Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Every stockpiler's worst nightmare

I pulled into the driveway after my daughter's gymnastics class and my husband runs out in the driveway waving his arms


oh NO!!

I go in and look and sure enough, everything is thawing. the ice cream is almost to runny point and all the meat is thawed. ARGH! I think fast. Ok, we'll put it all in coolers and go get ice until the freezer thaws and maybe it just needs to defrost then it will be fine. Hubby gets some clothes on and we start moving stuff into coolers. I run next door to the neighbor's and give them three half-gallons of ice cream, some pork steaks, bacon and waffles.
Meanwhile, a thought occurs to me. A very good and sweet friend who lives nearby may have a deep freeze. I call her. She answers her cell phone, thank goodness. And yes, she does have a freezer and it happens to be mostly empty.


I load the coolers in the car and drive to her house and load up her freezer (filled it up!)

Thank goodness for friends!

Meanwhile, my freezer is sitting in a puddle of water in the garage. I have been sopping it up occasionally and hoping against all hope that a good defrost is all it needs.

Mama can't afford a new freezer!

Please send freezer-healing vibes. :D


  1. Lord, please fix Brandy's freezer. We know that you care about even the small things that happen in our lives. Amen.

    Stay cool,

  2. ok, we really should go to bed now! 2:04 am.

    I just bought some awesome coupons off of EBAY for the Kashi deal this week. I love their pizzas and entrees.

  3. That is great! I was going to get some as well...but then the freezer thing happened. So I am hoping for a raincheck opportunity. *shrug* Their pizzas are soooooo yummy!!!

  4. So, what's the verdict? Any news on the freezer?

    I invited 4 of my friends over to help me clear out my freezer so that I would have room for those Kashi pizzas. I scoped them out today at Publix and they will be free with the man. Q and overage stacked with the Target Q.

    Overage on Kashi....pinch me.

  5. I know! I need some of those Kashi pizza q's. LOL. I have been scoping them out and I can't decide how much I want to spend on q's for these. (Still hoping for a raincheck opportunity)

    I *think* the freezer is fine. I am hoping it just needed a good defrost. I went and checked it a bit ago (after cleaning it thoroughly earlier and then plugging it back in) and it's getting cold. So I put some bread in there to see if it freezes. If so- I'll go get my food from my friend tomorrow then I'm ON for my frozen kashi purchases on Friday! :)

  6. You're up again tonight huh? Ok, I'm off to bed (2:03am).

    BTW, I got my hand slapped pretty hard from one of the moderators at Hot Coupon World for trying to "trade" with you (my comment yesterday about you needing Starbucks coupons). Geez, they are wound a little too tightly for me over there. I don't have a problem with the moderator gently reminding me that there are rules on the forum but she flat out assumed that I was being beligerent.

    I didn't even know that they had rules for forum posting (other than knowing that I should be courteous and all). LOL.

    I have a growing disdain for HCW all of a sudden.

  7. LOL- I got the same comment. Ah well. I have met some great people that I trade with for the coupons I need and get rid of some I definitely won't use, so I still go there. But yeah- they hack me off. I posted a great deal at Target about a month ago- free deo with q from that $120 P&G book. Well apparently there were different versions of the q that went out (I didn't know that). Mine was $2/1 and others had $1/1. They deleted my post while they "investigated". Sheesh! I mean, why would I go say, Hey, check out this great deal! If it didn't really exist. I kind of let her have it. I know it's a public forum and they have to have rules b/c of the huge number of people that go there, but COME ON!

    Anyway...yes, I'd love to trade. What are you looking for? I have those similac for you for sure. Anything else you need?

  8. I PM'd the moderator back and told her that I thought that she was being hostile in her message and that she should relax. I wanted to tell her that we weren't "trading" and that we were friends that were just sharing with each other but I decided not to take the time as I figured that she might be an A-type personality and it wouldn't help even if I tried to explain.

    Hey, I just want to give you the coupons. You don't need to trade me for anything. You're my friend and I like to send you special treats in the mail. So, I'll send you some Starbucks and other treats this week.


  9. PS - Do you have a raincheck for the ice cream so that these will be free?

  10. you're such a sweetheart! Yes, I have a raincheck. For 20! LOL!! I doubt they will ever have that many in stock at once, but I figured I could collect up some q's over time...I think I am up to 5 now. I have to sort through my piles. Seriously, anything you need? You want the rest of my Crystal light ip's? I won't use them.

  11. I would love the Crystal Light Q. Gracias. I don't think I need anything but I'll ask if I do.

    Got another PM from the moderator at HCW. I really don't like those folks. They are pretty nazi-like.