Saturday, August 15, 2009

Free Schwan's

Free Food delivered to your door! Go HERE. Schwan's is offering a free item up to $10 delivered to your home. I just purchased a 2 lb bag of cheese tortellini for $.08.


*it doesn't take $10 off your order. It gives you a free item under $10. I picked a $9.99 item. :) So be sure to choose something under $10. (the $.08 I paid was tax)


  1. I ordered my Schwan's about 2 weeks ago. It said they'd come on Thursday at any time so I spent the whole day at home waiting and they never showed up. So I checked the email confirmation and - duh me - it was for the Thursday after, the 13th.

    So this past Thursday I sat here all day and waited on them...and they never showed up.

    Oh well.

  2. oh man! Did you call them? I am usually here, so I'm not too worried about missing them.

  3. I didn't call them. I haven't felt good this whole week. Maybe I'll call Monday.

    I'm usually here, too, until I have to wait on someone/thing. That's usually when I have somewhere I need/want to go.