Friday, December 18, 2009

WALGREENS- oh how I love you

One of these days I will be able to get my son back in his soft fluffy cloth diapers. But for now, we are battling some issues that require disposables. I hate disposables, for every reason imaginable, bad for his health, bad for the environment and they STINK! (yes, I know, no diapers smell like lilacs and roses, but the chemicals in the disposables really REEK. UGH!)

But for now...I needed a good deal on diapers. Enter Walgreens, stage right. Last week I "bought" a whole slew of Triaminic for free. Then for each transaction, I earned a $5 holiday coupon. I used those, and the 15% friends/family coupon to get free Huggies this week. Well, better than free since I earned a $2rr for each transaction.

I love my Walgreens. I mean, really love it. The store is phenomenal, the Manager and his staff are all super friendly and very helpful. I had warned him ahead of time I would be buying a bunch of diapers, so he went ahead and ordered some for me. They had them stashed in the back and when I came in, he brought them out and I did all my separate transactions, with a few other things thrown in to get a few more $5 holiday coupons for a few more packs.

I will submit for the Olay MIR HERE for (I hope) about $20 back, making this a moneymaker day!

Here's what I got:
15 packs Huggies Little Movers
10 Hot hands Handwarmers
16 Mars candy
14 votive candles
1 Gingerbread Kit
1 Complete contact solution
1 Gilette Fusion
2 Olay lotion
2 Olay Bodywash
2 Yes to Carrots Lip Balm
1 Starbucks doubleshot
1 Water
1 box Nilla Wafers
1 box Club crackers

Total owed: $18.44
but then I remembered I had a few gift cards from swiffer rebates from way back with money still on them, so I used those- -$8.75
Total oop: $9.69

Will receive $19.98 rebate for Olay Quench
Will receive $.75 per pack for Huggies from Caregivers Marketplace
Total back: $31.23

Total profit: $21.54

For those wondering about transaction details, see my comments below. I needed another couple of $5 holiday coupons to get my last two Huggies I ordered so I did this:

Transaction 1
Oil of Olay Quench $9.99 -15% = $8.49
Oil of Olay Quench $9.99 - 15% = $8.49
Oil of Olay Bodywash $4.79 -15% = $4.07
Oil of Olay Bodywash $4.79 -15% = $4.07
Water $.99 -15% = $.84
Nabisco crackers $1.99 -15% = $1.69
Mt Dew $1.49 -15% = $1.27

15% F&F coupon
$free Quench wyb Olay Bodywash
$free Quench wyb Olay Bodywash
-$8rr earned from Complete contact solution

=Total oop: $3.63
~earned $5 holiday coupon and will submit for Olay rebate

Transaction 2
Complete Contact Solution $7.99 -15% = $6.79
Gilette Fusion Razor $8.99 -15% = $7.64
Yes to Carrots Lip Balm $.99 -15% = $.84
Starbucks doubleshot $1.99 -15% = $1.69
14 Votive Candles $.09/ea
Nabisco crackers $1.99 -15% = $1.69
Gingerbread Kit $9.99 -15% = $8.49

$4 Fusion mq
$1 Complete mq
12) $2rr from huggies

Total oop: $2.69
~earned $5 holiday coupon, $4rr Fusion, $8rr Complete

After this transaction, I turned around and bought another Huggies with the $5 holiday coupon. These expired tomorrow, so I had to go ahead and use them up!


  1. You Go Brandy!!! That is so amazing. As someone who lives near a lousy Walgreens, I am so glad to hear there are good ones out there. I know a lot of work went into getting this together. You are a great working SAHM.

  2. I'm new to couponing. Can you explain the prices and which coupons you used to pay so little?

  3. Deena, Thanks! :)

    Veronica, Welcome! I won't detail all the transactions because there were 17 of them and it would take forever, you can check the past few Walgreens posts I've put on my blog for the scenarios, but here is an example of one of my transactions:

    I used the 15% Friends/Family coupon from facebook (no longer valid)
    Huggies $8.99 -15% = $7.64
    Hot Hands Hand Warmers $.99 = $.84

    15% coupon
    -$2/1 Huggies printable
    -$1/1 Huggies Walgreens coupon from Activiy Book (YMMV on this as the coupon states "off regular retail. I cleared it with the store manager first) - this self adjusted due to the discount to $.85
    -$5 holiday coupon earned during last week's promotion

    Total due: $.88

    Earned $2rr for Huggies

    Repeat a bunch of times.
    I also did some where I bought 4 Mars products, using the bogo coupon from the paper a few weeks ago and the in-ad coupon (making them $.39/ea) My total on those transactions was $.61.


  4. Can you please help a newbie get started with saving like you do? What are the first steps? HELP! I need to save money and would love to be a coupon queen like you!!

  5. Renee' - Hi! Welcome!! You may want to look back thruogh my archive posts...I have some titled "Getting Started" that might help you out. My first bit of advice is to start collecting any coupons you see. Blinkies, tearpads, peelies (a few here and there), booklets, buy a few papers, hit up the recycle bin, etc. That will get you going. It takes a little while to get to this point since a lot of the q's I use are from all over the place. :) post any questions you have as they come up!