Friday, July 3, 2009

So you're wondering

Why on Earth is a vegetarian buying pork steaks. Well, it makes me money. And my husband, kids and I are the only vegetarians in my family so I can give it to people who eat it and they don't have to spend money for it.

Those of you who have been to LAGirl's blog ilovepublix know all about the charcoal deal, but others of you might not have heard of this nifty little deal going on.

There is a $6/1 printable coupon HERE for pork. This coupon says that when you buy one Kingsford Charcoal, and one participating product (listed on coupon) you get $6 off any one pork item. This is unlike other coupons in that you can print it over and over...and over...and over... 100+ or more times. :D
This is a manufacturer's coupon that can be printed and used anywhere, but a Publix store that gives you overage and accepts competitor coupons is the best. Keep an eye out for tearpads and coupons that say "buy charcoal and get xxx". Then start combining coupons.

For example, this week:
Buy 1 $2xx package of pork
Buy 1 bag charcoal for $6.99
Buy one Glad snack bags (participating product) for $1.59

Use $6 pork printable coupon
$3 Kingsford Charcoal coupon from Keith Urban booklet
$1/1 Glad food storage product from Keith Urban booklet
$1/1 Food Lion printable coupon HERE

You've just done the basic charcoal deal and gotten all your stuff free (plus covered some of your tax).
Start stacking and adding q's to get better deals.

Like this:
In addition to the above, also buy
1 Reynolds Wrap $2.23
1 pack beef $1.50
1 pack beef $1.50

$1/1 Reynolds Wrap mq
$3/1 beef wyb reynolds wrap and charcoal
$2/1 beef wyb charcoal

You've made an additional $.77 and also gotten 2 packs of beef and aluminum foil.

Instead of getting the Glad bags, another participating product is KC Masterpiece bbq sauce. You could do this (double the deal):
Buy 2 $2xx packages of pork
Buy 2 bags charcoal for $6.99/ea
Buy 2 KC Masterpieces (participating product) for $1.59/ea
Buy 1 Ribs $2xx

Use 2 $6 pork printable coupons
2 $3 Kingsford Charcoal coupons
2 $2/1 KC Masterpiece bbq sauce wyb Kingsforc Charcoal
1 $2/1 ribs wyb 2 KC Masterpiece bbq sauce

All free.

Basically keep your eyes peeled (or hit up EBay) for charcoal coupons (there are $4/1 Kingsford q's out there), or any coupons that say get $x/$xx when you buy charcoal or any other coupons which will support the "deal". Expecially competitor coupons. There have been three different Food Lion printables recently for $3/1 Kingsford Charcoal- stack that with your mq for $6 off one bag!! If you find any of these kinds of competitor q's, you turn a free deal into a moneymaker.

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