Friday, July 10, 2009

Publix 7/10/09 Nearly Free Birthday Cake, Beer, and $50 gas card

I was very sad that my favorite cashier was just clocking out as I walked up to the register. :( So I had more drama than I normally would- cashier playing matchy-match with the coupons and so forth. It normally would have taken me less time to check out, but oh well. I also forgot one of my $5/20 q's, so I could have saved an add'l $5. But still awesome deals!!
We got Natalya's birthday cake and I picked up one of the $50 gas cards that has a $10 coupon in the flyer. You can't beat free GAS!!!
I also bought DH a 12-pack of beer. I have a MIR for $10 back when you buy a 12 pack of Coors and $30 in charcoal/condiments/lighter fluid. Hmmm. Think I have receipts for that? Surely.

1 1/4 Sheet Birthday Cake- Spiderman. :) ($3 deli/bakery flip, $3/1 Publix cake q)
1 12 pack Coors (no q's)
1 $50 BP Gas Card ($10/1 $50 gift card Publix q)
10 Apple & Eve juice 4-packs ($1/1 Publix q, $.50/1 mq = Free+)
80 Kool-Aid (no q's)
1lb tomatoes (no q's)
6 J&J gauze/pads ($3/2 mq, $5/3 Publix q= free+)
8 Reach dental floss ($2/1 mq, $1/1 mq, $2/1 Publix q= free+)
2 Eggbeaters ($1/1 mq)
8 sugar ($2 wyb 10 kool-aid mq)
6 Kashi waffles ($1.50/1 mq, $.25/1 Target q= Free+)
15 Kashi entrees ($1/1 mq, $.50/1 Target q)
5 Knox gelatin ($4/1 mq= Free+)
1 4pk Duracell D batteries ($1/1 mq, $3/1 Publix q)
1 Sesame oil (no q's)
1 Soy Sauce (no q's)
5 Klondike Bars ($1.25/1 mq, $1/1 Food Lion q= Free+)
2 Smart Balance Spread ($1/1 mq)
2 Smart Balance Milk ($free wyb spread mq)
1 Organic Valley Milk ($1/1 mq)
9 Carefree ($.50/1 mq, $3/3 Publix q)
9 First Aid Travel Kit ($3/2 mq, $1/1 mq, $5/3 Publix q= free+)
3 Band-Aid Travel Kit ($1/1 mq, $5/3 Publix q= free+)
6 Tylenol Arthritis ($2/1 mq, $2/1 Publix q= free+)
3 Clorox Greenworks Dish detergent ($2/1 mq, $1/1 Food Lion q= Free+)
9 A1 Marinade ($2/1 mq= Free+)
used 2 $5/$25 and 2 $5/$20 - had five transactions.

Total oop: $16.37
Total savings: $373.41 (96%)
Also will get back $10 MIR for Coors.

I also ordered q's for Kashi since it makes all items free, or free+ after q's and we LOVE Kashi!!

Side note: The Food Lion q I had for the Greenworks expired June 30, but I had a raincheck that they let me use the expired q's with. The Klondike q was not a flip but an actual q that I traded for aaaggeees ago. They're all gone now (wish I had more!)
I was thrilled to discover the small boxes of Tylenol Arthritis on advantage Buy for $3.48. This made them free+ after q's and this is something my grandparents use a lot of, so being able to stockpile this for them is awesome!
Another fun mm I discovered were the travel kits- $1.47 and I could use the $3/2 blinkies on them with the $5/3 for overage. ;) I also had a bunch of $1/1 insert q's (not sure from where?) that did not exclude trial size, and were for $1/1 any Johnsons first aid. I used those as well, on the travel kits and also on $.79 travel packs of band-aids. Sweet!!


  1. Great Job!! I wish I had a Publix in the area.

  2. Thanks! I drive 45 minutes to get to Publix- and it is so worth it! I was actually just looking at your blog and making a small list for Food Lion since the one thing I need for my daughter's birthday party tomorrow is cups! :)

  3. Thanks for the tip on the Tylenol Arthritis. I will check that out.

    Great job!

  4. I also drive 30-45 minutes to the nearest Publix's to me, Brandy. I get so many snarky remarks about how I haven't saved anything after I drove that far to buy groceries...then I pull out my one coupon I keep out for occassions just like that, where I did one big shop and it says "Saved $326.95", and then they're like, Oh.

    I save that every week, but since I break my shopping up into transactions more often it doesn't look as good as the one receipt with the big savings.

  5. Melissa- LOL! I should do that. I have one of those receipts, but I usually break it down to make it easier to watch the coupons as they go through. :D

  6. K, which publix did you shop at, I need to shop there!!! My publix that hubs works at wont take Target coupons :(

  7. Hey girl, how much was the birthday cake? I am going to buy one for Savannah tomorrow and use the same coupons. Great minds think alike yes?

  8. Brandy, how do your cashiers react when you break down your transactions like that? Do they give you a hard time? Do you communicate with the folks behind you in line to let them know that you are going to be awhile?

    Just respond when you can. I know you're as busy as I am these days.

  9. I hadn't considered buying the travel kits. Stealing that idea.

  10. I'm full of comments tonight. LOL. I sent you an envelope today full of some coupons. Sent you more Kashi but see that you ordered some already. Oh well, just use them or give them away (but do it this week while they are free right)?

    Well, I made it a goal to get my gas card free too. I won't have to now that you've already shown that it can be done! Ha!

    What $5/25 competitor coupon are you using (only if you don't mind me asking)?

  11. Bliss- I shop at Maryland Farms, and I *believe* Moore's Lane store and possibly the one in Franklin (?) take Target q's. Just call and ask their customer service desk. :)

    Kel- LOL! Thanks for the Kashi q's! I will DEFINITELY use them- or give them to my bf who is learning to coupon and didn't get any good Kashi q's. I am going to have to do something about my freezer space. I think I am going to unpack all the veggie burgers- maybe it'll be less space if they're not in boxes? :D

    birthday cake was $26.99 and of course, it varies depending on the cake. I'll post a pic of her cake in a minute.

    The $5/$25 was from the Family Dollar flyer in last weekend's Tennessean. (It expired today) I asked if they would accept it because it specifically said it was good for "consumables". They took them. I am LOVING the free gas cards. I am going to get another one Tuesday. Maybe even two more. I'll have to see how many more overage item q's I have. (And I have to find some more Greenwise mags for Apple and Eve q's. Would you believe MF store is entirely out of them??!?)

    As far as the separate transactions- I try to stick with the same cashiers and baggers so they know me and know I take a while. LOL. I always tell the people behind me- this may take a while... the cashiers usually don't give me a hard time. They like to see my discounts, so they think it's cool. I've had a few people get huffy when they got behind me in line and it took longer than they thought, but I did warn them! I never apologize though. I don't think I should apologize for getting good deals. They will have their time with the cashier, and I have mine. I do smile at them and sweetly say it may take some time.

    yw for the travel kits idea- glad I could help! I was inspecting the blinkie one night and saw the pic of the kit on one and thought- oh YEAH! And did a drive by of the endcap and saw a bunch of kits and band-aid travel size packs. Yay!

  12. oh man. I didn't even think of the band-aid travel size packs. I have bought them in the past with the $1/1 band-aid coupon. What a great idea. I am stoked.

    Jason was just there a few days ago and they had tons of the Greenwise mag. Did you check with them to see if they had some in the back. We would see them periodically low and then they would be full again. We found some under the weekly Publix flyer on the metal stand (before you enter the store on the left hand side).

    I have a few extra if you need some. :) I am actually looking for the Summertime Savings Q to go with them. I'm out of those.

    ok, off to bed. night-night.

  13. yep, I dug around and looked and then asked the girl at CS (she's sweet, but clueless) I'll look again on Tuesday. Hopefully they'll be restocked. I only have 7 or so left myself. Those went fast!

  14. Okay, I can NEVER find the $3/2 Q. Where is it!!??

  15. The $3/2 blinkies I had leftover from when they were out a month ago- all our stores had the blinkies out for them and I stocked up on them at the time. I *should* have gotten even more since they don't expire until 8/31 (and I sent some to a friend). They're gone now, but I had 6 of them left. :)

  16. I got the $3/2 J&J blinkies about a month or so ago when they had the last sale. I got a ton- picked some up every time we went to the store. I only had 6 left though, and I haven't seen them out in the stores in a while. I wish I had gotten more! :)

  17. ok, sorry for the double response- my computer went a little crazy for a minute there.