Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A few stores in a few days...

Natalya was in gymnastics camp two days this week so it made it easier to go shopping- therefore, I hit a few stores in the last few days, Wal-Mart, KMart, Kroger and Food Lion. So here's what I got...

Kroger has an INCREDIBLE deal on Amp energy drinks, and since Doug can go through these like water...I had to take advantage- I am sure I'll be getting more too! Buy 10 for $.99 each and then a coupon prints for a free $10 Kroger gift card. Here in TN, I paid $1.32 (less than tax each) for ten!
40 Amp Energy drinks
1 Yoplait Fiber One 4-pack
7 Whiskas Temptations treats for cats
4 Philadelphia Cream Cheese Spinach and Artichoke flavor
2 Speed Stick Deo
2 Lady Speed Stick Deo
10 Playtex disposable gloves
4 Sobe Lifewater
Total oop: $9.16
and I have a $10 gift card still: profit $.84
I am on the hunt for $.50 Amp q's (reportedly spotted at gas stations), so far no luck...but I'm not giving up b/c that would make this a big moneymaker!

Razor moneymakers!
12 Bic Soleil razors $2.50 ($3/1 mq)
1 Mega pack Charmin $7.00 ($1/1 mq)
Total oop: $3.42 (all tax)

Free stuff to pick up
2 boxes Popsicles $1.00 ($1/1 mq)
4 Blue Bunny ice cream individuals $1.00 ($1/1 mq- Thanks Mel!)
6 Travel Q-Tips $.97 ($1/1 mq)
4 Kotex liners $1.00 ($1/1 mq)
1 pack ponytail holders $1.00
1 spiral bound themebook $.15
Total oop: $2.49

Food Lion
2 lb bananas $1.14 ($1/1 Flip)
1 Duncan Hines cupcake mix $1 ($1/1 Flip)
1 Home 360 foil $.99 ($1/1 Flip)
Total oop: .20


  1. Great savings! Glad you got the Blue Bunny ice creams okay.

    Meant to tell you I found the Adams flea collars for .97 and the cashier gave me the whole $3.00 coupon value.

    Haven't done my weekly Kroger shop yet but I've been in several times for the Amps. I think I've got 100 now, or close to.

  2. Yes! Free ice cream! Thanks again for the tip! My cashiers give me such a hard time about overage at Wal-Mart, I'm afraid to try! Although I might brave it and go. WOW! 100 Amps!! Hubby would die. LOL. I only have 40, I guess I should go get more tomorrow. I am still disappointed he didn't bring me those $.50/1 tearpad q's when he saw them. Boo to him.

    I am still laughing about the cashier's reaction though. heh

  3. I usually get a hardtime about overage at WM too, but I tried one, figured at worst I'd get it free, so it didn't cost anything (but tax) to try. Not to say I'll have the same luck next time.

    LOL, brain fart. I was like, 100 Amps? I didn't remember saying anything about a lightbulb.