Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wal-Mart and Food Lion

I've been doing a bunch of little Food Lion shops, but not posting them since they're basically the same thing each time- free tissues, cheap produce, cheap frozen pizzas. LOL.

But here's a sample, from today:
Food Lion
3 Smart options Frozen cheese pizzas .50/ea
-$1/3 smart options items
1 Home360 Tissues w/Lotion .95
-$1/1 Home360 item
2.28lb bananas 1.30
-$1/1 Guiding Stars item
total food tax: $.10
total non-food tax: $.04
Total oop: $.89

We needed Poison Ivy Round-Up weed killer. While I was there, decided to check out a bunch of free after coupon things, looked at some prices of things, found some, didn't find others. When I go back, I'll get some more of those things.
2 Nestle 6-pack Flavor water $1.00 (these rang up $2.18, but the shelf was marked $1, so I got them for $1)
-$1/1 mq ip= Free
5 O-Celo sponge packs $.92/ea
-$1/1 mq (from Summertime Savings booklet) = -$.08/ea
1 Gerber fruit puffs $2.18
-no q's
2 Blue Bunny ice cream sandwiches $1/ea
-$1/1 mq ip= Free
4 Adams Flea Collar $.97/ea
-$3/1 mq= -$2.03/ea
1 Round Up Weed Killer $6.88
-no q's
Total food tax: $.39
Total non-food tax: $1.46
Total oop: $2.43

Items to be on the lookout for:
Bengay single pack patches, $1.50 (-$2/1 mq= Free+)
Colgate toothpaste/toothbrush, cheap ($3/2- one of each= Free+)
Tide travel size $.97 (-$1/1 mq= Free+)
Head and Shoulders travel size $.97 (-$1/1 mq= free+)
Scotch Lint Rollers $.97/$1.00 -($1/1 mq from Summertime Savings= Free+) [I haven't been able to locate the small sizes of these, but I'm still looking]


  1. Good deals.

    My son's PT is finished so no more Food Lion visits for me unless I make a special trip.

    And I haven't worked up the gumption yet to go back to Walmart.
    I'm such a sissy :-(

  2. lol- I know what you mean- I usually tey to go at night or on sat.sundays when the college students are working b/c they don't care. I chanced it today since DH called out sick (threw out his back) and I could leave my 4-year old at home with him (makes it easier). I picked a line with a young-ish female and it worked out ok. The adams ones beeped- "verify coupon amount" and she did, pushed them through. The o-cello ones beeped and said "see journal" and spit out a piece of register tape. She double checked and said, ok, she has them. And another cashier was standing there and said "just enter them as vendor coupon: $1" After she did those, she was looking at the printed ones for the water and ice cream and said something to the other woman and she said, scan them, it should be fine as long as they're not over the amount.
    HA! The first coupons she scanned (adams and o-celo) were all over the amount but she didn't notice/care. When the other person said that, she was like, no, these are $1. Those two didn't beep at all- went right through.


  3. I can't stand going into walmart! The lines, the people, overcrowded departments, not enough workers...get my point! :) It's really funny to me that I feel this way when I used to LOVE walmart. I would spend hours in there thinking that I was getting the very best deals and then almost throw up when I walked out spending over $300 every week. What was I thinking????

    I am in the market for some sponges and I have been grabbing those BenGay blinkies every time I see them, so now I might have a new mission (without my daughter because of the temptations!!). Thanks!

  4. Bethany- I know it!! I haven't gone to Wal-Mart in ages! Ever since I started mega-couponing, I have only popped in to get the All You magazine. But I ran across these deals, and thught I'd make a run. (Plus those Adams coupons are coming in handy for overage...and we know how much I love my overage)