Saturday, July 4, 2009

Rite Aid and Kroger 7/4/09

I had to go get the rest of my FREE PADS at Rite Aid today before the end of the sale week, so I did that and I went to Kroger to get 7 pounds of the Wild Salmon for 2.99/lb. This is an unheard of price! I really should have gotten more, but I thought seven pounds was pretty good. We're having some for dinner, and I have 5 more bags I cut up and am freezing. I've never seen wild salmon this cheap before- ever. I usually buy it around $7/lb. We try not to eat farm-raised seafood and only stick to wild caught.

Rite Aid
10 packs Stayfree pads
2 Band-Aid antibiotic
1 Kids Sting-Eze after bite
Total oop: $2.54
Total savings: $26.95

Adding up the purchase earlier this week, that is
22 packs Stayfree pads
1 Listerine Cool Blue
4 boxes Band-Aids
1 Sting-Eze
Total: $6.65
Total savings: $87.32 (92%)
Will get back $1scr for Listerine and $25 gift card for J&J purchases.
Profit: $19.35

7lb Wild Salmon
1 Digiorno flatbread for one (free coupon)
1 Kashi waffles (free coupon)
1 McCormick garlic/onion ($1/1 mq= Free)
1 Quaker True Delights $2.50 ($1/1 mq)
1 Kroger Bacon (free coupon)<--will give to grandparents
Total oop: 26.00
Total savings: $36.48

Oh, I also went to Food Lion to cruise for q's and noticed the McCormick garlic/sea salt grinders were on clearance for $1. There was only one left, which was too bad because these are my favorite grinders! I used my $1/1 q from the Waist booklet at Publix to get it for tax: $.08.

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