Sunday, July 19, 2009

Food Lion (again), Rite Aid and Walgreens

I made my weekly Walgreens Sunday run for newspapers, to discover that the coupons this week are Terrible. I did not get any papers, but got a few other things.

1 Tylenol Extra Strength 50ct $5.99 ($2/1 mq, earned $3rr)
1 2-pack pens $1 (earned $1rr)
2 2-pack Excedrin $6.99 bogo (2 $1/1 mqs, earned $5rr)
Total oop: ... can't find my receipts right now. I'll have to fill in later.
Total saved
$5rr left

Then I hit Rite Aid to get some of the razors, and got four (all they had) and will have to go to the other one in hopes they have some in stock. While I was there, I spotted Mini-DVDs on clearance 75% off! We have a mini-DVD recorder but we don't use it much b/c the discs are rather pricey. These 5-packs were marked 12.99-14.99 then 75% off! I bought four of the five packs, then as I was walking out the door, I smacked myself in the head. I was not using my coupon brain! I had another $5/$25 with me. So I walked back in and asked the Asst Mgr if I could return them and repurchase (along with a few other items) to use my 5/25. She said, sure! When I made the first purchase, it was $15.xx. After I added the sunscreen (free coupon) and the candies (free coupons) It boosted my total to $27.xx and I used the $5/$25. Then I handed over the freebie q's and only paid $11.xx. So I bought three candies, sunscreen AND the four 5-packs for $11 and change, rather than just the DVDs for $15.xx. *whew*

Rite Aid
4 Schick Intuition Razors $5.99 ($4/1 mqs)
1 RX lib balm sunscreen $2.49 (Free RA q)
1 RX Faces 50spf sunscreen $8.29 (Free RA q)
3 M&M candies $.88 (Free mqs)
4 5-pack mini-DVDs $12.99-$14.99 reduced to $3.25-$3.75
Two transactions, used two $5/$25 RA q's
Total oop: $16.79
Total saved: $81.53 (81%)
Will buy 5 more Schick razors and earn $25 RA gift card

Then...I had to go to Food Lion again to get more Free cherries! LOL! I think I am going to need to find a cherry jam recipe. Yum. This time, I used the $1 overage from cherries to get a can of black beans.
1 lb cherries $4.99/ $.99/lb Adv Buy ($2/$5 FLip)
1 can Bush's Black Beans $.99 (no q's)
2 lb bananas $.57/lb ($1/1 Guiding star FLip)
1 travel pack Home360 Baby Wipes $1.62 ($1.50/1 Home 360 Diapers or Wipes FLip)
1 Home360 aluminum Foil $.99 ($1/1 Home 360 item FLip)
Total Food Tax: $.05
Total non-food Tax: $.14

Total oop: $.58
Total saved: $11.26 (95%)


  1. Oh, wow, good save on the Rite Aid Q!

    Love it when I find stuff like that on a good deal. I found some DVD+R's at CVS a couple months ago, like 50 for $3.00. I grabbed all they had.

    I had my Rite Aid shopping list all together earlier, then decided, mmm, think I'll skip it again this week.

  2. I know! I was walking out with my bags and my 4 year old racing around like a mad woman and I literally stopped in my tracks. What was I thinking? Eeeek! I almost blew $4! (Do you know what I could buy with $4?) :D

  3. LOL, yep, at least $50.00 worth of groceries at Publix!