Sunday, December 13, 2009

Publix and Target 12/13

My daughter spent the night at Grandma's house last night so I had to go pick her up. I figured since I was going to be in the area, I'd go ahead and hit up Publix and the Good Target.

First I went to a Walgreens near there to get a pack of diapers since I was out and I could get them free, the cashier was friendly, until he saw my coupons and rr's. Then he became downright rude and hostile. I will be sending an email to corporate. This is not a store I normally shop at and now they've lost me for good. I did get one pack of dipes and a paper, but not without hassle. And a lot of it.

Target next:
2 Kodak disposable cameras 3.84/ea
-$5/1 Target ip
= $1.16 mm/ea
2 Swiss Miss hot chocolate $.97/ea
-$1/1 (self-adjusted to $.97)
4 Morningstar crumbles $2.99/ea
-$2/1 mq (flyer I found at Publix)
-$2/2 Target ip
=$.01 mm/ea
3 dollar spot items to eat overage

Total oop: $1xx (used gift card from Glade, so no oop!)

(three transactins combined...I had two for the first trip in, then we went to lunch, and I remembered I promised Natalya I'd get the ingredients to make candy, so we went back in to get those things- with overage :) )

Muir Glen
J&J Buddies Bars
Benevia (with raincheck)
Thai Kitchen noodles
Ore-Ida fries (w/raincheck- these are on adv. buy now for $.89, turned my freebie into a mm)
1 dz eggs

Free items
Method hand soap
Fresh Express salad
4 dz eggs
Publix hot chocolate (penny item)

Other items
Doritos (ahhh. my favorite snack on sale)
Mt Dew 2 liters
Stonyfield Yogurt
Sunday paper
Almond Bark
Shredded coconut
Gerber Yogurt Melts
Gardein Frozen
Spot Shot
Sargento shredded cheese
Organic Valley Milk
Simply Apple Juice (raincheck)
Nestle Morsels
Mini cupcake tins
Kashi oatmeal
Iams dog food

Total oop: $.54
Total saved: $495.06 (99.9%)


  1. Hi Brandy.
    Thanks for the great info you posted today. The Target and Publix lists are great to have.

    Just wondering: Did you get the Tennessean today and how many inserts did you get in it? My husband picked me up 3 papers and all of them had only the RP and General Mills SS...I had thought there would be two, I'm wondering if it's just me and I need to aquire more papers....or not.

  2. How much were the J&J buddy bars? I think I have some of the $1/1 J&J coupons, but the last time I looked at Publix, they were $1.09 & not a MM.

  3. Lindsey- I did get papers today- I got them at Publix and Walgreens, they had three inserts in them. But my grandmother gets her paper delivered and she didn't get any inserts. The Tennessean was slacking off today!

    Jennifer- They are $1.09, I bought two and used the $3/2 blinkie (since they're good on any J&J product)

  4. Well, that's good to know...I guess I'll have to be checking for some papers with the other SS in it. We get ripped off a lot of times here. There has been times in the past few weeks when they haven't even put all the ads in. It sounds kind of silly to care about that, but I'm a visual learner, so I like to actually go through and circle things and take them with me (even if I already have seen them online).


  5. I went to the MF store today. Sharon was my cashier. She mentioned that both you & Kelly were in the store the past few days. I told her I figured because all the good things were out of stock! :) I spent $14.76 & saved $227.40 (93.9%). Not too bad... :)

  6. Jennifer- Great job!! And - lol :) I actually didn't have any luck with Revlon or Covergirl. I bought some, but not many and the ones I got were at the top end of the mm's- they were all cleaned out when I got there! (I think I got 3 pair of the $2.49 clippers) :) The one drawback to that store...
    I'm thinking I may have to run into Concord Rd next week for some things MF doesn't carry. . . does anyone know what competitor q's that store takes?

  7. Hi, I want to run something by you and see if I did this wrong, or what. (To refresh your memory, I am a FLORIDA Publix shopper.:)) Anyway, have you seen the coupon for Philladelphia Cream Cheese on It said "Retailer Coupon" across the top and said "Redeem at Publix" on the side...Store coupon, right? I paired it with a MFG coupon for a total of $2/1 cream cheese making it .05 overage. Well, the cashier had a fit and said I could not get more in coupons than the product was worth, called over a manager and they tried to tell me it was not a store coupon anyway. I POLITELY explained to them what I just told you. They ended up adjusting the coupon to .95 but weren't too happy about it. Since you use overage ALL the time I thought I would ask if you have ever run into this or if there is something in writing that I can print out. Thanks for the advice.


  8. Concord Rd takes Target, Food Lion & HG Hill. They don't take GFS, Rite-Aid or Walgreens. I used to shop there all the time until they switched their competitor list. I wish they would take them again - it's a LOT closer to my house!

  9. I may have to start wearing a mask. LOL.

  10. Jennifer, I didn't find any of the moneymakers this week except the Sundown. There are alot of couponers that shop at Maryland since they have one of the best couponing policies in the area. They are almost always out of the MM's when I go so I don't calculate them into my total anymore.

  11. PS - Daisy sour cream is on sale for $.99 cents and there is a $.50/1 coupon in one of the inserts (can't remember which one). So, FREE sour cream.

  12. Kelly, do you know offhand when the sour cream is off sale? Is it a weekly deal for last week's sale or advantage buy?

    Terah- Here's the key to taht coupon (I haven't seen it)- does it have a scannable barcode beginning with a 5? Or an LU#? If it's a scannable barcode, and the fine print says that it can be mailed to blah blah address for reimbursement, then it is a manufacturer coupon and shouldn't be stacked. However, some stores will allow stacking it if it says "retailer coupon" and not manufacturer coupon. I would say this is a YMMV situation, but IMO, if it's got a barcode that can be scanned, and has mailing info for reimbursement, then it's an mq.


    Jennifer- Thanks! I traded for some of the Racheal Ray/Sorrento coupons but then I found that MF doesn't carry Racheal Ray's Magazine. grrr. I figured that store would have some it's so HUGE!!! Any cashiers I should look for/avoid? :)

  13. Brandy - Sheila in customer service is normally great with coupons (she's 30-40ish & African American). If she is working at CS, I normally go to the register right next to that. Otherwise, Richard normally lets anything through (he's older with white hair & mustache).

    Also, the coupon for the daisy sour cream states (16 oz). The sour cream that is on sale is the 8 oz. Just FYI.

  14. Brandy, I would avoid the two older gals that work there (both gray hair in their late 50's and/or early 60's). Everyone else is pretty nice. Emily is the greatest; she usually works the customer service desk. You can tell her that you are a friend of mine; she is super sweet!! If she doesn't know me by name then you can tell her that I'm the gal with the adopted kids; she remembers me by my children.

    I'm not sure if the sour cream is a weekly sale. It has a brown sale tag (do you remember what this color means)? I think it is an in-store special for the week.


  15. Just did another shop at Maryland to get some more Bertoli, cheese, eggs and Jones sausage. They were cleared out of all of the moneymakers. :) I did get 16 bags of cheese, 8 cartons of eggs, 64 jars of Beech-Nut and 8 jars of Bertoli for $10.

    I had a strong urge to take pictures of my two shops over the last week and post them to my blog with all the details/coupons. The deals were great this week and they look great for next week too. I just love it when the winter savings and the summer savings books come out; so many awesome deals.

    .....A very strong urge.

  16. Brandy, no Rachel Ray huh? Good to know. I was going to do that deal next week. That's a bummer; I'll have to call Moore's Lane or Concord to see if they carry it.

  17. I'm thinking of heading down on Friday to Concord to look for that and the Nasoya wraps - if I do, I'll let ya'll know if I find the magazine there.

  18. They wouldn't let me use the BOGO q on the eggs today :-(

    In other news, I was cruising around the produce dept. and saw the Diamond nuts were priced the same or cheaper than Food Lion. Mixed nuts 16oz. were $2.99, and Walnuts were $2.69.

    I didn't get back by FL this week, so that's good news for me.

    Wish you would, Kelly. I really miss your blog.

  19. Kel, I take it Nippers doesn't carry Racheal Ray either?

  20. Mel- I don't see why not- their policy clearly states you can use a mq with a Publixq. Another case of discriminating against coupon users since they get reimbursed full value of the coupon. Ugh.
    I made it to FL twice so far to get 4 bags total (so far) of walnuts for under a buck each time. I am going to chop and freeze them for when I need them for recipes. Or homemade pesto. Yum.

  21. of course it sucks having to shell the darn things, but I've been doing a few at a time while cooking.

  22. Brandy, I don't shop at Nipper's anymore (terrible coupon policy). They don't take Target and they only take (1) Food Lion per item and (1) Publix Q per item. Worse policy I've seen so far.

    I am mainly shopping at Maryland and Concord. Maryland for my big shop and Concord for the small shops during the week when needed.

    Mel, I miss posting my shops too. Maybe I will come back one of these days; I might post a random shop here and there if time permits.

  23. ewww- that is terrible! I have only shopped there a few times, and it's been a long while. I am mainly MF store with the ocassional Belle Meade shop tossed in when I visit my friend that lives over there. :) Carol (used to be a Mgr at MF) transferred to the Belle Meade store a few months back and I ran into her there.

  24. Did you notice that the Kodak disposable cameras are BOGO $7.09 this week? With the $5/1 printable, it makes free + $1.45 overage!

  25. I wouls love it if "I love Publix" came back. I am a big fan and miss it so!

  26. Does anyone know where the disposable cameras would be? I honestly have never even seen them.