Friday, August 14, 2009

Kroger Triples- My first :)

I finally made my way to Kroger's triples. I ended up doing two transactions at Nipper's Corners and one at the Brentwood store. (I had some drama- upon leaving the Nippers store, I left my little box of q's in the cart!!) I got to Brentwood, realized it was missing and went back. Thank goodness someone found it and turned it in. *whew* It was only my q's specifically for Kroger, but there were some "free" coupons in there. Like my "free Rice Krispies" Vocalpoint coupon. Man, I was so happy.

Anyway, I found some pretty good deals! I can't wait to see exactly what next week's mega-event has going on b/c there might be some really awesome deals with the Megas, triples AND e-coupons!!

Transaction 1
4 Welch's Grape jelly $1.99/ea
-$.75/1 ip = Free
4 Organic Valley Milk carton $2.19/ea (sale)
-$.75/1 any milk wyb Welch's grape = -$.06 (got overage b/c mgr had to manually enter these)
4 Country Crock $2.14
-$.75/1 mq (from old Publix Adv Buy flyer exp 8/31)= Free
2 Taster's Choice 6-pack coffee sticks $1.45
-$.75/1 mq ip = Free
2 Duracell Batteries 4pk $3.14 (sale)
-$.75/1 mq = $.89/ea
2 Franks Hot Sauce $1.15
-$.50/1 mq ip = Free
Total tax: $1.25
Total oop: $.56
Total savings: $43.75 (99%)

Transaction 2
1 Edge Shave Gel $2.00 (sale)
-$.75 mq = Free
1 Tabasco $1.75
-$.75/1 mq (tearpad) = Free
1 Mott's Applesaucs $1.85
-$.50/1 mq ip = $.35
2 Mahatma Brown Rice $2.49/ea
-$.75/1 mq ip = $.24/ea
2 Mission tortilla $2.69/ea
-$.75/1 mq (blinkies) = $.44/ea
Total tax: $.53
Total oop: $2.24
Total savings: $14.67 (85%)

Transaction 3
1 Kelloggs Rice Krispies $2.50/ea
-Free Rice Krispies coupon(Vocalpoint)+ Kelloggs $4/4= -$1.00
2 Kelloggs Rice Krispies $2.50/ea
-$1/1(Vocalpoint)+ Kelloggs $4/4= $.50/ea
2 Kelloggs Cinnabon $1.99/ea
-$.75/1 (tearpad)= Free
5 Yogos $2.50/ea
-$.50/1 ip mq + Kelloggs $4/4= Free
2 Duracell Batteries 4pk $3.14 (sale)
-$.75/1 mq = $.89/ea
6 LaraBar $1.25/ea (sale)
-$.75/2 mq (peelie)= $.25/2
1 Knudsen juice $2.07 (sale)
-$.75/1 mq = Free
2 Lightlife veggie slices $2.00 (sale)
-$.75/1 peelie mq= Free
3 Bumblebee tuna pouches $1.50/ea
-$.55/1 mq (blinkie)= Free
2 Kroger Wheat Bread $.78/ea
-$2/1 wyb yogos mq = -$1.22/ea
1 ICE $3.89
-no q's
Total tax: $2.17
Total oop: $7.15
Total savings: $64.25 (89%)

**not including the ice, which I had to have for my cooler, savings were (95%)

I qill be able to submit the Kellogg's receipt for the Fuel For School, getting back $10. This makes my total Kroger trip a Profit of $.05 :D


  1. Great shops! Lucky for y'all on the triples.

    Glad you got your coupons back!

  2. Brandy, can you tell us where the $3/1 Purina coupon is on that website? Thanks!

  3. kelly- see my response to shannon on the other post re: Purina coupon

  4. ohhh my! i lost a box of crackers, AND my reciept (with kellogg's stuff!) somehow between the Nipper's Corner store and my house, but losing a coupon box is worse!! glad you got it back! and somehow, I managed to make up for it today by buying 10 more rebate items and walking out of the store getting paid $1.55 in cash...yep, it was THEIR mistake, I pointed it out (they scanned 2 coupons twice!), but the CS guy still said oh it's fine we can do cash back! pretty sure they shouldn't have done that, but I did tell them why and how to fix it!!

    I just posted pics of all I got on my page, but didn't list it all out!

    glad your first triples went well for you!!!