Friday, July 10, 2009

SO far so good

The freezer seems to be holding up. After checking it out last night, it seemed to be cold, so I stuck a few packs of buns in there to see if they would freeze and this morning, they were solid.

I risked it and went and picked up our food and loaded it all back in this afternoon. So far, everything is still frozen. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it just needed to be defrosted and now it's all better.

Happy freezer= happy Mommy.


  1. So, is it the kind of freezer that builds up ice in it and has to be defrosted every year? If so, then you'll have to do this deed every year.

  2. Glad to hear that your freezer is working!

  3. Thank you! ME TOO!! :D

    Kel- it's not supposed to be. But apparently, it is. It is also over ten years