Thursday, July 16, 2009

Great deals at Food Lion

I am actually a little shocked at the great deals at Food Lion right now with some of the FLips that are available. Normally I take all the FLips to Publix, but since Food Lion is a mile from my house, and Publix is 50 miles from my house, shopping at Food Lion is really nice!

Today I ran in on our way home from gymnastics and when I checked out, the cashier said, your total is $7.62, as I was sorting my coupons, and then I handed those to her. She scanned them all...and said "oh WOW! So, it's twenty-seven cents." At which point the lady behind me said, "What did you get for $.27??" I rattled off my purchases and she said- "You should go on Oprah!" LOL!

1 Duncan Hines Cupcake mix $1.00 ($1/1 Duncan Hines cake mix FLip = Free)
1 lb cherries $4.99/$1.99 advantage buy ($2/$5 Produce FLip= Free+)
1 Home360 aluminum Foil $1.35/$.99 advantage buy ($1/1 Home360 FLip= Free+)
2 lb bananas $1.12 ($1/1 Guiding Stars FLip= $.12)
1 Home360 travel pack Baby Wipes $1.62 ($1.50 Baby Wipes FLip= $.12)
total food tax: $.10
total non-food tax: $.05

Total oop: $.27


  1. That's a great trip! I think I will be heading to Food Lion today.

  2. Nice scenario. Awesome use of FLIPS. Never thought of actually using them at Food Lion. LOL.

  3. Had my stuff ready to go back to FL and get some more cupcakes and garbage bags while I was up in Rome every day this week, but ended up not going back out there. But, I have to go back again Monday, so maybe I'll feel like going then.

    Can you explain the Cherries and foil? I don't know what advantage buy is?

  4. Kel- LOL! I know!

    Mel- The deal with advantage buys is this: (and I just learned this myself!) Scan your purchases first, then hand over your card last. It will show full price before the "advantage buy" price comes off. Washington Bing Cherries are $4.99/lb right now, but on advantage buy for $1.99/lb. So. You get a little over a pound of cherries- you want it to be right at $5 (you may have to fiddle with the prepackaged bags some. I found two that were on the small-ish side and removed some from one bag and put some in another until I was just a hair over a pound. Then, scan the card. It will take off the $3 for the adv. buy. Then hand over the $2/$5 Produce FLip. It counts off the total price before card! So off comes $2.

    FREE CHERRIES!!! and they are sooooo good! (I have about five boxes of foil and cupcake mix now!)

  5. oh and the foil is regularly $1.35, but on advantage buy until September something. . . so again, ring it, then your card and the $1/1 FLip will come off with no beeps. Yahoo for no beeps!

  6. Brandy, I'm assuming you're using printable FLIPS right?