Friday, July 17, 2009

All You Grocery Challenge

I am working at this All You challenge. I don't think it's really too much of a challenge, except wouldn't ya know it, there's a lot of good deals on things I wouldn't normally buy (like energy drinks!)

I'm also not sure how to enter some of my receipts. Since household items don't count- only food. What about when you use household items to get overage to buy food? *headscratch*. At my last Publix shop, I used food to get overage to buy a gas card. I don't want to add those $70+ for the gas card, but the food didn't actually cost me anything- if anything, the food was negative- so do I subtract that from my total? Or just consider it zero? (I'm going with zero, although a negative balance would be really cool!)

At any rate, here's where (I think) I stand so far.
Monday: Food Lion $.15, Wal-Mart: $.48
Tuesday: Publix $4.75
Wednesday: Kroger $3.52
Thursday: Food Lion $.27
Friday: Publix $1.66, Whole Foods $1.31 {Burger King $5.87 <--I hate this, but that's what happens when you oversleep and are late for an appointment!}
Total so far: $18.01

examples of things we've eaten this week
Tacos, chips and salsa, diced avocado
Spaghetti, diced sauteed zucchini from the garden, corn on the cob
veggie dogs, peas, mac and cheese

If you're not familiar with this challenge, the All You WalMart magazine is challenging us to spend $25/person per week on groceries for the next 4 weeks (not including household items, beauty, etc. Basically all consumables, other than infant formula, count). Cakewalk.


  1. Yes I would record the negative amounts.

  2. You think?? I should post a question on their blog.

  3. You should prolly post on the post to make sure, but I was figuring it like when we shop and get overage. As I shop I write down the price of the item and the coupon amount and the total after coupon. Sometimes that's a negative number. At the end I add/subtract all my numbers and that's what my final cost is. So I thought you should record your costs the same way for the challenge, even if you got it less than free.