.28 or 12.1-oz box, or Granola Bars, 6.7 to 8.4-oz box, 2/$5
-$3/1 Vocalpoint home mailer
=-$.50/ea (Overage on Kashi!)

Tylenol Pain Remedies, Assorted Varieties, 40 or 50-ct box, $3.99
-$1/1 Tylenol Extra Strength Product, Any Excluding Trial Size – 09-13-09 RP
-$1/1 Tylenol Printable HERE
-$2/1 Tylenol 8HR 09-20-09 RP
-$3/1 on Any Adult Tylenol 40ct + – Publix Green Advantage Buy Flyer
=Free, or if 8hr is included, $1 overage using mq and Pxq!

Overage at Walgreens

There are not a lot of good deals this week at Wags, but here's a moneymaker that is still working in most stores as of today.

If you're in need of something like diapers or toilet paper, this will give you overage to apply right there. And you don't need any coupons other than what is in every store!

Almay make-up is advertised as Buy One Get One 50%, but many products are actually ringing up bogo.
If you buy two Almay One Coat Mascara (4oz size) at $6.99/ea
These ring up $6.99 and $0.00
Have the cashier scan the $4/1 Wags coupon from the November booklet found in store. This will multiply times however many you purchase, in this case, two, taking off $8.
Result -$1.01.
If you buy ten, that's $5 in overage you can put toward a necessity. The grat part is that the Wags coupons don't "count" so this can also be a filler for rolling your rr's.

Deals like this usually are "corrected" by Walgreens system before the week is out, so if you want to do this, I suggest going as soon as possible. I'm headed out now myself to get some.

If you want to test it before you buy, ask the cashier if they can ring up two and subtotal to see what the second one rings up as. (They can't price check it b/c that will show $6.99 for the one, they have to ring up two). Then you'll know for sure before you do the whole transaction.

Good Luck!