Thursday, July 30, 2009

Deals I am picking up this week

A post for anyone wondering what are "the good deals" for the week.

Note: Sale weeks are Sunday through Saturday for Target, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Kroger and CVS, and Wednesday through Tuesday for Food Lion and Publix.

Softsoap Ensembles: $3 clearance = Free after coupons
use $2/1 Target printable HERE and $1/1 Softsoap printable from HERE

Weight Watchers Smart Ones frozen entrees: $1.68 clearance= $.18 after coupons
Use $1/1 Target coupon HERE and $2/4 coupon from Nothing Goes to Waist Publix booklet

Kashi cereal cups: $1/ea= Free after coupon {Same deal at Publix}
Use $1/1 Kashi Target printable coupon from Coupon Generator above

Toy Clearance! Word on the street is that the semi-annual Target toy clearance is underway. 75% off of many items.

Scotch Bubble Mailers: $.59/ea = -$.41
Use $.50/1 coupon from 7/26 RP, doubles for overage

Kleenex: 2/$3 = $.67/ea after coupon
Use 2 $1/3 Target coupons from database linked above and 3 $.50/2 coupons from 7/12 SS insert, doubled, for each 6 you buy.

Bertolli Pasta Sauce: $3.75 bogo= $.88/ea after coupon
Use $1/1 coupon from Family is Its Own Reward booklet

Kraft Deluxe Mac and Cheese Dinner: $1.99 bogo = Free after coupon
Use $1/1 IP from Kraft release last month. Or $1/2 if you have it to make them $.24/ea

Kellogg's Pop Tarts: $2.39 bogo = -$.11/ea after coupon
Use $.55/1 mq from 6/7 RP or HERE and the $.75/1 Target printable coupon from database

Dole Fruit Bowls: $2.35 bogo = $1.35/ea after coupon
Use $1/2 printable from last month (no longer available), also available in August All You magazine. (There are other printables currently available, but not as good)

Food Lion
Starbucks bottled drinks: $1.89 = -$.11 after coupon
Use $2/1 FLip

Home360 ALuminum Foil: $.99 = -$.01 after coupon
Use $1/1 FLip

Home360 Baby wipes Travel Pack: $1.62 = $.12 after coupon

and lastly, the $1/1 Guiding Stars FLip is good for lots of things, I've been getting free produce like bananas, cherries, peaches, cheap canned chickpeas and black beans and there are lots of other things you can use this on.


  1. Have you had anyone give you a hard time for using the Gliding Stars FLIP? I am afraid they will say they don't offer that program. Is there a list somewhere or do you just use it on what ever you want? Thanks!

  2. Oh sorry, spoke to soon. I thought you were using that FLIP at Publix.

  3. I haven't used that FLip at Publix yet, but I am going to use it there on my next trip. If they ask me what it is, I will just explain that it is a Food Lion program that encourages customers to purchase healthy items by labeling them with stars. The coupon can be used on anything worth 1-3 stars. All produce, most frozen veggies, things like that. So I am going to give it a go. My Publix is pretty good with q's, so I don't think it will be a problem. As long as they take Food Lion coupons, then they should take it.

  4. My Bertolli Q from Family is its Own Reward is expired as of 7/29/09. Do you have a different version?

  5. Thank you for all your work on sharing your ideas. I have to say I could hit multiple stores a day and save greatly on a very low "OOP" but I have noticed I am using more fuel with all my never ending errands LoL.

    Thank You again

  6. Hi Jenny- no it's the same one. I was hoping to get to Publix on Wednesday (our sales cycle starts Wed) to use it, but I will be going tomorrow. My Publix will accept expired q's, so I can still use them. It never hurts to ask at the CS desk if they will take them since they're only a couple of days past! :) Thanks for dropping by.

  7. Christa- LOL! In all my planning, I try to combine my trips and go to all the stores in one area. Luckily, for me, most of my stores are very near one another, and the Food Lion is a mile from my house (I pass it whenever I have to leave my house to go anywhere). With the exception of Publix/Target (which are an hour from me, and I always hit up those two at the same time, once a week) :)

    My trips out generally look like this: Walgreens, Target, Kroger, Rite Aid, Wal-Mart, Food Lion- in order from furthest from my house to closest. :) My daughter's gymnastics classes are near the Kroger so when we go there, twice a week, I plan to hit up at least one or two stores to conserve fuel.

    But yes, I know what you mean. Never-ending errands indeed!

  8. Dang, I got the free scotch mailers from Walgreens before I saw the Publix overage :-(

  9. I know, I just saw someone else post about it on HCW and I did the head-slap. Why didn't I think of that? :)