Sunday, July 26, 2009

Problems with the $2/$5 produce FLip? A tip...

Here's a tip I just picked up on. If you want to use the $2/$5 produce Flip on the pre-MVP price, when you go through the line, do it this way:

1. Place your items on the conveyer...cashier rings them up
2. Dig through your q's to pick out the proper ones as cashier is ringing.
3. After (s)he is done, hand over your coupons, then dig for your MVP card.
4. As they are scanning the coupons, say, let me get my card for you (I always use a regular card and not a key-chain card for this reason, to buy time)
5. Then lastly, scan the card: all MVP prices come off at the end

This way, the coupons are taken off the high value and the cashier can't say, oh, you can't use THAT! (because they usually don't know the pre/post MVP pricing)
Then when they scan your card at the end, all the sales will come off. You don't have to have an MVP card to use FLips.

Good Luck!

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  1. Good advice. I haven't had any problems yet - knock on wood.