Sunday, December 13, 2009

More freebies at Target

Besides the free Rayovac, there are several items you want to keep your eyes peeled for. My store is a small store and did not have half of these things, so I am going to hit up the bigger store in Nashville tomorrow while I am at Publix.

Steaz tea, two cans FREE
Buy 2, Use one Target coupon HERE and one BOGO mq HERE for two free. (hand over the mq first, then Target q)

Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate, $.97/ea -$1/1 coupon= FREE
Use $1/1 Target coupon HERE - it will self-adjust to $.97, making this free.
If you buy two and also use the $.50/2 11/15ss coupon, you'll add $.50 overage

Kodak Disposable Camera (price varies) $5/1 Target coupon= FREE (or overage)
This $5/1 target coupon HERE is probably meant for digital cameras, since that is what is pictured. However, it does not STATE digital cameras. Look for the disposable cameras priced under $5 and use this on the camera. Be prepared though, if it beeps, and the cashier puches it through, you may need something to eat the overage.
If your cashier gives you a hard time about the wording, I recommend printing and taking the $1/1 Ghiradelli coupon. It is for "Ghiradelli baking products or candy", but it only has a picture of the candy. It is very obviously for both items. For those cashiers/managers that like to claim it's only for the item pictured, use this coupon as your example. :)

Don't forget to look for your Glade while in there too. You never know- maybe they've restocked. LOL.

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