Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Free entertainment Book!

Check out my linky over on the right for Cashbaq! They are offering a deal on Entertainment Books. If you've never gotten one, they are awesome. We have used a bunch of the q's, plus a hotel discount from the front, and there are $5/$50 purchase q's that our Publix accepts as competitor q's.

So go click on that little link over to the right and sign up for Cashbaq. Buy a 2009 Entertainment Book for $7.99 and get $8 cash in your account.

Another nice thing about Entertainment Book, once you have one, register your book online using the code provided and get lots more coupons to print! ;) We know how I love those printable coupons. . .


  1. I signed up but I don't know how to find the book, or anything.

  2. hmmmm- it looks like the Entertainment Book company has decided to change this offer. Not cool!

    However, cashbaq still has awesome promotions from time to time, and earning cash back for nothing really is cool too.

  3. What did they change it to? No more 7.99 rebate?

    I've been using swagbucks, and have earned 2 $5 Amazon gift cards. I like getting those for nothing more than something I do all the time anyway, using the search field.
    I always used Google before that. I don't search alot, but I'm too lazy to type in the whole www. address .com, so I just type the name of the site into the search field and let it find it for me.

    I told my family about swagbucks. My two oldest sons signed up on their computers and have been outearning me, lol!

  4. They changed it- for now it's buy a 2010 book and get a 2009 book free, and $10 cashbaq. They also might change it again I think, from what i read. That's awesome on swagbucks. I do it too, but not much. I don't search a lot either, but I try to go over there once a day and type a few random things in...I get about 1-3 a day.