Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Publix 6/30 pics!

Here's some pics of the shop today. Kel- just for you!! :)
not pictured: 2 each of mustard, detergent, Glad bags & juice and one Crystal Light- gave those to my grandparents.

Publix: 6/30/09

Final day of June, and coupons expiring! Which means a trip to Publix was required. Darn it. ;)

Unfortunately none of my favorite cashiers were working, so I got in a line with a new cashier. I mean, shiny new. As in- didn't know how to enter a competitor's q new. He was fine except he wasn't very careful and some of my q's must have stuck together b/c all of them didn't come off the final total. I didn't feel like dealing with it because my 7 month old was screaming his head off, so I will hang onto the receipts and take them with me next trip- if the good manager is there, I'll ask her if they can adjust it- it should be an additional $5 in my favor. Still good deals though!

10 Clorox Green Works dishwashing detergent ($1/1 flip, $2/1 mq= Free+)
14 French's Mustard ($.50/1 mq= free+)
3 sliced Sargento cheese ($1/1 mq and $.50/1 mq)
4 Glad snack bags ($1/1 mq, $1/1 flip= free+)
1 Knox gelatin ($4/1 mq= free+)
4 Crystal Light canisters ($2/1 mq= free)
3 Crystal Light Skin Essentials (Free wyb CL q= Free)
4 Tostitos Family size Tortilla chips ($.55/1 wyb salsa)
2 Tostitos salsa (free wyb 2 chips q)
8 Reach floss (4-$2/1 mq, 4-$1/1 mq & 8-$1/1 Pxq= free+)
1 Iams dog food ($2/1 mq)
3 cans black beans (no q's)
4 dozen eggs (free wyb 2 Kellogg's= Free)
8 Kellogg's cereal ($1/1 Food Lion q, $.75/1 mq)
6 Apple and Eve juice ($1/1 Pxq, $.50/1 mq= free+)
2 mini seedless watermelons (no q's- should have had a $2/5 flip, but it got missed)
1 bag dried black beans (no q's)
Total oop: $11.79 (if I get my $5 back, it will be oop: $6.79)
Total savings: $203.90 (plus my $5= $208.90) or 97%

oh, I also went to Wal-Mart to get two All-You magaines and 3 packs of Kotex (free)
3 Kotex pads
2 All You Magazine
Total oop: $4.36

Our Atlanta trip

Doug had a family reunion in Georgia yesterday so we were down that way. I hinted that I'd like to stop by a few Publix stores to hunt for the elusive pet coupon book and the triathalon one. Plus...keep an eye out for any other good q's.

Boy. Am I glad I did! At the first Publix, the one near our friend's house, pet book was spotted...and snagged. :) They also had $3 off Publix pork wyb Kingsford Charcoal q's taped to the bags of charcoal. These look as though they were clipped from a flyer- so that was odd, but I snagged a few of those too. Also picked up a bunch of blinkies I had not previously seen.

Then the next day, we went to a different Publix to get a Sunday paper and some more yogurt. (free of course). I cruised the store and found more Kellogg's coupon peelies for $.75/1 (woohoo!! We don't get kellogg coupons in this area!) and also...the elusive "free eggs wyb 2 Kellogg's cereals". YAY! Stacked with my Kellogg q and the Food Lion Kellogg q I have- both expiring tomorrow, I will get two boxes of cereal and a dozen eggs for $.24

THEN hit up another Publix this morning on our way home and hit the tearpad motherload! AND!! I found a bunch of the Corona summer books with the Haas Avocado q's! Holy avocado! I need those so bad!! I was doing the happy dance all the way out to the car. I also found a ton of tearpad and blinkies.

for the record- I did not take all of any of the tearpad or peelies. I hate it when people do that.

Finally, a trip to Super Target to get some cheap corn! We don't have a Super Target anywhere near us and when I saw the ad, I had to stop in the one we passed.
20 ears of corn
Total oop: $2.02
(gotta LOVE that 2% food tax!! I am SO jealous!)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Giving my friend a heart attack

We are in Georgia this weekend for Doug's family reunion and so of course I had to go to Publix. Luckily, she needed some groceries, so it wasn't too much to ask to go to one. LOL. I was basically looking for flyers, since I didn't bring any q's with me. . . and as I walked in- a huge display of the summertime savinss books- so I grabbed some more. Then we rounded the corner, and there was a display of the pet spiral-bound books. I gasped. Actually gasped. LOL! My friend who was with me jumped and put her hand on her chest, saying, WHAT? I said, the elusive pet coupon book!


She has cats, so she was appreciative that I grabbed her some too. (she is not a couponer. Not even a shopper. she goes in, gets a few things, and is done with it).

This pet book is pretty exciting since it is all Publix coupons. I anticipate some stacking options in the future since there are some mq's out for a lot of this stuff.

I also got two packs of Danonino for Natalya for tax only, using the coupon from the summertime savings book. (and tax here is so much cheaper!)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Publix, HT and CVS 6/26/09

First, a run by CVS to see if SoyJoys were in. They were. Got a few.
3 2 liter Mt.Dew
1 Tide 100oz
2 Tylenol Arthritis
1 Thermacare neck
32 Soyjoy bars
1 water (daughter was thirsty)
Total oop: $19.99
Total savings: $62.03 (I probably could have done this for less oop, but I had two kids and a grandmother in the car)
Total ecb's left: $15 <-- I will probably use these on dog food with my raincheck

Then to Harris Teeter. I do NOT understand their system. So they're supposed to be doubling up to $1.98. I used 7 $1.50 coupons and 4 $1 coupons, all the $1 mq's duobled, but only 4 of the $1.50q's doubled. I just noticed. They owe me $4.50! No wonder I felt like my oop was REALLY high!! Guess I'll be going by there on the way home from GA on Monday.


My fave. Did awesome. Decided to hang onto my charcoal and morningstar rainchecks and do those deals in a few weeks to use the overage on natalya's birthday cake. :) Then they didn't have some things, and I decided not to get other things, so a lot of my trip was on-the-fly addition. I came out pretty good. I had to throw a candy bar on my second order b/c I was in the negative. oops. Saw my favorite cashier (Hi T-Leigh!) and met Kel's favorite. (We even talked about you :) She asked me if "you teach coupon classes too" lol. I needed an override for my # of q's and she came over to input it, then when we were leaving, N asked for a balloon, so she filled one for her and she was talking about Sydney and how you get great deals, etc.) I said yep, we sort of met doing this coupon thing. ;)

Oh- AND When I walked in the door I was doing a serious happy dance!! They had a brand new display of the Summertime Savings booklets, another for the Weigh In booklets and the Keith Urban Fire up the Grill display was restocked! WOOOOHOOO!!! Doug will be thrilled that I won't make him stop at every Publix we pass in GA to find these now. :D

and..the deals:
12 Hefty Fresh Extend bags
2 bunches bananas
4 mangoes
4 Sundown Vitamins
2 Iams dog food
3 ears corn
1 bag potatoes
1 bag carrots
1/4 watermelon
2 Post Trail Mix
2 Frosted Flakes
2 Apple Jacks
16 Kraft bbq sauce
4 loaves Pepperidge Farm bread
4 Glad cling wrap
1 Snickers dark bar
2 Bounty single
2 Kotex pantiliners
8 cans Pedigree dog food
4 jars Mt Olive pickles
6 Family size Lipton Tea Bags
3 Degree Ion
1 8th Cont. Soy MIlk
5 French's Mustard
5 12-packs Mt Dew
Total oop: $14.81
Total Savings: $204.36 (93%)

oh and I stopped in Wags for some Ensure for my grandfather. It's a pretty good deal, and that particular Wags has them for 7.49 instead of 7.99.
I can't put my fingers on the receipts, but I got 3 Ensures and a roll of Scotch tape, a two-pack of erasers and a keychain sharpie marker for about $10. (with $3rr's back) Pretty decent for the Ensure, which my grandmother normally pays full retail for at $8 apiece.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Walgreens and Rite Aid

Went to Walgreens and Rite Aid today...twice each. LOL.

Trip one to Walgreens
10 boxes Oreo/Nilla Cakesters
4 Aquafresh
9 John Freida Shampoo/Conditioner
13 photos (individually packaged @ $.19/ea)
5 trial size Baby Powder
Total oop: $20.63
Total savings: $105.57 (80%)

Trip one to Rite Aid
(I just realized the Toothpaste rang up $3.79 instead of $2.69 so I need to go back and have that corrected) No, we don't need a wart remover, but it was free after rebate, and I wanted to get over $25 so I could use a $5/$25 coupon.
1 Skin Clinic Wart Remover
1 Crest Toothpaste
1 Renuzit Odor Neutralizer
1 Ace bandage
1 Suave deodorant
Total oop: $23.09 (should have been approx. 21.89 if toothpaste had rang up correctly)
Total savings: $6.75
Rebates to get back: $22.17
Total oop after rebates (and refund on toothpaste): -$.28

Trip two to Walgreens
2 20oz Mountain Dew
2 travel bag Doritos
3 John Freida Shampoo/Conditioner
1 trial size Baby Powder
Total oop: $4.19
Total savings: $25.34 (83%)

Trip two to Rite Aid
(this was a necessity trip, I needed some wet dog food to mix the dog's medicine in and when I was at Rite Aid earlier, I saw some Chef Michael's that were bogo with a coupon on them for a free can. Instead of buying one can for $1.29 at Wags, I will get three for the same price.)
2 2-packs Chef Michael's canned food
3 Starbucks bottled frapucchinos
Total oop: $4.46
Total savings: $3.00 (so not great, but I needed the dog food and I will get two more free cans with the coupons off the packages)

$7 rr's leftover for Wags. I am going to be getting some Ensure when I get the coupons I ordered, so I'll use these rr's toward that.

A fun side of couponing

The BEST part of couponing is that you save LOTS of money.

A fun side to couponing is trying products you normally would not try because they are free, insanely cheap, or you make money to buy them. :)

Here are a few things I have tried over the last few months I would not have if it weren't for couponing:

Starbucks Ice Cream
Coffee. Starbucks. Caramel. Need I say more?

Philadelphia Spinach and Artichoke Cream Cheese
Oh Man. So delicious. And so full of FAT!! (I had to make Doug take it away from me!!)

Glade Sense 'n Spray
This is a great product- I love the way you will forget it's there and suddenly as you walk by, you hear the little spritz of scent in the air and smell a burst of fragrance. I have terrible allergies and migraines- my migraines are triggered by strong smells so I can't have those strong plug-in things. These are perfect.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Publix and CVS and OMG- Caramel Macchiato ice cream....

Well today was a good trip, but mostly for the rainchecks. LOL. No charcoal, so that threw my entire deal plan off, and I spent more than I would have b/c I didn't have any moneymakers. This is the most I've spent at Publix since I started doing this!!

1 Publix Vanilla Wafers (penny item)
4 Dannon Danimals ($.50/1 mq, $1/1 Publix dairy q = free+)
4 Revlon emery board packs ($2/1 Publixq = free+)
6 Ziploc bags ($.40/1 mq + $1/1 Targetq)
6 Avocados ($1/2 mq, $2/$5 flip)
3 apples ($2/$5 flip)
2 Sara Lee hot dog buns ($.55/1 mq)
2 Starbucks Caramel Macchiato ice cream ($1.50/1 mq) YUM!!!
2 DiGiorno Crispy Flatbread pizzas ($2/1 flip, $1.50/1 mq)
1 DiGiorno Garlic Bread pizza ($2/1 flip, $1/1 mq)
2 Earth's Best jars apples (Free mq)
1 Tropicana oj ($1/1 mq, $1/1 flip)
Total oop: $21.67 *GASP!*
Total saved: $64.09 (66% saved) I think the heat had me off my game today. As I was leaving the store, I passed Wags and the readerboard said it was 109 degrees!!!

CVS was good, but again, my plan was thrown off b/c no soyjoy bars. I got a raincheck, but I couldn't get the Tide using the ecb's from soyjoy, so I may have to spend more oop to pick that up (for my Mom).

2 Twix bars
1 Dark Milky Way bar
3 Thermacare neck/arm wraps
2 Tylenol Arthritis
1 Coppertone Waterbabies 70spf
Total oop: $2.32
Total saved: $31.64 (93% savings)
I have three ecb's left for a total of $6.49 and a raincheck for 20 soyjoy bars which are free after bucks, and I'll also save $4 with 4 $1/5 q's.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Walgreens brilliance

The deal with Walgreens is that they print out Register Rewards for special offers they have both weekly and monthly. These Register Rewards are actually "Manufacturer Coupons". This means, when you shop at Walgreens and want to use Register Rewards, you have to purchase an item to apply this rr to.

Example: I am buying a Revlon Mascara, and using a $2/1 Revlon coupon. I can't also use a $2rr because it is a manufacturer coupon and so is the Revlon coupon. So I have to buy another item to apply the rr to. Usually, you're browsing the store looking for "fillers"; i.e. the cheapest thing you can find (and probably don't want or need) so that you can use your rr. Sometimes you get lucky and find $.25 ibuprofen or something, but usually you're buying some random item on clearance for $.50. This kind of sucks.

Well. A poster on Hot Coupon World had a stroke of genius. And I am totally stealing it. You can order pictures online and pick them up and pay for them at Walgreens. Each 4x6 photo costs $.21 (including tax) and if you order a bunch individually, you have $.21 fillers that you do want.


I am currently online uploading and ordering photos for my fillers for this week's deals. Sweet.

Starbucks ice cream sadness

I was so hoping for $2 off coupons in today's paper to use with the ice cream bogo at Publix! But alas, Nashville area couponers foiled again. Our papers had $1 off one instead of $2 off 1. :(
I am going to use the $1.50 q's I was able to print, which is still a great deal, but I really don't NEED ice cream since we have so much of it. So I was hoping for overage as an excuse. :) Oh well.

If you can't get the $1.50 to print (I couldn't- kept getting the $1/1 one) go here:
Starbucks $1.50/1
It's a bricks printable link.

If I can find a store that is out of some flavor, I'll get a raincheck and then buy some coupons off EBay.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Publix, Target and CVS 6/20/09

I received my $10 Swiffer gift card yesterday but I am having trouble activating it. If I could have gotten it to work, all my oop today would have been on that, so it would have been $0 oop, but no luck.

6 Axe shower gel trial size
2 Archer Farms Organic Tortilla Chips
1 Archer Farms salsa
2 Softsoap Ensembles pumps
Total oop: $6.50 with a $5 gift card leftover
Total savings: $23.05

2 Puffs Plus
2 Excedrin Migraine 24ct Express Gels
1 Tylenol Arthritis
2 Crest Pro Health
2 4lb bags Iams Dog Food
Total oop: $2.52
Total Savings: $44.36
I will also submit for a rebate for a free bag of Iams, so one additional bag of dog food with this total.
I also got a raincheck for 4 more bags of dog food because they were out.

6 Dannon Danimals 4-packs (Dannon-any product $.50/1 mq)
2 Caesar Salad Kits ($2/$5 produce flip, $.75/1 mq)
2 Revlon Emery Boards ($2/1 Pxq= Free+)
3 Degree Ion Deodorants ($1.50/1 mq, $1/1 Targetq= Free+)
4 Avocados ($2/$5 produce flip, $1/2 avocado mq)
6 Morningstar Veggie hot dogs ($2/1 mq, $2/2 Targetq= Free+)
2 Morningstar chicken nuggets ($2/1 mq, $2/2 Targetq= Free+)
3 Morningstar Crumbles ($2/1 mq, $2/2 Targetq= Free+)
11 Morningstar Grillers ($1/1 mq, $2/2 Targetq= Free)
10 Sara Lee Hamburger Buns ($.55/1 mq)
4 Sara Lee Hot Dog Buns ($.55/1 mq)
1 8th Continent Soy Milk ($1/1 mq)
2 Oikos yogurt ($1/1 Whole Foods.q, $.75/2 mq)
Total oop: $5.31
Total savings: $165.16
BUT The avacodos wrang up wrong- they were $1.79 and rang up $1.89, so I got one free and got the difference on one (she thought I only had two, but I had four, I told her not to worry about the other twenty cents. This was the manager that does NOT like giving overage, so if that put me in her good graces, then it was a twenty cents well spent) So I got $2.15 back, making my oop: $3.16 and my savings: $167.31
For a total savings percent of 98%
Although, I did buy my Morningstar coupons off EBay for $2.50, so I should add that into my total, making my total $5.66. Still pretty darn good!!

Total spending for the day: $12.18, with a $5 Target gift card earned.

And I'm headed to Walgreens here shortly.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer requires... Sunscreen.

Let's face it- summer rolls around and we look to stock up on sunscreen. And of course, who wants to buy it full price? Not me. There are some ongoing printables and sales all over the place so please. Don't buy it for shelf price. Get a good deal. Make me happy. :)

Aveeno $2/1 any product

Coppertone $3/1 (this one's a pdf so you can print as many as you want)

$2/1 Banana Boat - Banana Boat has new spf 80 and SPF 85 products out!! We need this- my porcelain-skinned babies.

There have also been lots of insert q's lately, so either way- you're covered.

Some good printables

A couple of good printable coupons

$1/5 SoyJoy bars- to go great with the CVS ad next week.

$1/1 Tropicana

$1/1 Skintimate

$1/1 Edge

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hidden moneymaker at CVS

Style Science Lens Cleaning Clothes (near sunglasses) are .99 cents ea and are a hidden deal in the Sunglasses ECB deal this week.

Buy (2) and it prints a $10 ECB!

Total, you make $8.02 ECB!

This has been confirmed by quite a few people so Good Luck hunting!!

(I was never able to find the sunscreen moneymaker, so I'm hoping for this one!!)

Target, Rite Aid and Kroger

Made a run to Target and Kroger and then to Rite Aid to get my $.99 back for the deo that was more expensive at the second place I went. Weird.
Target was frustrating. Depending on the cashier and manager and placement of the sun and moon in orbit, depends on what you can use coupons on. Today I wasn't able to use my $1/1 Axe any item coupons on the trial size items b/c they are $.97. ugh. I also could have potentially saved another $2 if I had another Softsoap mq, but I was only able to print one. The chips/salsa deal is, buy two bags Archer Farms chips and get one 16oz Archer Farms salsa free. My Target doesn't even carry the 16oz size of Archer Farms salsa (only 28oz size) so they allowed me to substitute Tostitos salsa in place of the Archer Farms. Awesome.

Rite Aid
refund of $.99 for difference in cost of Sure for Men at the second Rite Aid (I will also get reimbursed $2.99 for each by Sure for their "Try Sure Free" program, as well as getting 2.99 back from Rite Aid for each one.)

2 Softsoap Ensembles pumps
4 bags Organic tortilla chips
2 Tostitos salsa
2 Kraft Miracle Whip easy-out
1 box "doggie cookies" (the downside of taking the kids with you)
1 Old Spice deo
Total oop: $2.50 (and I have $2 left on a gift card)
Total savings: $28.21 or 91% (I think= target's receipts are so confusing)

6 Huggies softpack wipes
1 Softsoap pump
1 pineapple
Total oop: $2.71
Total savings: $16.44 (85%)
(except I just realized I think the cashier gave me an extra $.20 in change back - oops)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

HT Super doubles

Word around the coupon block is that HT will be doing super-doubles instead of triples at the end of June- doubling any coupon up to $1.98, meaning a $1.50q becomes $3.

Wonder if Kroger will be matching this deal?

I may have to do some calling around...

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Food Lion 6/16

I had to run to Food Lion today for cheap Kraft cheese. They are having a "buy more" deal. 4 packs of cheese for $6. And I had $1/1 printables from a bit ago. So... four bags of shredded Kraft cheese for $2.

Except, when I got home, I looked at my receipt and realized the cashier entered one of my q's wrong. (My printer stinks, so it doesn't print very well and sometimes the barcodes don't scan). She entered it as $1.50 instead of $1. So I paid $1.98 for four bags.

I also got a catalina for $3 off your next purchase of $30. Now. I never spend $30 at Food Lion, so I stuck it in my Food Lion coupon envelope. Then as I was driving home, it occurred to me. I CAN USE THAT AT PUBLIX!!!

I love Publix. and Food Lion. :)


Welcome to my new blog! I'm moving my "deals" to this blog so it is easier for me (and everyone else) to keep up with.