Sunday, July 12, 2009

Food Lion

Had to go buy some papers today at Walgreens and also picked up some copy paper (since my printer was out of paper) and three bottles of Starbucks Frappuchino with the $1/1 mq from the insert. Then two trips to Food Lion yesterday and today (just because it's around the corner). I also went to drop off some recycling and it was really busy so I took advantage of the fact that the guy manning the center was on the other side of the compactor, busy, to dig around in the newspaper bin and pulled out 10ish inserts from the last two weeks. ;)
here's the combined trips

Food Lion

5 Starkist tuna pouches $1.49 bogo ($1.50/3 mq, $1/1 flip)
2 Duncan Hines Cake Mix 5/$5 ($1/1 flip= free)
1 Healthy Accents nail sticks $.79 ($1/1 flip= free+)
1 Home 360 cups $1.29 ($1/1 flip)
Total food tax: $.22
Total non-food tax: $.04

Total oop: $1.26


  1. Good job on getting the inserts! I wish I could do that, but the old guys guarding the Convenience Center won't allow dumpster diving. I should ask them anyway. All they say is no, right.

    How or why did you get 5 tuna pouches, instead of 4?

    Does your Food Lion only allow you to use 1 FLip at a time?

    I know Target's coupon says the same thing, but they always let me use 2 or 3 at a time anyway, so I wondered if FL was lax about it at all.

  2. Our recycle center is weird. There are no signs saying you can't dig around. There are two guys that work there (that I've seen). One is very friendly and has seen me digging around and not said anything. The other is so stand-offish. He was working once and he got on his megaphone (too lazy to walk over to me) and said "MISS THERE'S NO SCROUNGING IN THE PRODUCT". um. ok. LOL. So it's hit or miss. The nice guy was there today, but I didn't want to tempt him to tell me to get out of the dumpster. :D I just peeked in and pulled some things out of the top anyway, it's been raining so a lot of the things were soaked under the top few layers.

    oops- I put the wrong thing. I had a tearpad q someone sent me for $1.50/3 pouches, so I used that and a $1/1 Guiding Stars flip on 3 pouches in one transaction. The next trip, I bought two (since they were bogo) and used the $1/1 flip. Without the q, buying two made them $.24/ea.

    Yes, once I did attempt to use two, with the nice cashier, who is cool with q's, to see what would happen, and he tried and tried to get the register to allow it, but it flat wouldn't. So yep, only one per transaction anyway. He might've let me split into two, but I didn't push it. (I too use several at Target, but their registers apparently aren't prgrammed to only take one per transaction, whereas FL's apparently are)

  3. 10-4 on the Tuna. I have to go to Rome tomorrow for The Exam (yuk) and thought I'd take the plunge and try a Food Lion shop. Wish me luck....after my day today, I need it.

    What about have you done more than one transaction in the same day using the same FLip coupons? For instance if you bought the Home 260 item and took it out to the car and came back in and did it again, can you do that? I wondered if the MVP card catches you or anything.

    I know I sound terrible, trying to break the rules, but people that live close by can go once a day. I live too far away to go more than about once a week.

  4. I've done it once, only because I got to the car and realized I really DID want more ice cream. LOL. So I went back in and got more. The cashier didn't say anything. The Food Lion is literally a milke from my house, so it's no big deal for me to drop by once a day - but it does say "one per person per day" or something, so they could say no. I would pick up two and ask, is it ok if I do these in two separate transactions? And see what they say. Worst they can say is no. :)

    No, I know what you mean. I try to follow the rules, except when I go to Publix. I figure, Food Lion may only let me do one a day, but I can go there every day. Publix is a once a week, so if I use 7, then they save me from going to Food Lion seven days in a row. ;)

  5. oh and the MVP card does not track purchases, so you don't have to worry about that.