Saturday, July 25, 2009

A trip out without my kiddos

Wow. It's really nice not to have an 8 month old screaming to be picked up and a 4 year old saying "I'm Hungry" "I'm thirsty" "I have to go to the bathroom!" constantly while I'm trying to figure out deals and math in my head.

I left my kids at home and went out to run some deals. I also finally found out the score with Rite Aid's new ads. Apparently their corporate has decided to only run the long ads (12+pages) in certain large metropolitan markets, but even if your area has a 4-page ad (like ours) the sales are still effective that are advertised in the large ad areas! The little tags on the shelves are linked to the ad market, so the stores with the short ads won't receive the little shelf tags, which means that the sales price won't be marked at all. The CSR assured me that the sale price should still ring up properly since all registers are linked through corporate. I haven't tried this yet, but I will soon!

Rite Aid
1 RX Faces Sunblock $8.29
Free Faces Sunblock Rite aid coupon= Free
1 RX lip Sunblock $2.49
Free lip balm Sunblock Rite aid coupon= Free
5 Schick Quatro $5.99
$4/1 manufacturer coupon= $1.99/ea
2 M&Ms $.88/ea
no q's
1 Ayr Saline Nasal $4.69
no q's
2 RA Vitamin C chewable $5.49/ea
no q's
Used $5/$25 coupons, in two transactions
Total tax: $4.90
Total oop: 16.89

Will get back $3 Ayr scr and $25 gift card for Kimberly Clark purchase.

2 Tylenol 4.99/ea
$2/1 mq= $2.99/ea {earn $3rr/ea}
2 recycled pencil packs $.50/ea
no q's
2 G2 Pilot pen packs $1/ea
no q's {earn $1rr/ea}
2 posterboard $.09/ea
no q's
15 Scotch tape $.39/ea
$1/3 mq= $.06/ea
1 Cherry coke 20 oz $.99
no q's
2 double pack Excedrin $6.99 bogo
$2/1 mq= $2.99/2 (four boxes) {earn $5rr wyb 2}
total tax: $2.54
Total oop: $3.53
Total saved: $58.57 (94%)
$5rr left; Profit $1.47

Food Lion
1lb red delicious apples
$1/1 Guiding Stars FLip
1 Home360 aluminum foil $.99
$1/1 Home360 product= -$.01
2 Ragu $1.69/ea
$2/2 FLip
$.75/1 mq= -$.12
Total oop: $.84


  1. Our local Rite Aid has the "short ads". I have to take my ad from the AJC and they will match the price, but it doesn't automatically ring up the sale price. Hopefully yours will be different, but just in case you might be sure to take the bigger sale paper if you can get it.

    How many is a pound of lol, that's what it was when I was buying them at Target a couple months ago.
    I saw they put that your item has to be more than $1.00 to use the Guiding Stars coupon now, dang it. I was looking forward to more of the cans of pineapple slices. Hubby loves pineapple sandwiches.
    The big cans are just too big. He puts the leftovers in a tuppoerware bowl and forgets about them until they clean out the fridge and throws them away.

  2. Mel- Thanks for the heads-up on the sales ad. I told the CSR I spoke to on the phone that I would print it out off the computer and take it in with me. He said if they had questions, to have them call in and they would verify the sales price. Awesome. All this time I was missing out on the free stuff!

    Yeah, a pound of apples- two. LOL. Well, it was a little over a pound. I saw that on the GS coupon too. It kind of sucks since there are a lot of $.99 items that you could use it on.