Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Great deal on gift cards!

If you're in the market for gift cards and you don't like to buy them with overage at Publix, (which is my first inclination), then Kroger has the deal for you!

Through December 13, when you buy $100 in participating gift cards (Sears, iTunes, Pottery Barn, Best Buy, Bath and Body Works, Applebees, SpaFinder and Bass Pro Shops), you save $10 off your purchase. So you're paying $90 for $100 of gift cards, a 10% savings. If you want to stretch your money further, or you don't like giving gift cards (too impersonal?) , get a gift card for or yourself and then use your coupons and deals to purchase things using the gift card. (Like at Best Buy for example) Then you've saved 10% off the gift card and whatever savings you get at the store is on top of that.

Go HERE for more info.

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