Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Publix and Target 7/22

Great trip today! I needed to go to Target for the Charmin and Bounty moneymaker and then to Publix of course.

At Target, they had all the things in stock my Target doesn't carry (woo-hoo!) so I had to figure out what to eat $7 of mm with- so I figured I'd get detergent. If I had been thinking ahead and brought a $1 Tide q with me, I could have saved an additional dollar. The cashier also missed one of my $1/1 Charmin q's, so that was another dollar I shouldn't have spent.

8 Bounty Basic $.99/ea
$1/1 Bounty (home mailer), $.25/1 Bounty mq
8 Charmin To Go $1/ea
$1/1 Charmin (P&G $120 book), $.25/1 mq
6 Q-Tip travel kits $.87 (sale)
$1/1 mq (Family is Its Own Reward booklet)= -$.13
6 Kashi cereal bowls $1/ea
$1/1 Kashi Targetq= Free
then I used 8 of the $1.50 wyb both Charmin and Bounty. Of course all these q's beeped (except the $.25/1 Bounty ones and, oddly enough, the Kashi ones), but I went to the young male cashier and he just pushed them all through.
total tax: $1.58
Total oop: $3.66 (should have been $2.66. And could have been $1.66 w/Tide q. darnit)
Total savings: $33.60 (89%) but should have been $34.60 for a 92% savings.

Then on to Publix. Saw the store manager and chatted with him for a minute (he is so nice!), then saved oodles at checkout. After I got to the car and put all the stuff in, I realized I had forgotten to get the sour cream and tortillas I added last minute, handwritten on my list. I went back in, carrying Z in one arm and picked up a basket with the other arm while trying to figure out what else I could get and get the items for free.
Mind you, I normally figure all this out days in advance. I remembered I had gotten an awesome q in the mail from Save-a-Lot's baby club for $5/$10 purchase, and that I had Kashi cereal q's for $1/1 and so I strolled over to check the price on the small bowls. $1. Awesome. So I picked up my tortillas and sour cream, which added up to $3.88. Got the last four Kashi bowls for $4 and needed something else to fill. So I had two $.50/1 Dole q's, grabbed two small cans of pineapple for $.89 and then figured I needed something else around a buck. Since I was on the aisle, I picked up a can of Dole canned pears that were 5/$5. Hoped my math was semi-correct since I was holding the basket, my purse and my son, who was leaning forward trying to pull things out of the basket the whole time. LOL.
After checkout- $.08. I was very proud of myself for that. Although the bagger and cashier teased me about forgetting things since I am always so organized. Heh.

Grand total
8 Hefty One Zip $1.95/ea
$1/1 mq, $1/1 Target q wyb produce= -$.05
3 Knox gelatin $1.39/ea
$4/1 ipq= -$2.61
3 Carefree pantiliners $1.39/ea
$.50/1 ipq, $3/3 Publixq= -$1.83
1 Near East Couscous $1.10
no q's
4 Avocados $1.99/ea
$1/2 mq, $2/$5 FLip= $3.96
2 4-packs Bumblebee tuna $2.00/ea
$1/2 mq= $2.99
3 lemons {This was supposed to be $1.19 for 3, but I just realized he entered something else - I can't read the receipt, but it was something that was 8/$1.00 so the total was only $.38}
no q's
1 coconut $1.50
$2/$5 FLip (for lemons and coconut and other avocado)= -$.50
2 Earth's Best cookies $2.19
Free mq's= Free
1 Publix Isopropyl Alcohol $.85
Free Publix q= Free
1 Publix Hand Sanitizer $.99
Free Publix q= Free
1 Hershey candy bar $1.00 {this was a filler b/c I went negative, now I see why- the lemons}
12 Alexia snacks $2.89/bogo
$1/1 mq, $.75/2 Targetq= $.14/ea
4 Eight O'Clock coffee $4.99/bogo
$2/2 ipq= $1.50/ea
1 Reach Floss $1.49
$1/1 mq, $1/1 Publix q= -$.51
2 Hostess donuts $2.99/bogo
$.50/1 mq= $.50/ea
4 Purina Friskies cat food $3.00/ea
$3.50 ipq, $1/1 mq, $3/1 Publixq= -$9.00 (for all four)
2 Fresh Express salad $2.50/ea
$1/1 Publixq, $2/$5 FLip= $.50/ea
1 Eggland's Eggs $2.49
$.50/1 mq= $1.49
2 Dole Pineapple $.89/ea
$.50/1 ipq= -$.11
4 Kashi cereal cups $1/ea
$1/1 Target q= Free
1 Aztec Tortillas $1.39
no q's
1 Daisy SOur Cream $1.99
no q's
1 Dole Pear chunks $1
no q's
5 McCormick Grinders (raincheck $1/ea)
$1/1 mq= Free
2 Clif ZBars $.75/ea
Free mq, $.50/2 Whole Foodsq= -$.50
7 Zone Bars $1/ea
$.50/1 mq (tearpad)= Free
3 Tylenol Extra Strength $3.48/ea
$2/2 mq, $2/1 Publixq= -$.52
1.21 lb grapes $2.41
no q's
1 12-pack Ball jelly jars $7.89
no q's
1 Publix Sugar Canister $1.15
$2/1 wyb Kool-Aid q, $1/1 wyb Kool-Aid Food Lion q= -$1.85
10 Lemonade Kool-Aid $.20/ea
no q's

Did four transactions, used 2 $5/$10q's and 2 $5/$25 q's
total food tax: $2.77
total non-food tax: $5.34
total oop: $1.24
Total Savings: $204.18 (99.4%)


  1. Very good shopping trips!

    Do you go in the negative at Publix to cover your tax, or are you counting as separate from your OOP?

    I got a couple of the $1.00 off Charmin, but no Bounty home mailer coupons :-(

  2. Our sales tax is so darn high, I always plan on going negative to cover tax! ;)

    I found the $1/1 Bounty home mailer in the recycle bin. At my house I only got Charmin.

  3. I didn't think of going negative to cover tax. I guess I'm so used to the drug stores not letting you use the RRs or ECBs to pay the taxes.

  4. Mel- I know! The first time I accidentally did it, and I thought, OH! I can do that on purpose! So now...I do! :D

  5. Wow, what great trips! Where I live Publix won't take Target or Food Lion Coupons & won't double coupons. So sad!

  6. It is a blessing that you got so much overage at Target. My Target sometimes gives me so much hassle about coupons that I even gave up shopping there for a while. Where did you get the $5/$10 Qs and $5/$25Qs? My Publix will let me use one $5/$25 Rite Aid, but I would love to know where to find more $-offs.

  7. Margery, I agree! I always like to shop my overage coupons at a specific Target because I have always had a lot of luck there. The one near me is very hit and miss when it comes to that. The last time I went there they wouldn't even take my Axe coupons for trial size items because they were a penny cheaper than face value. I mean, Come ON!
    The $5/$10 and $5/$20 were from Save-a-Lot. If you go to their website and sign up for their shopper's club, they will email you a coupon for $5/$20, and then sign up for their baby club. They sent me some baby coupons in the mail, and with them was a $5/$10 purchase coupon! hat's a GREAT one! Then I also was able to use a $5/$25 Rite Aid (although that one is hit and miss as well as to whether the cashier will take them).

  8. Where in the world do you get all those coupons from????

  9. Margery- you're quite welcome! ;)

    Derrick- LOL! All kinds of places. A lot of them are insert coupons. I buy one-four papers per week, unless it's a REALLY good week, then I buy more. I also hit up a recycle bin for inserts (although I haven't been lately). I pick up tearpad coupons when I see them, as well as coupon booklets a few here and there, usually found at Publix, and ocassionally Food Lion. I trade for some on HotCouponWorld, and I have several friends that trade amongst ourselves, so if they see something I don't, they grab them for me and we swap.

    Of course, there are lots of internet printable coupons out there, and for a while, I was sending "kudos" emails to companies for great products, and they would send out coupons to me as a thank you. I haven't done that in a while, but I need to get back on it! I got some great "FREE" coupons.

    Oh, I also join whatever clubs I can to get coupons, like Publix's Baby Club and Preschool Club, and Save-a-Lot's baby club.

    Thanks for visiting!

  10. Oh, and I forgot to mention competitor coupons- Printable Food Lion and Target coupons are my friend.


  11. I live in Clarksville also and shop the west end publix. What Target to do you use? I could definitely use your help to get ready every week. I am very impressed!

  12. Hi Amelia! *gasp* a fellow couponer that drives to Publix! :) I have shopped the West End (I think their addy is Belle Meade) Publx a few times and had good luck there. A good friend of mine lives near there and always shops at that store. :) I often shop at the Clarksville Target, but I have had them deny the $1/1 q's on the trial sizes a few times (always aim for the colege student cashiers- they could care less and push it all through). When I know I am going to be getting a lot of overage, I shop at the Brentwood Target near the Brentwood Publix I shop at. I'd be happy to help you out! I am currently gathering all my q's for next week's Publix shop based on the sneak peek- so we'll see. My biggest problem is not being able to just run in and price check something to know exactly what prices will be. So I have to wait until the ads are posted, or until someone can check them for me.
    Nice to meet you!

  13. Which coupons can you use to go over? I always do the self check out and if I get to under $1 and still have a $1 coupon it beeps. So usually I avoid that by throwing in something small at the register. Would love to know how to actually pay for tax!

  14. Stacey, I never use the self-checkout so I'm not sure if it beeps as it goes negative. (My coupons almost always beep anyway b/c I have more than $50 in q's, or more q's than items -due to competitor q's.) The manager always overrides the beeps. As long as there's a positive balance, they will keep scanning q's. However, I have fond that if the last q scanned is one that will double, it may not double, or will only double up to the amount before tax. So put any q's to double at the top of your stack.

  15. Maybe I need to just shop at the Maryland Farms store!! Seems like you and LA girl have a much easier time there! It's just further out of my way and inconvienent with all that Old Hickory Blvd traffic! (I'm smack in the middle of Nipper's Corner and Concord stores!) I always feel like the manager's are questioning what I do if I do anything that requires an override! so i always have an equal # of q's and items and make sure i don't go under! I have only found one manager that would push stuff through, and I haven't seen her lately!

  16. I love my Maryland Farms store. I drive from CLARKSVILLE to shop there. There are at least three stores closer to me, but I go an hour to get there. It is TOTALLY worth it! I've shopped Nippers Corners a few times and Belle Meade a few times and both were ok, but I don't feel the love like I do at MF. I will also never shop Goodlettsville store again. ugh.
    It all trickles down from the store manager. And the MF store manager is awesome. Very coupon friendly. He told me once he will never turn away a coupon because people choose to shop at his store and he wants to keep his customers. Now THAT is customer service!

    I net the manager you like has been training at the new Antioch store. I know one of the mgrs I really like from MF has been over there. I wonder who they are transferring to that store? Heck, I wonder where that store is??

  17. I have "heard" about this new Publix too...I see on the Publix site it is on Murfreesboro Rd, waaay on the other side of 24! At least it seems way on the other side since it can take so long to get to that side going through Antioch! Unless I hear good things about it, I probably won't go out of my way to it! Oh but maybe they'll have good coupon booklets! I can never seem to get to those in time!

  18. i know the traffic over there is ridiculous! (I used to live off of the Bell Road exit from 24). You're right about the coupon books though. Could be worth a trip for the good ones! :)