Monday, July 13, 2009

Don't pass over "Nothing Goes to Waist"

Of all the coupon booklets that have been available lately (some of which are VERY hard to find!) the piles of Nothing Goes to Waist booklets have been sort of sitting there forlornly, with no-one picking them up.

Well, I am not in that group. I have been grabbing a few each visit.

Reason? There is a $1 off any mcCormick spice coupon. Hello! Rumor has it the McCormick Grinders are going to be bogo or 50% off next week, and they are normally $1.99.

That garlic/sea salt grinder is sooooo yummy!! Free. Can't beat it. (well, except when they pay you to take it) ;)


  1. Yep, I saw that McCormick coupon and grabbed a few of these while I could. I haven't seen them ever since.

    The Salt is what I'm looking to buy. I don't know if I thought I had bought more, or if the ol' man is carrying them off (which might explain his borderline-hypertension), but I have lots of other grinders, but only 1 salt.