Monday, July 20, 2009

Making my Publix shopping list

I am starting my list for this week's Publix trip. Since I'll be shopping on Wednesday this week, I have to start kind of early. One of the sites has a sneak peek up, so I am checking it out.

Here are some things of note on my list

Eight O'Clock Coffee $4.99 bogo
$2/2 Printable HERE
This will make the coffee $1.50/each (darn good price for coffee!)

Purina Friskies cat food 2/$6
$3/1 Publix coupon from the Savings for all Seasons Pet book (I have 4) (found when I was in GA, never saw them in TN- I KNEW I should have grabbed more because I expected moneymakers from these q's.) stacked with
$1/1 insert coupon: 6/28 SS (I have two) and
$3.50/1 Printable from HERE (I have two)
this will give me $9 overage for four bags.
There is also a $1/1 printable HERE
Note: Even if you don't have the Publixq, if you can print the coupon from the link above, it will give you a small mm of $.50. (When I printed the q before it was for $3/1, but when I just printed it from our laptop, it was for $3.50/1)

Alexia Crunchy snacks: $2.89 bogo
$.75/2 Target coupon HERE stacked with
$1/1 mq from insert: 6/14 SS makes these 2/$.14!!

Bumblebee Tuna 4pk cans $3.99 bogo
(We are always looking for good deals on tuna)
$1/2 printable HERE makes these $1.50/pack or $.40 a can (approximately)

Moneymakers I am still using, or have found more coupons for:
Carefree pantiliners $1.39/ea:
$3/3 Publix coupon from Adv Buy flyer stacked with $.50/1 printable HERE

Tylenol $3.48/ea:
$2/1 mq from insert stacked with $2/1 Summertime Savings coupon

Apple & Eve juice $1.39/ea:
$.50/1 mq from Greenwise magazine stacked with $1/1 Publix q from Summertime Savings
(assuming I can find some more of the Greenwise magazines- everyone is out of them!)

Reach floss $1.49/ea:
$1/1 mq from insert stacked with $1/1 Publix q from Summertime Savings book (There is also a coupon on - or there was- for "Listerine" which, when printed, actually has Reach Floss as one of the "or this" items you can buy with the coupon. There are $2/1 and $1/1 q's available, depending on zipcode)


  1. What exactky is the $1/1 "insert coupon" listed under the Purina Fiskies cat food? I have 2 of the Publix pet books that a friend got me and would love to do this eal as well. Thanks.


  2. Hi Shannon! Sorry, I should be more specific. :) The $1/1 insert q is a Friskies coupon from the 6/28 Smartsource insert. There is also a $1/1 printable link- I added it to the original post. Hope that helps!

  3. Now see, I never saw the pet books here in GA.

    I also printed my limit from the giveabowl on the dogfood for Kroger's sale, dang it.

    Looks like I'll only be getting the Starkist Seasations on account they are free and the ol' man eats tham at work. Me and the kids don't like them.

    And maybe some cheap cake mix, if the reduced sugar ones are included.

  4. it was totally random that I saw those! I was walking around the Publix nearest a friend's house (we were staying with her) and she does not coupon. I happened to spy the display of these and *GASPED*, nearly giving my friend a heart attack. LOL! I said COUPONS! She started laughing. She doesn't coupon, and thought I might be a little crazy. hehe
    I grabbed up a few and got her some too (she has cats). Yeah, there's not a lot this week, but there are some things I need so using the overage to get them.

  5. We didn't get the starkist q's here. :(

  6. lol, I think you're not the crazy one.

    Yea, we don't get good coupons like $4 Kingsford, but they give us nasty stuff like Starkist fish.

  7. hmph. We didn't get the seasations, OR the $4 Kingsford. Or a whole lot of other good q's. boo. We never, EVER get Kellogg's q's or Quaker Rice Cake q's either.

  8. Love your site it really helps with my planning. I am in GA and was able to grab 4 pet coupon books have not seen them since.
    Thank you again

  9. Dang, that stinks. I wonder how they decide what coupons to give what region.

    When we didn't get the $4 Kingsford I was like, they knew they'd be paying out alot on charcoal if they give southerners coupons, lol.

  10. Christa- thanks! I am glad I am able to help you out! Also- awesome that you found the pet books. That was a total fluke for me! :)

    Mel- I know! The last couple of weeks have been almost all ads for those home order things- yo know, tacky tchotchkes and knick-knacks, robes, antifungal toe stuff...hardly any actual coupons. Grrr. I actually wrote and email to Kellogg, asking, out of curiosity, how they determine what areas get what coupons. Their response? "We don't send coupons to people who ask for them." Like I asked them to mail me q's! I was so mad! I wrote back, that's really funny because that's NOT what I asked you! I asked how the area was determined, but I can guarantee after that response, I will only buy your cereal if it's free. ugh. How rude!

    And lol about the charcoal!! HA!

  11. That was very rude of them to respond like that. Good for you writing back and telling them off.