Monday, December 28, 2009

Huge Moneymaker at Rite Aid

This will be a big YMMV situation (Your Mileage May vary). Depending on whether your Rite Aid will take more than one VV coupon per transaction, and if they will take a coupon on a "free" item. The registers will allow both...but the cashiers may not. :)

Benevia 4-packs are bogo this week. So....

Benevia $8.99
Benevia $0.00 (rings free)
SoyJoy $.60 x5= $3.00
$8.01 in something you need.
Total: $20.00

$5/20 VV coupon
2) Benevia $5/1 ip
2) Benevia $2/1 VV coupons
(if you have them...Soyjoy VV coupons)
Total: -$17.00

Total oop: $3.00

Total SCR's earned: $3.00

Adjust this scenario as needed to include items you need/have coupons for, bringing your total to $20 and making sure your overage is covered by other items.

Also, keep an eye out for clearanced holiday baking goods. I found Nestle Tollhouse morsels 50% off today. With a $1/1 coupon, that made these $.49/ea

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