Saturday, July 18, 2009

The reason I should leave my husband at home

He's worse than the kids with the iwannas!

I also went to Food Lion again and today the cherries were only $.99/lb! So I got 2 lb for free instead of 1 lb! Awesome!! and...I might need to find a cherry pie recipe. :D

20 Amp 1.49/ .99 mega (no q's) <--earned $10gc per ten and rolled them
1 6-pack Fat Tire beer (Hub's fault!!) 8.79 (no q's, but I used the last gift card from Amp rolls to get it, so at least it was 0 oop)
Total oop: $2.64
Total saved: $39.80 (93%)
left on gift card: $.37

Food Lion

2.11 lb cherries $4.99/ $.99/lb adv buy ($2/$5 produce- these went cheaper!)
2.09 lb bananas $.57lb ($1/1 Guiding Stars flip)
1 Home360 Foil !1.37/ $.99 adv buy ($1/1 Home360 FLip)
1 Home360 travel pack baby wipes $1.62 ($1.50 FLip)
Total non food tax: $.09
Total food tax: $.11

Total oop: $.59
Total saved: $15.30 (96%)


  1. Heh, my hubby wasn't even with me and he got beer. Expensive beer - Sam Adams $13.99. I was like, Do you know how much groceries I could buy with that kind of money??

    I used overage from buying a slew of Playtex handsaver gloves.
    Still rolling the Amp cards.

  2. I usually make him buy the cheap stuff, and since he's not a beer snob (although I know he prefers Bass and such) he gets what he gets when I buy it. I wasn't paying attention and scanned, paid, then looked at my receipt and saw my $.37 balance on my gift card and was like, WHAT? You couldn't buy the cheap beer?? Sheesh!!

    I bought a bunch of those playtex gloves too- oh and speedstick- which is not on mega this week, but still overage! Did you know about that? It's $.88 this week and if you go to coupons . com and enter zip code 33907 there's a $1.50/1 coupon! Awesome! (and a $.75 off one on cellfire) big mm for Kroger!

  3. My husband drinks a beer once every few months, thank gosh, but when he wants one I let him get what ever he wants because he brings home the coupon money, as we like to joke.

  4. Oh ya and thanks for the rundown I'm on my way to FL! I did not know you could use the produce flip like that!
    Your awesome!

  5. You're welcome! oh I know - Hub likes to drink on the weekends and I gripe and moan about it - tell him he's messing up my scenarios. LOL. But since my job is saving money and his job is bringing it in, I am doing my job by giving him a hard time by spending it un-frugally! ;)

  6. Same here. John likes a beer with his dinner sometimes. Usually he drinks Bud Light. He had been wanting some Sam Adams and wouldn't buy it for himself, so I got for him.

    Brandy I went back to Food Lion again today to try out your deals. I messed up my first deal and they gave me money, and didn't even pout or have a fit about it. That was weird.

    Our cherries were .99/lb also.

  7. Wow- they gave you money back! Holy cow! That's awesome :) Way to go!

  8. Yea, it kinda freaked me out when she said she owed me money. I'm sure I had that "deer in the headlights" look. I didn't know what was going to happen. Because everything I bought I used Food Lion coupons, and from what I understand they don't get reimbursed for those, so they not only gave me all that stuff free, but money back, too. And didn't even act mad about it.
    But I tried harder to make sure I didn't do it again.

    I bought some Speedstick last week. They were $1.00 and I used the $1.50 off. I had marked the Cellfire or whichever e-coupon it was, but it didn't work. It was for 24/7 Speedstick, which was more expensive, but my $1.00 Lady Speedstick said 24/7 on the label so I thought it might work.

  9. no they don't get reimbursed for that. Wow, crazy! For the first time today I had a cashier say I couldn't use the 2/5 produce FLip for the pre-MVP price. I argued a little, and she did it, but she was NOT happy about it! When she saw my total she was shaking her head like it was just horrid. I think she was just jealous.

    Oh, I did the same speedstick deal, and I emailed cellfire customer service. They added a $.75 coupon to my card and it came off my next purchase. ;)