Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Green Advantage Buy Flyer 8/1

My favorite moneymaker is back! There is a $6/2 Sundown vitamin Publix q in the new Advantage Buy flyer- combine this with a $1/1 or a $3/2 for moneymakers.

$1/1 manufacturer coupon HERE or in the 6/28 RP insert (there were also blinkies available somewhere- I bought some off of EBay last time around)

$3/2 printable HERE


  1. Yay for some new overage item...but I don't have nearly the amount of Sundown coupons as I did J&J ones.
    I'm going to miss the J&J overage alot!

  2. I got some $5/2 Sundown Qs that came through my coupon train!! I have no idea where they originated.

  3. Wow Margery- that $5/2 is a great one! :D

  4. Went to the Publix in Spring Hill yesterday, and found 2 bottles of Sundown stuff on the clearance shelf!! One for $1.90 & the other for $2.30. Made a nice little sum on that one with the $3/2 and the Publix $6/2!!

    Thanks for the info!

  5. Sherry- That is AWESOME! I keep eyeballing our clearance area, but so far all I've seen are some Nature's Bounty for about $3.50. hmph.

    A note: the $3/2 has been reset in the past few months because I was able to print more, and I printed them the last time around too.