Monday, August 10, 2009

Checked out the new antioch Publix

It's allright. It's very pretty. :) I made a point to stop by and ask who they consider competitors as far as coupons are concerned. She said, oh, all the grocery stores, we take the Food Lion coupons, Kroger, Target, Walgreens, that sort of thing. I said, oh, you take Walgreens? She said "as long as it says manufacturer coupon on it". Oh good grief. I said, so you don't take Walgreens coupons, you take manufacturer coupons that might have the Walgreens logo on it. She said, oh yeah, I guess you're right. Then she said, and you can print some coupons off the internet (you think?) and we take those up to $5. That is when I said "I have a coupon that is for $6 off one pork[...blah..blah..] This particular coupon has been approved by your district manager so can I use it?" She said no. I said, well, may I speak to one of your managers please?. A Mgr came over and she told him the coupon (they never looked at it) and he said oh yes, that's fine then (when I brought up the district manager).

I didn't have a very good feeling so I browsed around. No cheap vitamins, and only 2 Covergirl products under $4. I did get those two, and some other things, then thought I'd get 2 bags of charcoal and do the deal that way (I didn't want to push my luck. LOL). Got to the register and the cashier started entering q's, got to the pork one, opened her mouth to speak and I interrupted with "Eric [the manager] approved those coupons. I know they're over $5." She said ok, and had to have a manager come over and enter them. Oddly enough when they scanned, they beeped. I had plenty of items to cover my q's, and nowhere near $50, so I wonder if their registers are set to beep for coupons over $6? Weird.
Did alright, but my total seemed a bit high. I got to the car and realized she only entered one of my Publix Covergirl q's. So I will take that back to my Publix and hopefully they'll adjust it for me. :)
I don't think I'll go back to this store- it was pretty far out of my way and they didn't have that much that my store doesn't have.

2 Kingsford Charcoal $7.99
-$3/1 FLip + $4/1 mq= $.99
2 pork $1.33/ea
-$6/1 pork= -$10.67
2 KC Masterpiece bbq sauce $1.99/ea
-Free wyb Charcoal mq+ $1/2 FLip= -$1.00
2 Covergirl make-up pad removers $2.49/ea
-$2.50/2 mq + $2/1 Publixq = [should have been] -$1.51
1 Crisco Olive Oil $6.49 bogo
-$1/1 mq= $2.25
1 Publix brown sugar $.85
-$1/1 wyb 5 Kool-Aid Food Lionq= -$.15
5 Kool-Aid $.20/ea
-no q's
1 Publix Cheese Pizza $4.69 [Penny item- WOOHOO!]
-penny item q= $.01
2 bags Fresh Express lettuce mix $2.50/ea
-$1/1 FLip= $1.50/ea
2 dozen 4Grain eggs 2/$4
-no q's
Total food tax: $.91
Total non-food tax: $1.94
Total oop: $5.08 [should have been $3.08]
Total saved: $58.76 [should have been $60.76] 95%

I also went to Maryland Farms to see if they had any charcoal in. I did talk to Eric when I got there, he was standing inside the front. We chatted for a minute and he thanked me for letting him know about the charcoal. He said, "I ordered a bunch of the charcoal and we got a ton in yesterday!" He said, "I haven't walked over there today, but I know there was some this morning". He also said, "one guy came in and bought ten bags yesterday!" I told him, "I told you there was a good deal on it." :)

So I walked over there and ... no charcoal.

At least I got a raincheck. And my grandmother bought a few things, and I got a few free after coupon things I had in my binder so I could get the penny pizza. :D Awesome penny item. A few of the cashiers and baggers were teasing me for only having two measly little bags of things. LOL. I always come in and buy a cart full of stuff for pennies, so they thought it was funny I bought so little. ;)

I suspected the Nippers Corners store would also be out, so I dropped in on my drive by and sure enough- no charcoal. So I got a raincheck there too.


  1. I didn't even want to drive over to Maryland Farms today because I knew they would be out of charcoal. Nipper's has been out for several days now. :) I talked to Tim at Nipper's re: keeping more in stock and he informed me that they couldn't stock more because they didn't have enough room to keep it in the back. Makes sense.

  2. heh- I honestly didn't expect to find it so I'm happy with my rainchecks. :)

  3. I was at Nipper's Corner last night and they had just recieved a shipment in. Just my luck, I actually wanted a raincheck.

  4. I am on my way out the door today to use the rest of my charcoal coupons. I am starting to feel your pain with driving so far to a Publix. I have one exactly one mile from my house (not coupon friendly) so now I am driving at least 30 minutes to one that takes FL Q's! How funny is that??! :) Well, I guess it's funny to a non-couponer, not to use extreme ones!! HA!

  5. Dr Mom- Did you run by Maryland Farms? They were out too. It always works like that for me too. LOL. When I am hoping for a sell-out, there's a ton of it.

    Bethany- I know, it is a pain, but it's worth it, you know? Hugs!!

  6. Did you look for the yogos at the antioch store? i was thinking of running out there just for those since I know for sure that Nippers and Concord don't have them....but if they are phasing them out then a new store probably wouldn't have them!

    I didn't know that the $6 pork coupons needed approval! They've worked fine for me everytime- no beeps! :o) I asked too about competitor's coupons at the Antioch store, but just Food Lion- they did those no problem. They were really helpful when I was there, but there were lots of employees hanging around not very busy so they all wanted to help!

    It is far out of the way....wish the other stores looked that nice though! :o)

    Oh and I got an email from Corporate that they were notifiying District managers of the shortage of Sundown products! Hopefully we'll have more soon!

    And I'm kind of glad for charcol rainchecks too- I only have one more charcoal mfq! I need to hunt down some more to use my raincheck later on!

  7. Hi there! I am new to your site, I love all of the great publix information - thank you! I live in the area and usually shop at the concord/nolensville publix, but haven't had luck using $5/$25 from Rite Aid, etc. Can you tell me which is the best publix in the area?? Thanks! ~Kelli

  8. Hi Kelli! Thanks for stopping by! :) I have shopped at Nippers Corners a few times and had lots of luck there. I have also shopped ocassionally at the new Belle Meade (west end) store and had lots of luck there too. But- I shop at Maryland Farms 99.9% of the time. I am a regular there and they all know me-
    It's a great store.
    I think most of the stores in Nashville are good stores to shop at. I've found that once they know you and know how you work, they will let you do more things. I have used x/xx Rite Aid coupons at the MF store before (manager entered them at checkout), but I don't know if that's because it's me, and they know me and let me do that, or if it's policy to accept them, you know?
    Some people live by the "fly under the radar" policy, but not me. I say get to know them- all of them! And they will be more willing to help you out.