Thursday, July 2, 2009

Walgreens and Rite Aid 7/2/09

I had to go to Walgreens today for some moneymakers and I went to Rite Aid yesterday. I need to go back to Rite Aid to see if they got more Stayfree in stock, but I did get a raincheck just in case. :)
I could have done better at Walgreens, but I had N bouncing up and down next to me saying she was a)thirsty. Mommy I'm DEHYDRATED! b)had to go to the bathroom c)hungry and Zachary was so tired he just started screaming his head off (and that was with him in the carrier) so I couldn't do the addition in my head. I could have gotten three more fillers for approx. $1 and saved another $5 up front, but I still have the rr's that I'll take with me to Publix tomorrow. :D The best part was the Excedrin. It was buy two, get $5rrs. I had two $2/1 coupons. Then, they had them packaged in twos, so, buy one box, get one free. Instead of getting two 50ct boxes for 4.99/ea minus q's, I got four boxes of 50ct for 4.99/ea, minus $2/ea, then got $5rrs back!


4 Trial size Dove deodorant
4 Dove body Mist
6 Lindsay Olives
6 photos
4 Right Guard fast Break
2 double-pack Excedrin Migraine
Total oop:$13.54
Total savings: $55.02
Rr's left: $12

Rite Aid
1 Listerine Cool Blue Kids
12 Stayfree Pads
2 Band-Aid Antibiotic
Total oop: $4.11 (all tax)
Total saved: $60.37
Total rebates to receive: $1
When I go buy my other ten Stayfree, I will also get back a $25 gift card...more to come.


  1. I needed fillers to use my rr's, so instead of wandering around looking for cheap stuff to fill in my order, I pre-ordered some photos! :) Ordered singly, they are rung up individually at $.19/ea and make a great fill!