Thursday, December 10, 2009

Great deal on Huggies at Wags next week

I'm telling you this early for a reason. :) If you are in need of diapers, be prepared- there is a super deal next week. If you get your free Triaminic this week, and buy $25 (before coupon) to get the $5 Holiday coupon, you can get a super-duper deal.

So, this week, do something like this
Triaminic Thin Strips 5.00
Triaminic Thin Strips 5.00
Renu $9.99
Neutrogena for Men $4.99
Gift bag $.13
Total: $25.11

Triaminic $3/1 12/6 SS
Triaminic $3/1 12/6 SS
Triaminic $2/1 Healthy Savings (will take off $4)
$2/1 Renu printable
$2/1 Neutrogena from December All You
In-ad q for gift bag

Total oop: $11.11 + tax
(use any rr's you have to reduce value, add fillers as needed)

earn $10rr for Renu, $5rr for Triaminic, $5rr for Neutrogena, $5 holiday savings coupon

Then, next week,
Huggies $8.99
votive candle $.17
Total: $9.16

$2/1 Huggies ip (or $1.50/1 Huggies or $3/1 Huggies Home mailer)
$1/1 Huggies Wagsq (Children's Activity Booklet)
$5 holiday savings coupon or rr from Triaminic or Neutrogena
Toal: -$8

=$1.16 + tax

If you do the above transaction, you can do this deal three times, using all three $5rr's earned this week, paying $3.48+ tax for three packs of Huggies!

Or, if you want less oop, just buy the triaminic and pay only tax, then use the $5rr from it for the Huggies next week.

Couponing is all about planning ahead and not just buying what you see now.

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