Friday, July 3, 2009

Publix 7/3 can I get a woot woot!

Great shop at Publix today!! My favorite cashier wasn't there, but the manager that I have talked with a few times actually checked me out. I did four transactions and on the last one, I went negative! I said, oh, let me grab a few things to make it positive, the cashier said, I think I can give it to you. I said, well, I don't want you to get in trouble, and he said, well, let me ask. Sharon came over and said, oh yeah, it's fine, go ahead and give it to her. AWESOME!

I did take some pics of my carts, but I have to get home and upload them. (At grandma's house right now).

6 18lb bags Kingsford Charcoal ($3 flip, $3 mq)
6 KC Masterpiece bbq sauce ($2/1 mq, $1/2 flip= free +)
10 2-pack pork steaks ($6/1 mq, (4) $3/1 pork wyb charcoal Pxq, (2) $1/1 any meat item Px Baby Club q= free+)
4 morningstar hot dogs (on clearance!) ($2/1 wyb charcoal= free+)
4 morningstar burgers ($2/1 wyb charcoal, $2/2 Targetq= free+)
2 morningstar sausage ($2/1 wyb charcoal, $2/2 Targetq= free+)
1 can lump crab meat (no q's)
10 4-packs Apple & Eve juice ($1/1 mq, $1/1 Publixq= free+)
4 Glad snack bags ($1/1 mq, $1/1 flip= free+)
2 Hefty Fresh Extend bags ($1/1 mq, $1/1 Targetq= free+)
1 Bounce dryer sheets ($1/1 mq, $.75/1 Targetq)
20 Kool-Aid packets (no q's)
2 brown sugar ($2/1 sugar wyb 10 kool-aid= free+)
1 Alexia waffle fries (free q)
2 Chef Boyardee (Bogo free mq, 1 free wyb Hawaiian punch flip)
1 gallon Hawaiian punch (free wyb 2 Chef Boyardee flip)
1 Smuckers jam ($.25/1 mq)
1 milky way candy bar (no q's)
2 cream cheese ($1/2 Publix q, $1/1 mq)
2lb grapes (no q's)
2lb cherries (no q's)
6 Lays potato chips (Buy2Get1 free mq, $1/2 mq)
6 2 liter cokes ($1/3 mq)
10 Bush's Baked Beans ($1/2 mq)
1 12-pack Quilted Northern Bath Tissue ($1/1 mq)
also: a $5/25, $5/50 and $9rr's to cover tax
Total oop: $1.34
Total saved: $267.23 (99.5%)

A note: I had rainchecks for Morningstar bogo and Charcoal for $7.99. I wanted to do the "deals" when both were on sale a few weeks ago and had coupons with them, but they were expired. I asked CS if I could use the coupons with the items I was purchasing, even if I wasn't actually using the Raincheck (since charcoal was actually cheaper than my raincheck)- they said, no problem. :) So I did use some expired Target and flip q's for Morningstar, charcoal and KC Masterpiece.


  1. Can't wait to see the pics. Excellent job!

  2. pics loaded in a new post :) Enjoy!

  3. Where is the glad flip Q? And the Flip Charcoal Q? I have not seen them!

  4. Hi, visiting from Southern Savers.

    WOW. You are my new heroine, LOL! Great job! I am reasonably new to couponing, so I am still working my way into all the coupon sources. We traveled a lot this past month, and I learned the hard way that forgetting to pick up the paper each week (we do not subscribe, as it would wipe out our savings) can really trip me up later. Oh well. Live and learn. I did score really well at CVS this week.

    I also love Publix and we went yesterday. Not too bad - lots of coupon matches and lots of items that we picked up for less than $1. That made me happy, but having to spend $6 for three avocados did not (we REALLY wanted guacamole, LOL). I'm getting better though. We had coups for lots of things, which made me smile!

    Happy 4th!

  5. Lizel- You can get the Glad flip here:
    The charcoal one was expired- I had it along with a raincheck I had for charcoal. :) Thanks for stopping by!

    Angela- I don't subscribe either. Lately I have been buying the Sunday paper at Wags b/c they have a summer special- $.99 for the Sunday Tennessean. If I had a Publix closer to me I would buy them there- that's what I did when we were in Atlanta last week- I worked them into my deals and got them free. :D I do love Publix.

    I know- the price of avocados is ridiculous! And my daughter can eat one in a sitting. I was thrilled to score some coupons at a Publix in GA.

    Happy 4th to you too and thanks for dropping by!