Sunday, July 5, 2009

For the disbelievers

I know there are some people who would read about these deals and think- there is no way on this earth that is possible. No way.
So...for the disbelievers... Believe it!

Transaction 1

Transaction 2 (this receipt was smaller, so I've included the list of coupons as well.

Transaction 3

Transaction 4 (this is the one where I got money back)


  1. I too love Publix! Looks like you're better at the deals...I've never been that low at Publix. Virtual high-five!

  2. Hi Sara! Thanks! I am just now getting this down to a science. It took some work, and it takes a LOT of organization (and oh my goodness, you should see my desk. It's SCARY!) but it is SO worth it.

  3. You should see my desk too. Maybe we should take pics. of our coupon area so that people know that we are HUMAN!

  4. Actually, I did take a picture yesterday it was so out of control! I finally got to clean it a little, but it's nowhere near neat.