Friday, July 31, 2009

New Food Lion plan for free things

Using my new discovery, I am going to do this to get some free things that don't require repeat weighing of produce. LOL.

1 Quaker Oatmeal Pancake Mix 2.50
use $1/1 Guiding Star FLip, $2/1 mq= -$.50
1 Home360 Trash Bags 1.49
use $1/1 Home360 product FLip= $.49
1 Starbucks Bottled Frap $1.89
use $2/1 Starbucks FLip= -$.11
1 Home360 Travel pack baby Wipes 1.62
use $1.50/1 Home360 Diapers or wipes FLip= $.12

Total before coupons: $7.50
Total coupon amount: $7.50
Total oop: $tax (whatever it is where you are)

1 comment:

  1. Looks like a good plan!

    I'll be back on Monday, I guess I'll do pretty much the same as last week, get a couple jars of Ragu and a cantaloupe. I also have another Breyers coupon, and I'll try the Starbucks this time.