Saturday, December 5, 2009

One more trip to Wags for the week and Happy early Birthday to me. :)

Since money has been tight, birthday gifts for the adults are skim to none. I told hub I wanted the new Adam Lambert cd for my birthday and he was going to go to Best Buy today and get it (my birthday is Monday). Well we had planned to take the kids to Wags today to have their picture made with Santa. While we were there I spotted a new display box on the register counter with the new Adam Lambert, Chris Allen, Carrie Underwood and Susan Boyle cd's. SWEET! So instead of him spending $13 on the cd, I got it with overage and rr's. :) Have I mentioned that I love Walgreens?

1 Comtrex
-$2/1 mq + $2/1 Wagsq + $3/1 Wagsq
6 Band-Aids
-$3/2 J&J blinkie
1 Plastic cup
1 Adam Lambert cd
= $.27 oop
~earn $1 rr

I could have done these in separate transactions nd gotten another $1 rr for each two band-aids, but I chose to lose out on $2 in rr's to be able to get the $9 of overage all in one transaction to buy the cd.
In case you're wondering, the Comtrex is not on sale, it's regular price at $5.99, but I have $2/1 mq's, and there is a $3/1 Wagsq in the monthly ivc book and a $2/1 in the Healthy Savings booklet. My Wags lets me use both of these on one item - the register will allow it so they don't care. That gives $1.01 overage for one.

oh and the cd? Awesome. lloooooovvvvin it. Very 70's ABBA, David Bowie, if you like that sort of thing.


  1. Happy early birthday! I'm glad you got your Adam Lambert CD!

  2. Happy Birthday Brandy! You deserve to have the best day possible.
    I hope Adam is rocking the CD as well as he is rocking that eyeshadow. Isn't it great to get something you really want for free? As always I am amazed at your coupon savvy.

  3. Deena- lol! Yep- It's really good. :)

    Jaim'e- Thanks!!

  4. Happy Birthday Brandy!!! From a fellow couponer in SC.