Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Produce and Meat Scenarios

Nuts are produce.
FLips are based on Pre-MVP price

Food Lion scenarios using
$2/$6 produce
$2/$10 Butcher's Brand meat
$3/$10 Deli/Bakery
$1/$2.99 + Deli purchase

Scenario 1
Diamond Nuts $2.99
Diamond Nuts $2.99
banana $.10
= $6.08

$3/2 Diamond mq 11-08-09 SS
$2/6 Produce FLip

Total: $1.08 oop + tax

Scenario 2
1 bag Navel oranges $4.99 bogo (pre-MVP price, regular price)
1/2lb Gala apples (one apple? LOL!) $1.99 pre-MVP price, MVP sale: $1.29/lb
= $6.08

-$2/6 Produce FLip
-MVP sale oranges: $2.50
-MVP sale apples: $.65

Total: $.93 oop + tax

Deli scenario
Scenario 1
2lb Fresh Deli Virginia or Honey Ham $5.49/lb (MVP sale, bogo)

$3/10 deli FLip
-$5.49 MVP sale
=Total $2.49

Scenario 1
Look for Chuck roast on sale for $4.49/lb labeled as ground chuck in 10lb packs.
Buy $10 retail (pre-MVP sale) of chuck roast

-$2/10 FLip
-$5.50 MVP sale

=approx. $2.50 for 2 1/4lb


  1. So do you have to have them enter the coupon before they scan your MVP card to get the pricing?

  2. Well, No. But, it raises less flags if you give the q first, then the mvp card. I usually pull this- (I use the card and not the key fob thingee)-
    Cashier scans my order, saying, do you have an MVP card?
    "Oh yes!" I say, "Let me dig it out."
    Then I hand them my q's and say, "here let me get it". They usually go ahead and scan the q's while I'm hunting, then my card when I 'find it'. LOL. If they see a price of $3, and the flip is for $2/6 or something, sometimes they get bent out of shape, but it depends on the cashier.