Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Walgreens 4-day sale- begins Wednesday!

The best deals this week start tomorrow, so I would wait to do my shopping then. The BEST item of note is that when you spend $25 (before coupons), you will get a special $5rr. (holiday rewards, or something).

Note: if these work like last year, you can't use it on a transaction and get another one printed. We'll see after tomorrow.

Get some free detergent and a few free toys!

Triaminic and Theraflu are both manufactured by Novartis, so that is the name that will be on those rr's. (to help you distinguish these rr's from the others!)

Here are the best deals:

$4 off all $9.99 Toys in ad coupon

Stayfree Feminine Care Maxi 16-24 pk, or Ultra Thins 16pk $1.99: earn $2 RR
-$1/1 printable HERE
=Free ($1mm with coupon)

Stim-U-Dent, 100 pack at $2: earn $2 RR

Renu Multi-Purpose Solution Twin Pack $9.99: earn $10 RR
-$2 off Renu Solution printable HERE
=Free ($2mm with coupon)

Select Conair Brushes or Scunci Hair Accessories $2: earn $2 RR

Just For Men Touch of Gray Hair Color $6.99: earn $7 RR
-$2 Touch of Gray printable HERE
=Free ($2mm after coupon)
~ Also, send in Free Touch of Gray after Mail in Rebate

Neutrogena Men’s Skin Care $4.99: earn $4.99 RR
-$2 off any Neutrogena product December All You Magazine
=Free ($2mm after coupon)

Buy $10 of Nabisco Crackers at $2 ea and earn $3rr
Includes Wheat Thins, 10 oz., Ritz 16 oz., Triscuit, 9.5 oz.
-$1 off Nabisco crackers SS 11/08
-$1/2 Wheat Thins walgreens coupon in Diabetes and You booklet (has picture of 100 calorie packs)
=$3 oop (when you buy 5 Wheat Thins, use 5 mq's and the Wagsq) ~ Free after rr

All and Snuggle 2/$7
-$2/1 mq 12/6 RP
= $1.50 for one (Good deal on detergent!)

Buy (2) Theraflu at $5 ea and earn $3rr
Vapor Patch6 pk, Liquid, 8.3 oz.
-$3/2 off Theraflu Product, SS 10/18
-$2 off Theraflu Wagsq in Healthy Savings booklet
-$2 off Theraflu Sugar-Free in Diabetes and You December booklet
=Free-mm depending on q's used

~~If you have a good Walgreens do this:
2 Theraflu Sugar Free $5/ea
-$3/2 mq
-$2/1 Wagsq (Healthy Savings) = $4
-$2/1 Wagsq (Diabetes and You) = $4 <-- the register will allow both Wagsq's b/c they are different codes, the cashier may not.
=$1 overage.
Buy something else worth $1 to cover the overage.

Buy (2) Triaminic at $5 ea and earn $5rr
Thin Strips 14 pk., Liquid, 4oz., Decongestant Spray, .67 oz. -$3 off Triaminic Thin Strips SS 12/6
-$2 off any Triaminic product SS 12/6
-$3/2 Triaminic Product, SS 10/18
-$2 off Triaminic Healthy Savings Book (store coupon)
= Free ($5 mm after rr)

~~Do this Buy 2 Triaminic Thin Strips $5/ea
-$3 mq x2 -$2 Wagsq = $4
=$0 oop, earn $5 rr

In order to take full advantage of the $5 back wyb $25, here are some scenarios, they'll have some oop if you don't have any rr's to start with. If you do, use those to reduce your oop (add fillers as needed). If you need help with a particular scenario, let me know and I'll do what I can.

Transaction 1

Triaminic Thin Strips $5
Triaminic Thin Strips $5
Stayfree pads $1.99
Just for Men Touch of Grey $6.99
Conair Hairbrush $1.99
Neutrogena Men's Skin Care $4.99
Total: $25.96

2x $3/1 Triaminic mq
$2/1 Triaminic Wagsq= $4
$1/1 Stayfree ip
$2/1 Just for Men ip
$2/1 Neutrogena mq

Total oop: $10.96
earn: $5 Triaminic rr, $2 Stayfree rr, $7 Just For Men rr, $5 Neutrogena rr, $5 holiday rr

Profit $13

Then you can get some detergent and toys for free do another transaction over $25 to get another $5 free!:

All detergent $3.50
All detergent $3.50
$9.99 toy ($5.99 after coupon) - $9.99
Triaminic Thin Strips $5
Triaminic Thin Strips $5
Stim-U-Dent $2
3x tags/bows/tissue $.39 with in-ad coupon

$2/1 All mq 12/6 RP
$2/1 All mq 12/6 RP
Wags $4 in-adq for toy
2x $3/1 Triaminic mq
$2/1 Triaminic Wagsq= $4
$7rr (Just for Men)
$2rr (Stayfree)
$5rr (Neutrogena)
(Don't forget- Do NOT use an rr from an item that is in this trans or you won't get the new rr. For this trans, don''t use the $5 Triaminic rr or the $5 holiday rr)

Total oop: $.16 + tax

earn: $5 Triaminic rr, $2 Stim-U-Dent rr, $5 holiday rr

If you have the q's for it- here's a transaction for the Nabisco and Triaminic
Wheat Thins $2
Wheat Thins $2
Wheat Thins $2
Wheat Thins $2
Wheat Thins $2
Neutrogena Men's $4.99
Triaminic Thin Strips $5
Triaminic Thin Strips $5
Christmas Gift bag $.13

2x $3/1 Triaminic mq
$2/1 Triaminic Wagsq= $4
$2/1 Neutrogena mq
5x$1/1 Nabisco cracker mq
$1/2 Wags Wheat Thins q = $2 (from Diabetes and You booklet)

Total oop: $6.12 (use rr's to reduce oop- don't forget, don't use the Triaminic or $5 holiday rr so you get those on this transaction)

Earn: $3rr (Nabisco), $5rr (Triaminic), $5rr (Neutrogena), $5rr (Holiday savings)


  1. What insert date was the all $2/1 coupon in?

  2. Sorry- it's the 12/6 RP- I added it to the post. :)