Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Walgreens deals 12/9

I went to Walgreens today to get some super deals. I am waiting on some coupons in the mail to get the rest of the Triaminic (free) but until then, here's what I got today:

I did multiple transactions and as close to over $25 before coupon as possible to get my free $5 store coupons. I messed up a little b/c I didn't go in with a plan (wasn't sure if the store would have certain things restocked that I had rainchecks on...etc) so it was all math while meandering and keeping my children happy.

The system was all kinds of screwed up today. Half the sale items, both weekly and 4-day were ringing up incorrectly and had to be price-modified. All rr's printed out though.

I used one of the $5 holiday rewards for the kids' pics and they were $4 and I got 4 cups for $1. I was thrilled to find out that the store coupons are NOT TAXED- items are taxed after store coupon, not before like with mq's. So I didn't owe anything. In a state where the tax is nearly 10%- that was really nice. ;)

I started out with $60rr's

All combined:
5 photos (kids had their pic taken with santa at Wags on Saturday and had to pick those up)
3 Neutrogena Men's skin care
4 Renu lens solution twin-packs
2 Scunci accessories
3 Conair brushes 2-packs
8 Triaminic Thin Strips
2 All detergent
1 StimuDent
3 Touch of Gray for Men
2 Stayfree maxi
6 Character Band-Aids (raincheck)
3 $5.99 toys (on sale from 9.99)
1 Mt Dew
1 Dasani
1 box Cheezits
3 gift bags
8 plastic cups
3 pencils
Total tax: $16.41
Total oop: $20.88
Total Saved: $225.99
~Total rr's left: $99
~Total profit: $39


  1. I'm confused with my manufacturers on my $2 RRs.

    I bought 2 Conair, and 2 Scunci...I have 4 Conair RRs. But last week when I bought Scunci, it said Goody/Rbbrmd.

    Then I have 4 Emerson Group. Which I assume is the Stim-U-Dent, but when I went and looked on the package, it says it's a J&J product.

    I have 2 McNeil, which I assumed was the Stayfree, but gave mine away, so can't check the package.

    Also, the Stim-U-Dent, that is a J&J product also says McNeil on the package.

    I was spending old and new RRs so I can't really go by the count of how many I have to know which ones are what.

  2. LOL! I know! it's great for rolling, but can get confusing.

    McNeil is Stayfree
    Emerson Group is StimUDent
    Scunci hair accessories and Conair are Conair

    You're right on all counts.

    I stood there and rolled 6 each of the stimudent (for gift bags) and hair items (also for gift bags), paying $.19 each time for tax. it was great! The hair things were ringing $2 instead of $1.99 so I didn't need fillers.