Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Charcoal: A new strategy.

Since the demand for charcoal has gone up at my store, and the peek for next week has the charcoal on sale again, I have developed a new strategy! LOL!

I need the overage and not the rainchecks right now, so I placed a call to the store and spoke with one of my favorite managers. I told her I saw a peek of the ad for next week and noticed it was going to be on sale and recommended they place a large order as I KNOW it will sell. She said she knew the last time there were several people looking for it, and asked me how many I thought they should get. I said "Well, I know that I for sure will buy 8 if you have them" and she said "Ok, so 8 times 5 is 40, so I'll leave a note for the grocery manager to order at least that". I said yep- I know it will sell!

Since i live in Clarksville and can't just run by when a truck gets there, I have to hope it's in stock, so...hopefully by the time I get there they will still have some left. :)


  1. Gahhh, not another charcoal sale.

    I wish I could get excited, but it's hard to with store managers like the ones around here.

    Is the Food Lion Q good on this one or no?

  2. hhahaha! YOu did pretty good the last time around! No- As of now, there's not a current FLip, however, they might put one out soon since Labor Day is around the corner, so keep an eye out!

  3. Melissa,

    Did you do the charcoal deal last time with the albies pork coupon? It was like highway robbery ;) I actually felt a little bad for Publix, nah not really but that was a great deal. I used up all my 4.00 charcoals on that one and have 12 bags in my garage ;)

  4. Leisa, I tried, but the stores I shop that still take the Food Lion coupon...the nice store didn't carry Matchlight, and the other two stores gave me a hard time about using my coupons. I still had several of the $4.00 coupons left but didn't feel up to going and trying to use them.

    Maybe this week I'll be able to use them and not be treated so badly about it. Although I won't get as good of deals as we did last week with the FLip coupons.